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  1. Blitzzz


    When you are in hard and unpleasant time, may the force be with you WoWs_chikor
  2. Blitzzz

    Wait, I'm a supertester now?

    Reported, ships will be removed soon o7
  3. Hey guys FTD and Zgicc I am looking for a clan and ill try to give it a shot with OMNI if is possible stats if needed :http://warshipstats.com/eu/player/Blitzzz
  4. Blitzzz

    WoWReplays.com March Contests

  5. Blitzzz

    The Best Of The Best - A Ranked Battle Contest

    gief muh Tachibana plox edit: To be honest prizes should be given to people who reach rank 1 first
  6. Blitzzz

    Ranked Battles

    -1 sh1tler o7
  7. Blitzzz

    Game modes Domination...

    I feel like dying inside when i see these stupid complains.
  8. Blitzzz

    Paper Ship Competition Submission Thread

    I sadly dont belive in WG contests anymore since halloween when i won a fujin in wg stream and never got the ship because the wg employee either waz lazy to create a EU account to deliver the shipp or he simply didnt give 2 sh1ts about this.