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  1. AnFionn

    IJN Asashio Revisited (In Preview Mk. 2)

    Oh cool thx for the info! Maybe I'll get the Hare next time, unless they will do something with the Asashio.
  2. AnFionn

    IJN Asashio Revisited (In Preview Mk. 2)

    Thx for the tipp. Yes Harekaze could be the better option. Honestly I am a bit turned off by the whole anime thing. But I guess a weeb-ship is better than a bad-ship.
  3. AnFionn

    IJN Asashio Revisited (In Preview Mk. 2)

    I really want to buy a IJN DD crew trainer, and I was really looking forward to this boat. But the trops make it a very bad investment. So even if I survive the battle, kill every BB and CV, what will I do after that? If the enemy team has only CAs and DDs? I will have to run away to the edge of the map, and get killed there. What's the point of a ship that can attack only 50% of the enemy team. The Kidd at least can gun down low health capital ships, and even has some torps. It can sometimes carry the game, but this thing. Maybe WG wants to decrease the BBs in random games. They think if many players will buy the Assassin (nice name), other players will rather queue up with cruisers or dds. So overall I think WG should do something with the torps. As others have already suggeted, they should include cruisers to the "hit list" of the ship.
  4. AnFionn

    First WoWs pics

    Now that's SOMETHING! I wants it, my preciousssss...
  5. Sweet! The new tier VIII premium ship. NERF IT!!!!
  6. Like a mini nuclear explision.
  7. AnFionn

    HMS Barham - sunk in 1941

    I wish we could see such sinking/exploding animations in WoWs' beta.