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  1. DanRO

    Suggestions thread

    It would be nice to have female captains (dressed as such) as an alternative to the male captains. Also, it would be nice to get a bigger picture of the captains once you click on their personal files. This shouldn't be a big deal for WG because they always render the captain portraits in a HR drawing.
  2. First of all: congrats! Also, interesting to see many people complaining about anime and fantasy camos and yet the majority voted for a.... fantasy camo :P
  3. I wish one would be able to buy the camo for itself and be able to outfit the ship with it. Instead of adding a copy of the ship into the list.
  4. DanRO

    The Azuma (The Poor Man's Stalingrad)

    I was hoping for the B-65 cruiser design to come to life. I love its similarity to the Yamato. I hope it will be a free XP or coal ship. Clan and steel ships are not the best solution for the game.
  5. DanRO

    Naval Underdogs: Spain - Discussion Thread

    Would love to get my hands on a Canarias-class cruiser :D
  6. DanRO

    Ovechkin collection endline

    Hello everyone, how long will we have to complete the Ovechkin collection? Or is it unlimited like the Yamamoto and Halsey collections?
  7. DanRO

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich - Tier VI

  8. DanRO

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich - Tier VI

    Ich rede von den Nationen die spielbar (Techbaum) sind ^^
  9. DanRO

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich - Tier VI

    Nicht jeder Nation sondern die die im Spiel vertreten sind.
  10. DanRO

    Prinz Eitel Friedrich - Tier VI

    Deutsche Einheit? Scheint nicht so wichtig oder wünschenswert zu sein...
  11. DanRO

    Tirpitz Norway Camo

    Yes. I wish they'll add a better one for the Gneisenau though.
  12. DanRO

    Tirpitz Norway Camo

    It's not about the look. But rather a warning to people to check it out before buying. Otherwise they might be surprised.
  13. DanRO

    Tirpitz Norway Camo

    Before buying this camo, I would advise people to turn the Tirpitz around and take a look on the port side.
  14. DanRO

    Anniversary Event

    WG next time you put a female captain into the game, please make her use a uniform. Instead of making her a civilian which again, makes her feel out of place. I really feel bad for our female gamers who still do not have proper female officers to select. It really can't be -that- hard...
  15. DanRO

    Go Navy Tokens

    They really don't give the players any time to use the tokens do they? Spent all the time gathering them and now they are all gone before I could even use them. Wonderful.