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  1. mg21224

    Wargaming On Tour 2018

    What about https://deutscher-marinebund.de/marine-ehrenmal-u-995/marine-ehrenmal/ unfortunately the site is in german only.
  2. mg21224

    Belohnungen werden nicht dem account hinzugefügt

    Ich würde es mal beim Support versuchen. Am Besten mit Screenshots.
  3. mg21224

    Success Success Success Lemming train gewinnt

    Dem Gegner, nette Free-XP. Mache ich auch nicht mehr. Wenn alle in eine Richtung fahren dann schließe ich mich an. Lediglich in einem DD versuche ich manchmal eine Flanke alleine zu scouten und schick ab und zu mal ein paar Torpedos in Richtung der Gegner.
  4. mg21224


    Please upload the replay's and link them here. I have never experienced such situation in nearly 1500 battles till now. I am also member of a clan and if by coincidence other clan members are on the other team there is no voicecom as we would switch to different channels on our TS in order not to have info that we shouldn't have when fighting each other. But maybe that is just my age and education. I was educated in my childhood that a win which can be only achieved using unfair advantages isn't a win. Maybe times changed and this is nowadays a normal way of competition. BTW how are you able to see that all suspicious clans are from Eastern Europe? Do we have now flags for players origin?
  5. mg21224


    An dem sinnlosen Stück Heck ist meistens der Antrieb des Schiffes angebracht und die Ruderanlage... Also selbst wenn WG es ändern würde müsstest Du antriebslos und manövrierunfähig umher treiben. Ich glaube das ist nicht viel besser als instant tot zu sein.
  6. mg21224


    Dann vielleicht noch hier im Forum. -->Community Area -->Regionale Wettbewerbe
  7. Didn't you see that the two servers arent comparable? They are by nature different, the are running in different cultural environments and they are ran by different teams. How should it be possible to offer 100% the same. Do me a favor and don't learn Russian, if you would know what they get you will be running in circles and soon your head would explode.
  8. Not a problem at all, there is help for you if you doesnt feel comfortable here anymore: https://na.wargaming.net/registration/en/?game=wows&change_realm=1&sid=SIDNqVFa_vQ-Tq2i_E8aHBsOTWPeq6ZFbbmBic8RZFTiT9Mw6SKXFyEKqUGsaPrQ8mcBX2bwnv8jFSNYhaAZRxFCVK3eN-QZnAs35raFQAy74P7gFIQjFIAz0P_onvqtwPiEEk4kRtc4MiWiIVJrMsptxX0SmA9VjmcGjg-gYueb8x7_WKBaPtIwsPcYaHF1I7bq3gA5Q Also the In-Game Chat and the forums are less violent on the NA server. But I guess this would change if too much disappointed customers move from the EU to the NA server.
  9. BTW I just saw that on the EU server we can buy the Sims and Yubari and on the NA server not.
  10. mg21224


    WG auf FB abonieren und im Stream von unseren CC's und dem Community Team vorbeischauen. Da gibt es regelmäßig etwas abzugreifen.
  11. For these small missions every server has his one team. Those will never be equal. The convoy was something else. It wad hardcoded in the client. Those missions are not in the client they are configured and turned on ny the local teams. Most probably the EU tesm didn't even know what is running on NA before it is published on their website. And haven't we enough to do with the hunt for AGS and Santa convoy missions?
  12. You should have done your homework before creating your account on the EU server. You decided to play on the EU server now you need to think about leaving all your stuff behind. It's like the people that migrated to the US from Europe decades ago. Most of them had to leave behind all their stuff as well. Some of them became a Billionaire and others ended under a bridge with nothing. You should make up your mind and take a decission. And please don't open a thread once you decided to go. Just go quite and enjoy your new account on the NA server.
  13. mg21224

    [2017] Aus aktuellem Anlass...

    Ich möchte auf diesem Wege auch allen Foristen und den Mitarbeitern von WG ein frohes neues Jahr 2017 wünschen. Möge dieses Jahr weniger turbulent werden...
  14. mg21224

    Christmas convoy misson is here

    I want them all. But I think as well that with my Scharnhorst and Tirpitz it shouldnt be a problem to complete all missions in the given time. And in between I can still play my grind ships as they are all above tier 5.
  15. mg21224

    Hall of Fame?!

    Bot's are software programs which enter one game after the other and follow programmed routes. Some of them react on incoming fire and/or spotted targets etc. but they will never be able to replace a human player that is playing with common sense. But they are able to enter battles 24/7 and this way getting up to first rank in played battles. If you going to the rank list of WoT and calculate based on the battles per hour since account creation you will see that a lot of accounts cant be played by human players.