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  1. General_Kunde

    Thirteenth Season of Ranked Battles: the Results

    Well, the concept of team play depends on the perspective. Someone with a 46,25% winrate may not have the a proper insight about team play / tactics / mechanics, etc. PS: You (people like you) are part of the problem.
  2. General_Kunde

    Could we have a "I got a chatban!"-button?

    Two days of free speech and no chatban yet. If I make it over the weekend, champagne for everyone.
  3. General_Kunde

    Thirteenth Season of Ranked Battles: the Results

    I think this is more likely due to ranked not being a competitive mode and the rewards are not worth the effort. It has become more and more pure grind and nothing about skill.
  4. General_Kunde

    Could we have a "I got a chatban!"-button?

    Yes, this happens so often why I came up with this idea. It's so annoying not being able to communicate with the team.
  5. General_Kunde

    Could we have a "I got a chatban!"-button?

    Wait, you should only be be able to do so when you earned the privilege.
  6. General_Kunde

    Ranked system reeework

    I know quite a few good people and most of them stopped playing (or just until R10-12) because its an utter waste of time for the rewards granted. If WG wants so reduce the attractivity for better players, well they are on the right way, but thats very short sighted because the "better" players promote the game (nobody watches a 45% WR potatoe on Twitch). But yeah, better release submarines.
  7. To make the team aware that you are unable to communicate. Thanks. #GibPolls
  8. General_Kunde

    Streaks in Ranked

    If you don't get the analogy, well, it's not worth to debate with you.
  9. General_Kunde

    Streaks in Ranked

    I played enough Ranked to be able to have an opinion on how it runs. Also, do you think football world championship would be a success with a mixed team of amateurs and professionals?
  10. General_Kunde

    Streaks in Ranked

    Thank you.
  11. General_Kunde

    Streaks in Ranked

    Ranked has become totally useless and absolutely no fun. Almost 200 games, still almost no progress from R5. You asked if it's rigged? It absolutely is, no doubt about that. They should set a stat-wise requirement, reduce the stars required to advance dramatically and ban prems. Ranked should be for "better" people and not 48% Grandpa Willie. If there wont be any changes in future this is will be my last season (just playing as I have to Jut).
  12. For us Germans "Odin" sounds really bad und "foreign" why I support this.
  13. General_Kunde

    Will you Reset in The Research Bureau

    This pretty much sums it up. Also it doesnt make sense to trade hundreds of hours for a single ship that mostly won't be played. It's an option for players with sufficient time to spend, but I can't and don't want to. Since there's no buff anymore it doesn't have an impact on me therefore I frankly don't care about NTC.
  14. General_Kunde

    Chatbans, Funktuionstasten, Reportsystem

    Zwei Tage ohne Chatban ausgekommen und et voila. Neun Tage Bann. Einfach nur lächerlich...
  15. General_Kunde

    T5 DD Siroco???

    It's even easier: Lifehack 1.) I need to know something 2.) I type www.google.com in my browser 3.) I enter "siroco wows" (no need to fully spell it out) 4.) I click "search" 5.) OMG WHAT KIND OF SORCERY IS THIS