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  1. Hey, Just did my test run on the new ships and hat this "amazing" bug on the Tier 1 Hermelin. I got my x2 Victory, but the ship received no experience whatsoever. For proof check my attached screenshot. Whats your point on this, WG?
  2. MXDoener

    Any WOWP pilots who turned into captains?

    A few guys from Death from Above are now sailing as well... Grim, AnuSuaraj and myself for example. But I didn´t play WoWp for ages, so you might not even know me^^
  3. MXDoener

    Wie kaufe ich Goldmunition

    Erinnert etwas an C&C mit den Delphinen ^^
  4. MXDoener

    New Aim Mod (No, realy, this one is new)

    Seems like a lot of effort was put into this... If you take the time from programming that to play the actual game, you would´ve become better anyway, so no need for an aim assist tool!^^
  5. MXDoener

    Will I lose my ships?

    I actually lost 50€ due to a bet I did on this Thanks WG! xD
  6. MXDoener

    Most spectacular release of all times!

    Hopefully they get rid of dubloons soon so that I can use my big amount of Gold to buy some premium time and harbor sluts!
  7. There was a launch? Couldn´t tell! Also there was a patch which did nothing I guess?!
  8. ^this...sonst wird mein Hafen wohl recht klein bleiben. Ich kauf keinen Stellplatz mit Dublonen, die ich mir teuer kaufen muss, wenn ich an Land quasi über 40k Gold auf dem Account gebunkert hab.... Wenn die das echt so wollen, dann spiel ich wohl doch wieder mehr Battlefield. Guckt euch mal das angehängte Bild an.... Sachverhalt ist eigentlich klar.
  9. MXDoener

    Load your Guns lads,we are going Live

    German Fleet will definitely help in that matter.
  10. I am also having a sh*tload of gold sitting on my WoT Account and was hoping I could use it for WoWs as well. Not as some people fear to spend it all on free XP (it´s way to precious for that) but to use it for buying premium ships, and dismounting equipment. Sure, I will be able to get my premium time via WOT, but I am not feeling well with being milked by WG a second time after buying/winning all that Gold, which I won´t use because I don´t play WOT or WoWp anymore. Sadly Wargaming are greedy people...this shows perfectly!
  11. MXDoener


    Ja und? Das kennt man doch schon seit Jahren so von WOT.... ist doch nichts neues?
  12. MXDoener


    Aufregen, weil die Winrate runter geht.... joooo xD
  13. MXDoener

    how can i change my ingame name in WOS?

    Maybe if he is really religious guy, they might change it because of the word "hell" xD
  14. MXDoener

    Pay 2 win game

    btw as some of you mentioned WOT: Are we going to be tormented with Gold Ammo here as well? Or can we pass that abomination here?
  15. MXDoener

    Soviet ships - Why before GB/Italy?

    The german line makes the most sense, because everyone knows famous ships like "Bismarck" and such. At least for me this is a big plus when it comes to decisions, which nation I take. I never knew much about ships, but I always knew Ships like "Bismarck, Graf Spee, Yamato and Hood", therefore I want to play them Also I am german and I really want to check the german tree out, as it is also very educational if you don´t know much stuff about ships^^