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  1. MatJan

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.5

    Because one could intentionally sail in front of my guns. And If I don't notice that I get punished. Never underestimate griefers and their injeniuety.
  2. MatJan

    Developer Bulletin for Update 0.10.5

    Why do you still want to punish people for doing friendly fire when you disable damage? What is the point of it when they can't cause harm. If you want to remove damage in FF then remove punishment for it. if you won't remove punishment don't remove damage in FF.
  3. MatJan

    Update 0.8.7: French Destroyers – Part 2

    :D for better MM hopefully changes to AA are not another nerf to CVs :( no buffs for T8 US CV. Why? Big NO and why removal of Polish Navy? There is no such thing as european navy. Never was and never should be. And nothing will change my mind.
  4. that would have to be really severe to do it consistently. training room, co-op, randoms. I get jumps from 40ms to 70ms in ping plotter. game stays at at around 40ms. and it's only in wows. Wot is fine.
  5. Yeah just like in the description. in this update more precisely after hotfix. while I see ships at distance they just jump from one spot to another. it's not much but enough for aiming to be troublesome as aiming doesn't track properly as if I had a big lag I got 40ms(I get 50 to 60 FPS) by what the game is showing me. similar issue guns just don't fire when I press left mouse button they do after a while. It makes the game very much unplayable :/
  6. MatJan

    Ridiculously Under Ranged British BB guns

    I remember that somewhere during CBT same talk was made regarding US BBs range(at the time IJN and US Navy were only lines) which was lesser than those of IJN. WG response, if I remember correctly, to that was that IJN has those pagoda masts and because of that they can shoot further. which is completely stupid as that is influenced by gun elevation and all BBs have roughly same max elevation resulting in comparable max range for main guns in all navies during WW1 and 2. That was never changed so don't expect it will change for UK BBs (nerfs are more likely to HE ammo). AP in general is bizarre in it's behaviour. It was much more potent in CBT after it went to open beta nd then release things just got strange and random at best(AP for some magical reason in sot capable of hurting internal modules like engines, steering, or flooding if the shell overpens and exits below the water). then there is also damage calculation where you get 10% of max damage for over penetration, 33% for normal pen and 100% for citadel. versus targets like CLs and CAs expect more over pens no matter the BB nation you use, it is less happening with UK BBs thanks to that short fuse but still. As for UK BBs AP versus other BBs, treat everyone as if their ships were German. Aim to hit above belt armour or at the deck. Citadels won't happen but some high damage numbers from couple of hits will. If they show you bow, stern or angled broadside prepare next salvo for different ammo to load from AP to HE(generally a good idea for most BBs if you see your target turning. I personally never used it much because of that long BB reload). In the end you just have to adapt because WG doesn't really listens to anyone but themselves.
  7. MatJan

    Why Iron Duke has 1 funnel ?

    uuu nice premium idea.
  8. Yes because DDs on the inside are filled with nothing but air.
  9. AP from BBs would have no need to explode in DDs. Kinetic force involved would be enough to devastate them. Torps could in many occasions fail to detonate. Plus if torp hits at too steep angle it would just bounce or slide off without detonating.(unlike now where torps detonate even if you hit their propulsion) Also most battles would be fought between one ship type teams till tier 6, (you wouldn't want to make an attack on a BB in DD, CL or CA) after that your role would be as an escort for CVs and that is it.
  10. Wait till Mother Russia shows up with her BBs. They gimmick will be they are going to be great or completely mediocre with radar.
  11. MatJan

    Launcher not updating

    It's more about not being able to update the game in the first place. And I don't know why anyone would want to be reimbursed unless they are greedy.
  12. MatJan

    Launcher not updating

    nah they are removing HE :D
  13. MatJan

    Launcher not updating

    they are leaving only AP for EU version of UK BBs
  14. MatJan

    Launcher not updating

    game servers which is different from updating the game.
  15. MatJan

    Launcher not updating

    same. just service unavailable :/