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  1. naggarond

    [BOBS] The Brotherhood of Beards Community!!!

    BOBS3 still has plenty of space, apply today or contact me ingame sea you out there o7
  2. naggarond

    [BOBS] The Brotherhood of Beards Community!!!

    we are still looking for new members, still spots open, join today!!!
  3. naggarond

    [BOBS] The Brotherhood of Beards Community!!!

    lets do the bump but seriously, come and join our hilarious band of misfits with beards :) hit me up with a message ingame anytime
  4. naggarond

    Britannia fleet reforming

    bushy is lost in it ^^ but i had a PM from good ol bulldog so thik hes deffo comming back and a few others already connecting were not up to your numbers yet butt well get there >
  5. naggarond

    Britannia fleet reforming

    i hope to see the vikings again ^^ Always was fun thrashing around with them
  6. naggarond

    Britannia fleet reforming

    good old britannia fleet from NFEU Hood server reforming in Wows anyone welcome who wants to join ofc but also looking for old brits to fill the ranks again send me a forum PM if you want to join and ill get you in the Britannia channel asap god save the queen o7
  7. naggarond

    Closed Beta Survey

    cant get past 77% when i have to do the blocks stuff my browser just keep going up and i cant seem to scroll down
  8. naggarond

    planes with torpedoes

    having played all classes equally i can say its tough to dodge torps, IF they are aimed well as a BB u really need to be aware of your surroundings if you tunnelvision to hard i will nail u with a well aimed broadside of torps(hardcore CV playere here ) but i have often seen the most sluggish BBs dodge my torps cuz they where paying attention and made apropiate manouvres Cruisers a tougher to get due to there better AA but its the same if they are to pre-occupied with something else any good CV player worth its salt can sink him same goes for DDs, have nailed plenty of them by predicting what they might do as a final tactic, DONT EVER SIT STILL!!!!, im nailing BBs CCs and DDs left n right cuz they sit still behind a Island making them a free target for me dont EVAH!! do that ppl even if a CV gets a ship close by i have nailed DDs and CA/CLs alike with a well aimed torp spread i takes steel balls and nerves tho to pull something like that off i hope this helped all of u with the insight of CV playing yours truly naggarond o7
  9. naggarond

    Anti Air

    @dumblederp, yes u get XP for shooting down planes as a cruiser because thatswhy your AA as cruiser is more effective then the BBs own AA @Bahriel, the reason u got more XP on the bomber battle is because u torped BBs and CVs which is your job acually, the few torp hit u had on the previous one must have bin mostly on cruisers or such they yield less XP for you
  10. naggarond

    Closed Beta Reward not Received

    more patience m8 dont forget they are now dealing with an influx of new players so it will take a few days if you dont have your reward this day next week then id make a post about it
  11. naggarond

    Ship Classification

    nice post :) but its acually BC Battle Cruiser not CC , thats mostly used for Command Cruisers but still very good info and reading o7
  12. naggarond

    The ban the person above you game remade

    banned for NOT having a pirate cat
  13. naggarond

    The ban the person above you game remade

    banned because u used smilies