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  1. Rufus_Roughcut

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    Met Hedgehog1963 in a battle earlier and afraid I had to torp him for the win
  2. Rufus_Roughcut

    Clash of the Elements - immediate changes required

    Been playing my Kammy R with the red valentines camo on to troll stupid players. Got accused of hax twice now for apparently cheating to complete the missions in a few days.
  3. Rufus_Roughcut

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    got reported 3 times without saying a word in chat.
  4. Rufus_Roughcut

    Which forum members have you seen in random battles?

    played against OOAndreasOO earlier while he was playing his Hiryu. His team were a bit rubbish and left a gap in the centre for me to sneak my Kamikazi R through and take him out. A win for us.
  5. Rufus_Roughcut

    Calling All Hands - To An Open Boycott

    Thousands of pounds???? I would say you have wasted thousands of pounds.
  6. Rufus_Roughcut

    ?% chance for getting super-container

    All 3 containers this morning, 2 of them super containers 250 anti detonation flags in the first and 20 million credits in the second.
  7. Rufus_Roughcut

    carriers players rigging battles.

  8. Rufus_Roughcut

    carriers players rigging battles.

    CV's probably pick on me once in maybe 20 battles and even then most of them just donate planes to the ocean.
  9. Rufus_Roughcut


    Nor was he smart enough to spell 'thunder'
  10. Rufus_Roughcut

    New IJN DD line

    ​ Hilarious posts from a guy that is rubbish at DD's. Spartans game......rush to cap, smoke up, die to torps fired into smoke, cry in chat, repeat.
  11. Rufus_Roughcut


    Hilarious ​ The only time a T5 BB shoots down a few planes is if the CV player circles my ship about 3 times in AA range and eventually misses with his last 1 or 2 torpedoes. Learn to drop on the first attack then you will keep your planes.
  12. Rufus_Roughcut


    It's all in one folder, just delete that.
  13. Ha bloody Ha, Mr fingers had his bonfire well and truly p**sed on.