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  1. BicRazor

    The islands in WoWs

    You could also have one edge of map like a coastline eg Dover and the rest open sea just for a visual effect.
  2. BicRazor

    How to stop Camping Border cheats?

    Yah I was a noob.Didn't even notice that co op option.I was totally thinking I was playing random battles.Hadn't even bothered checking the names of players.Was too busy getting to know the controls and the ins and outs of the game.So yeah now I know it was co op games I played against AI.If I'ld known that I would of understood the AI camping on the borders. The worse part is I played so many games in that co op option that I got minimal xp compared to what I'm getting in random battles. Hanszeehock look at your response after I posted the thread.Too me you were being insulting with what you wrote.Sure now that I have info from you guys I can see my mistake.But you calling me a troll and saying I hadn't played a game didn't come across as helpful when I thought I was reporting something I was observing in game.
  3. BicRazor

    How to stop Camping Border cheats?

    Ok I'll check that out then and see if I have it on.
  4. BicRazor

    How to stop Camping Border cheats?

    No not you.Just generally everyone is being defensive .Actually you were helpful in explaing bots being filled into randoms.If that's the case then yes that may explain the odd behaviour i'm seeing in game with ships parked into corners of the map.
  5. BicRazor

    How to stop Camping Border cheats?

    I'm rank 4 almost 5
  6. BicRazor

    How to stop Camping Border cheats?

    So I've played solidly for 3 days now.I see camping ships in the corners of the maps,in pretty much every game I'm entering.I notice how this activity is affecting gameplay.I come on the forums to report it and instead I get harassed for reporting an issue.You guys can go get you know what.i CAN GARANTEE this is the last time I post anything to help.You guys are just unbelievable.Why would anyone want to help test the game with people like you on the forums.
  7. BicRazor

    How to stop Camping Border cheats?

    Co op to me means joining other friends in a group(like tank platoons)random battles for me is joining total strangers in a group.Just like in world of tanks.Random battles are full of tomatoes.
  8. BicRazor

    How to stop Camping Border cheats?

    Are you telling me that currently the matches we are doing are filled with AI?Seriously didn't know that.I thought we were all playing other closed beta testers.Well that explains a lot then.
  9. BicRazor

    How to stop Camping Border cheats?

    Maybe they are bots but still changing the border so the ships can't sit 90% behind the playing area would prvent this practice.No I haven't played any co op games.These are all random battles.Often two players will park side by side in the corner of the map.Seen it a dozen times this morning alone.
  10. BicRazor

    How to stop Camping Border cheats?

    Why are you being an idiot. I have seen it happening over and over the past 2 days and it's getting worse.Maybe you are one of the players that's doing it hence your attack on me. Another solution for this cheat is to prevent the ships passing through the border. At least I'm trying to get a proiblem in the game rectified.No matter if you don't believe me.Eventually it will be so obviouis the dev's will have to remove the cheat.So whether it's now or at a later date this cheat will end at some point when others start complaining aswell.
  11. BicRazor

    The problem with this game is...

    If you hit the citadel with a crit say bye bye to most ships. I was shooting at a carrier earlier with my BB and it had about 90% health and was about 10km away,I used a round of AP as I was passing an island then momments later I see I crit the citadel and the carrier sunk.Best shot of closed beta...worthy a medal I reckon.But was total luck.
  12. BicRazor

    How to stop Camping Border cheats?

    I'm sure everyone by now has seen the border cheat.Where ships reverse back behind the playing field.Often using the corner of the map in order to avoid being hit or torpedoed. While they can use their full weapons loadouts the attackers cant hit anything behind the border of the playing area.Usually there is just the bow sticking out into the playing field. Any torpedo or arti shots don't impact outside the playing area. As yet have never seen this tactic work.If anything they are letting their team down by practising this cheat. I would love Wargaming to prevent this cheat by disabling the weapons of any ship that sits on the boundary for more than 30 secs.If a ship was to be on the boundary for more than 30 sec's and has it's guns disabled then there should be a fresh reloading period when entering the playing field in order to prevent a cheating ship from moving forward and then reversing back onto the border line.
  13. BicRazor

    How was your 1st Day New Beta Testers?

    Really enjoying the game so far..unlike tier 1 and 2 Tanks being useless in tier 4 battles in World of Warships low level ships can still cause some serious damage to higher tier ships.Love it.My tier III cruiser just topped a tier VI battle.Wouldn't see that in World of Tanks.
  14. BicRazor

    GO GO GO!

    Thanks to you I got my application in.Just got the email to say it has to be processed now. Thanks for your link As I had been stupidly refreshing the news page since 8am on the portal expecting an update for the 12th of March.