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  1. The_Trickster

    FPS drops and stutter - update 7.2

    Well i've I've got an old Nvidia 660Ti, which prior to 7.2 could play on high settings fine. Now i get the stutter after about 8 games. Drivers are up to date, have tried all the settings from high down to low, same thing happens. Seems to me it happens every time an enemy ship is spotted/rendered. Friends have same issues on radeon/ATi cards. So come on WG what did u mess up in the last patch?
  2. The_Trickster

    Dunkirk Mission Cheat Sheet

    I have done its not there only 3 there are A Gallant Knight to the Rescue Train Your Commander Super league Mission So no idea whats happening, got the other mission this morning for being in top 5 in a win. Also not showing on post game result screen either
  3. The_Trickster

    Missing container's

    Supposed to be one for 2000 base xp running for the entire event, but that seems to have disappeared
  4. The_Trickster

    Dunkirk Mission Cheat Sheet

    The 2000 base xp mission seems to be missing today? Has it been removed?
  5. The_Trickster

    London Port - feedback

    Close enough to not really worry about it
  6. The_Trickster

    Project R progress wiped?

    lost all my Carrier and cruiser missions and i was only 2 off the cruisers. Not happy...... Just added another carrier and thats not counted either
  7. The_Trickster

    Latest patch won't load.

    still no joy for me 20x Crit error so far and counting
  8. The_Trickster

    Update - 07/04/2015

    Was wondering same