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  1. MrDane

    Matchmaking Chart

    I have to say I do not like the two tier gap, it is a huge disadvantage and with my luck, I seem to get the short end of the stick a lot. It is not much fun just feeling like you have been selected as the designated target. Also why the heck do I keep being put on the team with the people that die within two minutes? :-p
  2. MrDane

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I want to join the raffle
  3. MrDane

    Arpeggio missions stolen, big fail imho

    Sooo you want WG to time it after each players timezone? Is it really that surprising that it runs after the time on the server?
  4. MrDane

    Sick of Aimbots!

    So the game is full of cheaters? Yet, no one can post a video to support their claims, I call bs.
  5. MrDane

    Cheaters all over !

    Yeah, yesterday I shot at a guy, missed the first salvo, think I got one hit, he continues straight and true, next salvo 4 cit hits and he is gone, he also called me a cheat..... Some people are just not very smart. I was in a Cleveland playing around.
  6. MrDane

    Remember when everyone said it's impossible to cheat?

    WOW congrats, you found aim assist that have been around for ages, good detective work.....
  7. MrDane

    BB a lot of [edited] plays these ships.

    Well one problem is that the BBs cant keep up with the CAs. Another problem is that not many CA captains care about covering the BBs, seems they are more interested in dieing really really fast.
  8. MrDane

    KONGO challenge

    It is only in one habor, see if you can find it :-)
  9. MrDane

    Mogami, seriously !?

    Really it used to be a beast, but I do think it was nerfed and bumped up a tier, but the amount of guns on her is insane and you should still be able to do some damage with it.
  10. Maybe we should just made so carriers cant launch planes for the first seven minutes.
  11. Let me clarify, it is pretty stupid that wwii era ships can send full up to the second target data between them.
  12. MrDane

    Koenigsberg gameplay!

    As said keep moving, dont sail straight to long!
  13. MrDane

    ARP kongo mission

    You still have a long time to finish the mission, plenty of time to either get the kills with what you have or get your battleship or cruiser up to tier 5. (edit or is it tier 6)
  14. It is such a bad gamemechanic, hiding in smoke you should not be able to see others.
  15. MrDane

    7 destroyers vs 2 destroyers

    Well you have to avoid a lot of freaking torps before you get in view range of those destroyers, but again look at the screenshot, we all know that the issue is the divisions.