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    Cruisers refusing to screen

    True, sometimes a battleship needs to open up a bit of space to maneuver. And that's totally okay - no problem there. What I have issues with are battleships who turn tail as soon as a few red markers show up on the minimap. They're not maneuvering to give themselves space to fight and bring their guns to bear. No, they're turning a full 180 degrees and steaming away at full speed. And since I'm a few kilometers closer to the enemy, trying to close the range and intercept any pesky destroyers that might be lurking nearby, that leaves me extremely vulnerable. Without that battleship backing me up, I become the center of attention for all enemies in the vicinity and lacking both armour and firepower to fight with that kind of odds, I get sunk very very quickly indeed. And yes, my profile is private. Don't want that stupid XVN infesting this game as well... But if you're wondering if I've played battleships, then yes, I have (A bit, anyway... Played through the Kawachi and Myogi, then gave up on that line...). And I absolutely suck at it. Well... Okay... Might not be that bad, but I definitely prefer fast cruisers and destroyers that give me the speed and maneuverability to get out of a tight spot. I find battleships, at least at low tiers where I play, to be much too unforgiving for a bad placement on the map - you simply don't have the speed to relocate if you've placed yourself at the wrong spot. And still being a bit of a noob, I do that far more regularly than I want to admit in public... And I have to say that, having played battleships for a while, I've come to appreciate the importance of having a cruiser screen around me. If the enemy cruiser are allowed to engage me on their terms I'll burn to death very very quickly. I need cruisers of my own to give the enemy something else to worry about. But the flipside is that if they stick with me as a screen, then I better stick with them and use my firepower as best I can (if the RNGods be willing to let me hit something every once in a while). If I suddenly turned tail and ran, I would fully expect the cruiser captains to be angry with me.
  2. f2k

    Cruisers refusing to screen

    Having played in the lower tiers, I completely agree with you. I'm sick and tired of pushing up front, either running interference in a destroyer or flushing out enemy destroyers before they get too close to the battleship in a cruiser, only to find myself isolated and torn apart in a torrent of fire. I've been left hanging high and dry too many times now. Way too often I've found myself singled out for destruction by a handful of enemy ships, sunk very quickly, and only then realising that the battleship I was screening, as well as several other cruisers, have turned tail at the first sight of the enemy and are now running away. I've learned to keep a sharp watch on the minimap and the moment I spot the battleship turning away I leave him. If he keeps on firing, I'll try to keep ahead of him and give him time to reload and aim his turrets. But if he runs away like a coward, I'll leave him to his fate. I don't mind taking damage if that means that a battleship can keep his guns firing. Heck, I'll even eat a torpedo for him - after all, I've got a better chance of dodging them that he does. But I'm not going to sacrifice my ship so that he can run away.
  3. f2k

    Project R Results

    What I had the most issues with was the 1600 and 1800 XP missions. Maybe I'm just a really bad noob player? Maybe it's just really hard to get that much XP in the lower tiers? Also had to work pretty hard on the tier five kills mission. In fact, come to think of it, I don't think I managed it. Again... I'm probably just a noob... Played for several hours last saturday and only got a few kills to show for it. Had a really awful time getting used to the Furutaka. It's just so... Different... From the Kuma. Feels more sluggish... Doesn't fire nearly as fast... Turrets are much harder rotate and keep on target... I guess I'll learn some day, but with just a few days left in this event, I really struggled with it.
  4. f2k

    Project R Results

    Wow! I got REALLY lucky there... I didn't play as much as I wanted the first week, so I was way behind on pearls. And I started with tier one and two ships, so I had to grind most of the pearls with semi-stock ships. So friday evening, I was at 253 pearls and out of missions I could do. Hadn't done the carrier-mission though, but that wouldn't have helped me anyway and I didn't want to burden my team with having a noob in a carrier begging the team to give him a victory. So all I could do was wait and hope that there were still a few pearls to collect monday morning. There wasn't... I was so bummed... So close... Still, I thought to myself, it was my own stupid fault. Had I reached 20.000 XP the first week I would have had more than enough pearls to secure myself a Kamikaze. But noooo... And then luck came my way...
  5. I'm very well aware of confirmation bias and try my best to avoid it. I haven't counted it, but I seem to get very few citadelle hits when in a battleship. Had plenty of battles without a single citadelle hit. In fact, lately I've found myself firing mostly HE-shells. When I do finally hit with an AP-shell, very often I get an over penetration and a measly 1000 points or damage. Doesn't matter if I'm firing plunging fire at the extreme limit of my range or if I'm firing over open sights at close quarters. Perhaps it's simply because the armour at low tiers is way too thin to be using AP-shells against? Perhaps I've just been really unlucky? My conclusion though, is that I'd much rather do a couple of thousand damage consistently (plus the chance of starting a fire and / or knocking out modules) than putting myself in the hands of the RNG-gods. It has to be said though, that my citadelle hit against that carrier was actually using an AP-shell. My last target had been a battleship so I had switched from HE- to AP-shells. That round should have over penetrated and done very little damage, but I must have hit something vital going through the ship. Lucky me... I don't think I've ever gotten more than one citadelle hit in any one salvo. And I think my record stands at three for an entire battle. But then again, I've had so few battles in battleships that that might not mean a damn thing. Yes, of course you still need the skill to get your shot to hit near the enemy. But you could have a battle where every salvo you fire brackets the target, yet not a single shell hits. Unlikely, yes, but that's just the RNG-gods having fun with you. In a sense, it's just like World of Tanks (unsurprising, since both games use an awful lot of randomness). The real skill is to maximise your own chance of getting a good result while minimize your enemies chances of getting a good result. But you could still be fully aimed and have your tank perfectly angled, and your shot goes wide while your enemies punch through a weak spot. It's probably quite realistic (these aren't, after all, modern laser guided munitions), but it still leaves you with a sense that the game is screwing you over.
  6. Well... The randomness certainly doesn't help performance. I freely admit I'm a bit of a noob with not that many battles under my belt. But still... When I do manage to get myself into a good position, patiently hold my fire until my opponent has come out of his turn, carefully judged the lead I need to give my salvo... And then every damn shell deviates some 100 meters... It's downright frustrating. Yesterday, in my Myogi, I had an opposing battleship just where I wanted him. Low on health... Burning... Guns pointed the wrong way... Range down to just a few kilometers... I had HE-rounds loaded so I aimed a bit high to give his superstructure a good taste of high explosive death... And every shell - yes, EVERY shell - hit the water a few hundred meters short of the target. I had him cold... He should have been dead... But the RNG-gods didn't smile on me that match. It might be somewhat realistic. But it certainly isn't much fun. Sailing in a battleship, firing at some 15 - 20 kilometers, judging the lead you need to give your shells and trying to second guess what your opponent might do is damn hard already. Having the shells disperse as widely as they do turn it from a hard game of skill and into a game of pure luck. And when you have 30 seconds before you can fire again, every missed salvo is bad news indeed. I've had games where I only hit with some four or five shells. Had plenty of salvos bracketing the target, just couldn't hit the target itself. But then again, also yesterday, in the dying moments of a game I took a long ranged potshot at an enemy carrier. The range was right at the limit of my guns, even with a spotter aircraft in the air, but we had almost won by points anyway so why not try? No other worthwhile target in sight anyway so shots out.. Leaning back in my chair... Battle won - well done... And BOOM! Citadelled the carrier and blow him straight out of the water with mere seconds left. It's almost entirely down to luck. Sure, you have to be able to get your shells to hit in the general vicinity of the enemy, but beyond that, you just have to pray to the RNG-gods for a good roll of the dice.
  7. f2k

    [] Ingame players statistics

    No, I'm not. I freely admit that I suck at World of Tanks and is only halfway competent when it comes to World of Warships. My concern isn't as much you being able to see just how much I suck, but rather the toxic atmosphere it leads to. I really don't want the World of Warships community to be as fixated on stats as the World of Tanks community is. Especially since the stats we have aren't a very good representation of a player's skill in the first place. I don't mind people calling me out when I'm stupid enough to turn my broadside towards a destroyer with his torpedo tubes loaded. I do mind when people call me out, simply because my rating isn't good enough in their eyes. You're probably right. Unfortunately... Best you can do is to make all the profiles private in order to prevent third party sides from collecting the data.
  8. f2k

    AA and Aircraft needs a rework

    Now.keep in mind that I've only reached tier four, so I've only encountered low tier carriers. I have to admit that torpedo bombers feel very ahistorical at the moment. Historically, torpedo bombers hat to lock in their flightpath for quite a while to get the aim right and stabilize the aircraft so the torpedo runs true. That was when they were really vulnerable. And yet, in this game I see them flying around, scouting out targets, and then they'll suddenly turn 90 degrees, seemingly in the blink of an eye, they'll do a two-second dip, and then there'll be a bunch of torpedoes in the water, released so close to you that you can't possibly avoid eating a few of them, if not an entire handful if the carrier captain is just somewhat competent. The effect on gameplay can be devastating as ships will be constantly forced to manoeuvre to keep their bow towards the aircraft, just in case they getting ready to drop their torpedoes. I had an absolutely terrifying game a few days ago. Both sides had two carriers, and the carriers were pretty good at coordinating their drops (Shock! Horror! Cooperation in this game, who would have thought?). The end result was that, every other minute as the drone of engines indicated that yet another flight was inbound, all the guns suddenly fell silent as the captains concentrated on manoeuvring as hard as they could. And every time a battleship was crippled or a cruiser blown out of the water. With the planes concentrating on one target, there was absolutely no way of avoiding getting hit by a handful of torpedoes. Yes, eventually the carriers seemed to be running low on torpedo bombers, but not before they had had a huge impact on the game. I'm wondering if the problem doesn't stem from the carriers being used somewhat ahistorically? Yes, they're supposed to send attack-wings out to attack enemy ships. But they're also supposed to provide fighter cover for their own ships. And that seems to be sorely missing right now. Sure, they can launch a few fighter-wings, but that's generally not much when it comes to tackling incoming attack-wings. Fighters should be able to pick torpedo bombers apart pretty easily, especially if they catch them during their attack run. But given that they have such a short attack run in this game, that just doesn't seem to work. Also, it should not be forgotten that, historically speaking, task forces were grouped so as to maximise the fire of their AA-guns, enabling them to chew up entire attack-wings. With every ship operating independently in this game, there's rarely enough firepower concentrated in one area to truly make an impact. Although, when it does happen, I've seen torpedo bombers go down pretty fast. Anyway... This isn't a historical simulator - it's an arcade game... To me, carriers are the artillery of this game. Much as in World of Tanks, death can strike from above with very little warning and there's not much you can do about it other than hoping that your AA-guns at least manage to force the bombers to drop a wide spread. In the end, it's not as much a question of whether or not they're historically correct, but if they're actually making the game more enjoyable. So far, I'm leaning towards no - games without carriers are much more fun than games with. But I might change my mind as I go through the tiers and get ships with proper AA-armament.
  9. Why? Does it matter that the stats are hidden? I don't feel I have anything to hide - I freely admit that I'm a noob and still has a lot to learn. But I really don't want World of Warships to get turned into World of Tanks in that regard. So far, I'v thoroughly enjoyed playing without seeing that chat filled up with people slinging insults at each other based on their stats... Been looking at the US battleships as well, but the Japanese line was simply the first I unlocked so... I do admit however, based on my limited experience so far, that I might be more comfortable in a cruiser or destroyer. It's easier to get out of a jam with those ships, given that they're that much faster. You really can't afford to make many mistakes in a battleship, it seems. Once you're committed to a course of action, that's it. Just got the hull upgrade unlocked for the Kawachi and yes, it does make a big difference - especially the addition of AA-guns. Now, finally, I can deal with those pesky torpedo bombers. Well... Not enough to prevent them from dropping torpedoes, of course, but enough that I feel I have a bit more of a fighting chance when singled out by the enemy carrier. Yeah, but... I might be a real noob here, but the way I imagine battleships should play is to stay in the second line, behind a screen of cruisers, and utilize the longer range of their guns to engage their opposing number on the enemy team. Or make life really nasty for a cruiser, as the case might be... But this ship doesn't handle like that at all. It's like an overgrown low-tier cruiser, liking to get in close and brawl with the opponent. Though it's somewhat lacking in rate-of-fire for a brawl - I get chewed up by cruisers all the time, raining a never-ending stream of HE-rounds down on my poor ship. Never the less, using Slugywug's advice I actually had a somewhat decent game last night. I held my fire until the very last moment before getting detected, then let rip with a full broadside. Seemed to work better that way. With the target a bit closer to me, I found it easier to fight on my terms, steadily closing the range and forcing my opponent to either break contact at full speed or endure several more salvos. Also, weaving left / right all the time seems to help to. It keeps your armour at an angle and allows you to keep up a fairly constant barrage with your front guns. You're still toast if you're on your own though. As soon as the cruisers who was with me had be sunk by the enemy battleships, I got taken apart fairly quickly. But I did get a kill. And more importantly, it was a kill I felt I deserved, rather than one I had simply ninja'ed from a cruiser...
  10. A thought just stuck me... You said that you checked my stats. Following the debate about the new XVN-like mod, I set my account to private because I really don't want the game to get infested by that particular mod. I thought that closed my account so no-one but me could see it?
  11. Well... Yes and no... I can see your point, and I have generally seemed to do better with a few destroyers running interference in front of me, keeping pesky enemy destroyers at bay and laying down smoke. But, sooner or later, you have to come out of hiding and fire those big guns. And when you do, all hell breaks lose... The problem I have is that, by the time you've closed to a range where you can tank, half the team is already dead, so the enemy has a fairly easy time of isolating you and bringing two or three ships to bear on you, whitling your health away with a constant barrage of HE-shells while staying out of your range. And Heaven help you if you get caught alone! You'll get chewed up and spit out very very quickly... The Kawachi might be an okay ship when sailing in a division with a couple of cruisers who can shield you from the enemy. But in a random game, you're basically on your own. All you can do is to watch the team, then join the lemming-train and hope that your mates aren't dead by the time you get into effective range. And yes, I do frankly admit that I struggle a bit. But then again, I haven't actually played that many games... Cruisers, I feel, I'm getting the hang of, though I still tend to get too bloodthirsty and get myself too far ahead of the rest of my team. Destroyers I'm still getting to grips with. I've had a few good games and feel that I understand the main points of staying stealthy and darting in and out of cover to launch torpedoes. But there's a long way to go yet. Battleships, however... Well, the Kawachi is the only battleship I've sailed so far. And to be honest, it feels more like an extremely sluggish tier one or two cruiser than a battleship. Yes, you got more health and bigger guns, but your range is extremely limited. The problem, as I see it, is that any half-way competent player won't allow a Kawachi to dictate the terms of battle. Rather, he'll pick the time and place to engage you, using superior speed and range to fight the battle on his own terms. There really isn't much you can do, you have to hope that the enemy either decides to slug it out with you or makes a mistake.
  12. I believe you. Having now had the "pleasure" of driving this ship myself, I'm certainly not particularly afraid of meeting it anymore.
  13. f2k

    [] Ingame players statistics

    Good! Third-party stat collectors should be shut down. In fact, they should never have been allowed in the first place... So far, World of Warships have been free from the curse of this, but I guess it's now time to set my account to private. Shame really, but I don't want this game to become as toxic as World of Tanks is.
  14. I've played a handful of games in this ship tonight and... Well... I just don't get it... It's a bloody awful ship! Even at tier three it's outranged by a lot of the enemy cruisers and it's outmaneuvered by enemy destroyers. And when meeting ships higher than that, which it does all the time, it's easily outranged by some four or five kilometers (or more). By the time I've finally closed to fighting distance I'm burning from stem to stern and is at half health. And then the torpedo bombers swoop in and I have to desperately try to avoid the torpedoes. Which means that I'm now out of range again and has to try to catch up to the enemy once more, all the while burning and burning and burning... And when I finally get back into range, I can't hit a damn thing as the spread of the shells is so wide that several battleships could sail straight through without even getting their paint scratched. The only okay-ish result I've had, and the only victory so far, was a match where I was always in the wrong place at the wrong time. Sounds ironical, but it did help as the enemy team apparently didn't consider me a threat (they seem to be very well aware of the Kawachi's limitations) and so, towards the end of the match, I managed to sneak up on a battleship where I got my first citadel hit and blow him right out of the water. This ship has no strengths to play to. It's outranged and outmaneuvered at every turn, and I simply cannot get into position to fire my guns unless the enemy is either stupid or entirely focused on something else. The last game was a good example. I somehow ended up being the last one alive together with a carrier. We were up against a battleship, a cruiser, and a carrier. There was absolutely nothing I could do. They started cap'ing, so I had to try to get close enough to stop them. Once they spotted me, they simply withdrew to some twelve kilometers and just pebbered me with fire, all the while I was busy trying to avoid the incoming torpedo bombers. It's just such a frustrating ship to play. Fair enough that you're slow and sluggish - it's a battleship after all. The compensation then, should be bigger guns and longer ranges, but this ship is so severely lacking in range that the size of the guns hardly matters. You have to rely on the enemy letting you get close enough. And if he doesn't, then you're absolutely screwed.
  15. f2k


    And yet, the reward from any given game is based on your individual actions and all missions are about individual actions as well...