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  1. Faolchu

    Jean Bart – a Tier 9 in the Premium Shop?

    While the direct comparison to the Musashi is correct, you also need to factor in that people could earn it 'free' without any limitation as to how much they can get per day like coal.
  2. Faolchu

    Jean Bart – a Tier 9 in the Premium Shop?

    I can see why people aren't happy with it being tier 9, personally I'm not too bothered by that. I'm just at the point of feeling a bit of resignation that WG just can't seem to give us purchases at reasonable prices. I think the way they calculate price points is all out of whack and I feel they need to start leaning towards the consumer more in how much they charge. Feels a bit like they've been told to make more money at this point, and they are doing that by bumping up costs where they can.
  3. It's worth giving the new mode a try but it looks like it was designed so that you had a carrier mode that you can have on mobile/console and PC. Rather than re-designing the current carrier gameplay so I don't particularly buy into the reasoning they were putting forward. Just say you wanted a mode that was for all platforms.
  4. Faolchu

    Vanguard- What would you like to be its features?

    At this point I'm worried WG will try to charge £150-200 for it and give us a floating turd. So I'd take a ship that is a reliable gun platform without paper for armour that doesn't break the bank balance.
  5. Well some kind of justification for the price of a skin being more than a lot of fully fledged games, or half the price of a modern AAA title. If you want to impose a rarity you can make it cheaper but for a limited time, or for a high price as permanent skin, or some random drop from loot boxes attached to a campaign. You guys make a lot of money from the playerbase the least we can expect is reasonable prices because these aren't reasonable unless your an accountant for WG.
  6. I'm just wondering if we're going to have a WG employee respond to the feedback on how customers(the people who are meant to count) feel about the pricing. But I doubt it, we will probably end up being ignored, nothing changing and something unverifiable insinuating ships would be running in the red if it wasn't this high.
  7. Yeah I think I have 95-99% of the premium ships in the game, I have a year of prem on the go, multiple prem camos etc and if I'm saying this is a step too far then its probably a step too far.
  8. Still though we keep seeing prices creep up to places that just aren't reasonable then we get some explanation about the technical/man hours that we can't verify. But they need to stop making things more expensive and more realistic rather than artificially high.
  9. These skins to me are overpriced and extortionate with a price set that WG feels they can get away with, what make it worse is that they not only come up with these prices but then slap a 'available for a limited time' tag on them, which is a tactic used to convince ppl to make the jump, its certainly not a technical limitation. The 5k doubloon skins are overpriced as well imo but they are another discussion. But this follows a trend for WG in both World of Warships/Tanks/Planes. Most big games launch currently for a price of 50-70 quid, did these skins take about half the time to make as a full priced game, I think they likely took a decent amount of time but not enough to justify more than 15 quid. I think a reasonable price would be 15 quid a camo and a box of all of them for 50 or the camos are permanently available never removed from the ships as options. If EA had skin options at prices like this even if they were using the geometry excuse they'd be skinned alive so it cant be acceptable for WG to do it.
  10. Faolchu

    Update 0.7.2 General Feedback

    Just my 2 cents, French BB dispersion seems a bit too scattergun its incredibly frustrating seeing shells land several km before they hit your target while the other half land several km the other side of it from a range of under 10km. Sure it happens to every ship occasionally but this seems like RNG has been cranked upto the max, not particularly fun. Could we get rid of the WG symbol over 'new' stuff, it keeps telling me something I've looked at a dozen times is new and wont go away. Lastly there is a issue with server disconnection it seems since the last patch, randomly I'll just not load up a match at all until I force-close the game and reload. Or I'll be kicked out of a game, spend 5 mins on a loading screen to get back in, to find out half the other people in the game had the same thing.
  11. Faolchu

    HMS Hood available on the 19th May

    These time-limited bundles have nothing to do with supporting a business they are about greed. You'll likely sell just as many without time-limiting it except one way of selling it will annoy your players the other will make them happier. I still don't get this WG intent to shoot themselves in the foot and defend it. Hell you could run these bundles and say x% goes to a Royal Navy charity and you'd be applauded but the fact you make it abundantly clear you see me and others as cash cows for milking is what winds people up. If you want to listen to what Victor Kislyi says about making players happy Jingles has a nice vid here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=s7cK8VS2lkA
  12. Faolchu

    Why are BBs so chicken?

    Because they never get any support from anyone else. I spent all yesterday pushing as close as I could to the enemy team in my Yamato, making sure I was within secondary range of caps to help support DDs. In 0 of my Yamato games did I receive any semblance of support. In one battle I literally had a gearing sitting in smoke behind me, with a moskva while 2 other friendly BBs were 10km back. No-one wanted to move forward because there was a shima in the cap(no other enemy ships within 15km). Moskva didn't want to get close to radar, gearing wanted to shoot at the shima from smoke. Now this gets repeated in virtually every game to the point where I've decided if I play my Yamato I'm just going to sit at 20-25km and snipe joining the rest of the BBs as I'm tired of putting myself in a spot where I'll get shot at but will open opportunities for cruisers/DDs to get in positions to do dmg. Only to see them hiding behind a island. Then lost the game because 10 friendly ships couldn't take a single cap, because they are all too scared to move forward. The passive meta is killing the game and cruiser/dd players are as much to blame as BBs.
  13. Faolchu

    British are best

    Being durable and your ships main assets being 'can take a lot of punishment' is lazy game design at least when it comes to how XP/Credits etc are dished out in games like WoT and WoWs. So no I don't want RN ships to be dependable and capable of taking hell. Until potential dmg taken/actual dmg taken is rewarded as much as doing actual damage then it shouldn't be something that is a primary trait. The RN ships were all-rounders or built to treaty conditions while others ignored them and that doesn't fit in well with how the game works, unless you make them versatile. Which would be akin to the Belfast in being adaptable/fun rather than just being a floating punching bag. If anything how much fun the Hood and the rest of RN BBs are will depend on whether WG hits them with the historical accuracy stick which they are pretty selective with at times.
  14. Faolchu

    EU Server treatment Complaints and Grumbles

    If WGEU gave it the proper attention it deserved then yes I would want one. But based on their behaviour I suspect it would just be used to silence the doubters.
  15. Faolchu

    Scharn is now available on the Us server

    Oh god that is definitely wargaming dunce-cap thinking.