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  1. For all the information you guys have at your fingertips these infographics are so low effort. Surely you can manage more detail.
  2. Faolchu

    Twelfth Season of Ranked Battles: the Results

    For all the data you must have these ranked season summaries are disappointingly sparse and lacking in effort. What were the ranked ship stats? What is the breakdown of people that hit rank 1? ie most battles, least, avg? highest single battle dmg/tanked dmg/spotting/kills? Population throughout the event? What ship were the most stars saved in? What was the biggest win streak? Biggest loss? etc etc.
  3. It'd probably help their argument if they weren't selling loot boxes to skip to tier 8.
  4. Hell I've spent 10k+ and I'm apparently not their target audience.
  5. What they mean is they know cosmetics only will work but it won't get them the money they want so they need something the whales who don't care about game balance will throw cash at.
  6. If the system makes it in then that would make sense so cheers for the clarification. Still despise the idea of it however :P.
  7. @Crysantos Can you get an answer of how this would affect ships like the Stalingrad & Bourgogne as those obviously cannot be grinded again/aren't part of a tech tree(and lets be honest as absurd as this training center is being forced to get 90k extra steel would be stupid). But regarding the idea as a whole, I've invested a mammoth amount of time & money into this game. Being placed into a position where I'm basically being told that counts for nothing makes me seriously reconsider ever touching this game again should it make it in. And if I took even a brief break I wouldn't want to come back and feel left behind or be behind the curve. The time investment required is too big and honestly I don't find grinding a tree to be fun. I play lower tiers very occasionally and generally only if there is a fun event or random tiers in a division. Primarily I want to play at tier 7 to 10 with ships that I wanted to play as my end goals. To me this reads more like an attempt to create a XP/Credit sink to address what is a inflated economy compared to my experiences with WoT. There are surely better ways of doing this like coal for free xp, which would net you doubloon conversion payments(personally I'd love a way to speed up my steel grind but that is another story). Or got 4 months til your ship coupon is back? Refresh your coupons for a free xp investment! Etc. Alternatively if we MUST play through an entire tech tree line, the reward has to be cosmetic in nature, not performance based.That is just wrong and shows an apparently very poor game design department. Personally I would likely stop playing if this became a reality and just the fact it was considered is extremely alarming let alone that it got so far along the production path. As someone that has spent thousands upon thousands on your games that should show the depth of distrust/alarm I have for this.
  8. No I don't want to regrind all my bloody ships all over again just so I don't fall behind other people. This is a truly terrible idea that makes me highly concerned about the quality of your game design & production staff, this should never have made it out of whatever meeting someone suggested it in. If you were to ever implement a system like this the only thing it should be for is some little badge that basically says 'place epeen here'. Just dear god no, if this makes it in then I'm pretty much done with this game and I'll take my money elsewhere.