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  1. Fansadox

    GO NAVY! Event

    Im really not impressed with this system at all. Feels very childish and something that belongs in a kids FIFA game where they can gather magical cards and lootboxes... Sometimes you dont need to change something that works. Maybe focus on other issues that cause balance problems and map design. Because the biggest issue for me at this point is the maps dont make most matches aggresive and end up in both teams hiding behind mountains for 80% of the time... Make a SUEZ canal map two teams steam towards eachother full speed and clash ! Now thats some naval action
  2. Fansadox

    Updated operations

    To make things even worse 70% dont even speak english.....
  3. Fansadox

    General Feedback - 0.7.7 PTS

    This! I only want to finish this operation and you guys wont let me. So im not even gonna bother anymore. Poor design choice really. I want to decide what i want to play. I already have 5 stars on the Tier6 one.
  4. Fansadox

    Updated operations

    Narai: is the biggest pile of .... ever ! Finished it once and only because i killed everything as the last man standing in a DD. What a poor design operation jeeeezzz. Do you even test your own stuff?
  5. Fansadox


    Why isnt WG fixing the simple bugs that have been in the game for a very long time now..... KEYBINDINGS See post http://forum.worldofwarships.eu/index.php?/topic/51988-keybindings-keep-resetting/
  6. Fansadox

    You call this Matchmaking WG?

    I fully understand what you mean but its kinda hard to organize when 75% of the team doesnt even react to chat. If they were stock it would have been less meh.. but they werent stock either.
  7. Fansadox

    You call this Matchmaking WG?

    Screenshot made smaller so you can see the teams now. Firepower balance was way off..
  8. I thought i had seen it all but this was just a new low record. (Teams should be better visible now. Scrnshot was in 2560x1440 so it was way to large.) Thank you for this wonderfull experience WG.
  9. Fansadox

    KEYBINDINGS keep resetting !

    So came home today and updated the game to version 0.5.6 only to find out the keybindings are still not fixed. Is it really so hard to fix such a simple thing for your left handed clients that want to bind numlock keys? Come on WG please fix this. Its getting rather annoying...
  10. Fansadox

    KEYBINDINGS keep resetting !

    No matter how many times i change the keybindings every time i leave the game and start it up again at a later point the keybindings i changed will be gone or empty. Im lefthanded so i play with the arrowkeys. I also rebinded the numpad keys to consumables and other functions. Heres a list of what it looks like : Now the first 2 images show what i set the keys to so i can play properly Now 2 pictures that show what happens when i start the game at a later point again You can see that Numpad 1, Numpad 2 and Numpad 3 in the first picture are reset. In the second picture you can see that Numpad 5 is gone but the other numpad bindings are left binded (weird isnt it) Could you please fix this. Its kinda frustrating to have to change the keybindings everytime. Thank you
  11. For me version 0.3.0 in CBT was the best so far. After that the downfall began. Now in OBT i hardly startup the game at all.
  12. Well done Wargaming i really enjoy..... oeps ENJOYED myself until the first patch that followed after 0.3.0 You were so close to having an almost perfect game and yet you decided to ruin it when going public. All the things that could possibly go wrong are wrong now ; 1 - Matchmaking Countless of games the last few days were the balance is so far from reality it just makes me sick. Some examples : A match that i played yesterday Then lets see first match i joined today I striped the Sims away on eachother wich leaves what you can see above... A semi Destroyer/Cruiser hybrid with terrible guns vs a tier 7 Cola wich is a true Cruiser and a tier 7 Rapeu CV !!!! Wich brings me.... 2 - RNG & Winrate When your goal is to keep 90% of the crowd happy by enforcing uneven matches to keep balance stable in winning or losing at least be honost about it. I cant ignore the fact im really suspious how matches are being setup at the moment and the combination with the terrible adjustments that have been made to RNG. A person that joined OBT can tell you that RNG is absolute rubbish right now. Even the most experienced and skillfull captain can still lose from a new player with 2 games under the hood because of RNG in a 1vs 1 situation. 3 - Fire From past 0.3.0 fires were becoming problematic and countless of posts were made about this by CBT players. You simply ignored this and kept going the same road. Battleships in my opinion should be called Olympic flames until you fixed the situation. Dont think i need to keep explaining why this is a problem. Really what happened WG? Why didnt you listen when people said this was going wrong. There is still hope you can return this once beautifull game back to its former glory since its in OBT fase now but appearently W/L ratio plays a big part in this because its a business model. I dont mind you wanna make tons of money, i hope you actually do because it motivates to make even more good games. But when a Random Number Generator plays a bigger role in a videogame then my input i think your going the wrong way.
  13. Very nice mod ! Using this with pleasure.
  14. 4 or 5 games lost today because matches are already filled with botting leechers. So whats the plan WG? I pay for premium time and not to look at a bot sitting at base turning his turrets from left to right the whole match... O and btw they were all Battleships ( DREADNAUGHTS ) ranging from tier 2 to 4. Kinda pathetic that a great deal of your match is already ruined because you start with a handicap. Well done WG.
  15. First the buff to US fighters, then widen spread on IJN Carriers, then another buff to US fighters and now a bigger drop circle to completely destroy the last bit of fun of playing a carrier.... Well done WG. You managed to create one less player to play a carrier. Might aswell just remove carriers completely from the game now. Carriers were fun but now they are really bad. Meh...