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  1. Xup

    Prinz Eitel and Steel Monster popularity

    Believe what you want , I say its been buffed for sure.
  2. Xup

    Prinz Eitel and Steel Monster popularity

    No idea, just my games first day with the ship it was awful and this is with a 19 skill captain on here. left it a couple of days/ then night and day difference the guns were way more accurate and more damage being done per salvo. most games now see 50k damage minimum when the first day it was like 25k max. so something has changed for sure.
  3. Xup

    Prinz Eitel and Steel Monster popularity

    Just PE, the only money WG will get off me for another year @£22, already finished the campaign, so all the extra ships were a bonus as I already had most of them, the grind got me done with the Drednought as well. So all the steel and ships its good value + all the extra Xmas boxes + free premium time completing tasks in the campaign. PE looks great in the all white colour. PS they seemed to have given it quite a buff since it first came out.
  4. Xup

    Daily mission chain two not working

    No, just random and co-op battles tier 6-8 only, not sure what's going on unless they don't went me to have the tie 3 dreadnought, as I'm very close to the 40 missions needed.
  5. As above chain 1 worked ok, but chain 2 does not move at all stays on the first one with no score, anyone else have the same issue ?.
  6. Xup

    PEF........ I want my money back

    Tried this ship today with a 19 skill captain on board, very poor ship seemed to miss everything even from 5K, there are other issues with it as well, repair is not working right, repair did not put out the fire ?, new one on me!.
  7. Can't see them making the Arkansas Beta available to all as its so op tier 4 with 6 expansion slots for upgrades
  8. Icarus, with a none bought container, strange thing is as soon as I received it my 19 skill capt's cant hit crap now.
  9. Xup

    Ultimate frontier ruined

    All I'll say on this is....I have never seen such blatant game rigging/fixing in all my life, shame on you WG....do you think this will help you keep players ?.
  10. Xup

    How would you improve the skill of player base?

    Simple really make it a skilled based game...not some crap that you're just along for the ride with the game choosing which side wins= TRUTH
  11. Xup

    Finally got a supercontainer.....

    I don't bother with them, just more rubbish to keep people playing. have over 200 just sitting there waiting to wast my time opening them!.
  12. Xup

    PVE Scenarios (S1): Which ships for which missions?

    Tried it over on the NA server today.........shooting ducks in a barrel they just sail straight at u 2 at a time !. the repair boats are cool though. Edit to add Only the "defence of naval station Newport" was available to play on the NA server so I expect the EU to be the same.
  13. Xup

    35% WR with my Bismarck!

    @ 4blacks...are you using any flags by any chance ?
  14. Finished it, the Tirpitz camo is good as its +100% free XP + all the benefits of the other camo. But the teams and RNG WTG WG on how not to keep people interested in the game. exercise in frustration does not even come close. Like 17 skill cap missing 3 full broadsides at a cruiser stuck on an Island from 5k distance, Every thing now just seems to be fixed by the game not your skills or what you do.....sad way for the game to have gone.
  15. Xup

    Gtx 1080 bad performance, anyone?

    Running at 3440x1440 on a 1070 max everything in game don't go below 70fps with 6700k cpu. 290X running the above setup does not drop below 60fps + it keeps my room warm/hot lol!