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  1. kiowa

    ST - Soviet Cruisers

    Nice comparison and thank you for the effort. I cant wait to test that AA, being a CV player. Comparing so directly makes me ask you the following: 1. You cant compere range with Hinden 1/4 pen build in it like comparing apples and piers. 2. The AP arming alone is not comparable as penetration decreases with range. 3. Toprs - o, man. Toprs on all cruisers are used as defense (yolo in which almost all the time you end up dead by other player or by others on his team as you expose your self) when range is equal or below 6km! Everything above is also used as area denial nothing else. 4. Fire starting capability - you say its poor compared to others, But you take in to account that IFHE is mandatory. What is i don't take IFHE (-50% base fire chance)? What is the fire capacity then? if my calculations are correct it is 10,4 fires per minute! (Guns 8; 6s base reload; 80 shells per minute; 13% base fire chance without IFHE and any other flags and buffs), otherwise (whit IFHE) it is 6 fires per minute. a lot of assumptions in game situation is always different, but the setup is here for this ship to be OP. Do you have info on the Air drag of the shells, whit 1000 m/s and low air drag i will fire HE from 19km on the flanks all the time without IFHE and buffs(faster reload AR, demo expert; flags) the fire chance can reach 14 or more fires per minute! It remains to be seen how will this ship perform in game and in the hand of skilled players in a division like - 2 Smolensk and one Nevski there you have it smoke and 12 km radar in one place. DD's life will become even harder.
  2. kiowa

    ST - Soviet Cruisers

    @Crysantos and or @Conway please ask the dev to give the community 3 undeniable facts why the new T10 light Soviet Cruiser has better stats than USN HEAVY Cruiser De Moines? This is not sarcasm. I'm serious even if you will change these stats Why did you put them in the first place?
  3. kiowa, Ranked Sprint: Tier VIII Duels

    Hi @Crysantos Any idea on when the next Ranked Sprint 1vs1 will come? I kind of missed the last one - you know holydays.
  4. kiowa

    Splash damage - How it works?

    Yes, this i figured so far but i need more details, like 1 shell of cal. 155 has a 9% Fire chance and splash radius of 1,5 meters doing dmg = some formula... ets. It is interesting to know as with ships like Ark Royal or some other you have to pick your targets pretty good in order to do something in the battle.
  5. Hi sea wolfs, After purchasing Ark Royal with my 30% WG Anniversary discount coupon and using the her Bombers :) on DD's and BB's, I'm pretty interested in how splash damage works of HE bombs and shells. If all bobs shatter they still do splash damage and can start fires - what are the principles behind per bomb? Any ideas?
  6. Waiting and hoping :) Dive Dive Dive
  7. kiowa

    Rewarding team play - When?

    Are the following teamplay scenarios rewarded currently in the game, and if not do you consider implementing such mechanics? - Teammate is in a smoke laid down by other player and makes damage to enemy ships. This damage should be awarded like "spotting" damage, sort of, for the player who laid the smoke. - Planes shot down by CV fighter while a team mate is under should yield more experience for the CV. - Hydroed and Radared ships should yield spotting dmg for the ships using Hydro and or Radar.
  8. kiowa

    Submarines are Coming

    These are very good suggestions on the submarines part. @Crysantos pls forward to dev team. Regrading team play probably WG have to introduce rewards that will promote team play - for example: - a teammate is in a smoke laid down by other player and makes damage. this damage shout awarded like spotting damage for the player who laid the smoke. - Planes shot down by CV fighter while a team mate is under should yield more experience for the CV. - Hydroed and Radared ships should yield spotting dmg for the ships using Hydro and or Radar. etc. examples.
  9. kiowa

    Submarines are Coming

    It can work. With longer submerged time sit can work. And yea i have played Colorado on T9 and i was swearing that I'm slow as snail, but that's that if my spawn point was closer to the action i would have better experience. And regarding support - that game is about that isn't it? Imagine Friendly DD and a sub in a cap. DD smokes' sub and starts spotting or vice versa. I see huge potential!
  10. kiowa

    Submarines are Coming

    Yep, that speed is not good, but WG can make it work. The one argument they have for this speed is - the sub must reach the combat zone faster. Now i can suggest @Crysantos to send some feedback to the dev team: 1. Lower subs speed to historical values. 2. Increase submerge time - Oxigen volume. 3. Move the Spawning point of Subs closer - this will give the subs time to position with slower speed and in same time can cat and mouse game with the DD's before the Cruiser reach the fighting zone. BB's will have their op to fire but that's long range and will probably miss. This can make for some interesting game play.
  11. kiowa

    Khabarovsk in - HELP

    Yep, this is exactly what i'm planning to do. and will reset this line for sure..
  12. kiowa

    Khabarovsk in - HELP

    Well from what I've seen, top tier French dd's will perform better than heal Khaba. And smoke build will be mandatory to pay the ship. Now here is a bummer - Khaba main perk was Speed and Heal. With French dd's WG killed the Heal perk and with the Italian Cruiser they will kill the speed Perk as well, not to mention the amount of dmg the SAP shell's will do to Khaba. So this will be the first T10 line i will undone with the Training Center or what ever they will call it, or just park Khaba for better times.
  13. kiowa

    Khabarovsk in - HELP

    I have this feeling too. And it was suddenly after Tashkent. I think a buff to the range will do wonders for her. All else is good and workable.
  14. kiowa

    Khabarovsk in - HELP

    I just checked the stats of Mogador's Guns and Khaba's guns - too close and the stats of Kleber are not yet final. Khaba needs a buff, that's for sure - @Crysantos Is there plans for buffing or not?
  15. kiowa

    Khabarovsk in - HELP

    Wow the overwhelming replies! Thank you. I currently build the Khaba for brawls with other dd's. only issue I'm suffering compared to Tashkent is the range. A boost to the range will be pretty useful. Smoke Khaba is playable but with all those radars its hard.