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  1. Kurosawa

    Multi-threading issue, cores not used fully.

    is the 50%, 100% on 1 core ?
  2. Kurosawa

    One salvo & 39436 HP damage

    anyone can be hit, a skilled player might be less likely to be hit but he will explode just like everyone else what are you talking about, i never said i was skilled or (un)lucky
  3. Kurosawa

    One salvo & 39436 HP damage

    Little to do with experiance and more to do with that unlucky hit
  4. Kurosawa

    Had Enought

    maybe he is not the best player or writer, but 2 pages of fanboyism is not much better, in fact it's like denying there is a fire when smoke is pouring in the windows and doors
  5. Kurosawa

    An idea :)

    Bad ideas overall, if you want people to do something give them some form of incentive, punishment is not a positive motivator. It sound like you want people to play the way you want as that is the only correct way. you have to accept that some like to rush and others like to snipe, simple as that. forcing 1 idea or game style is bad and will lead to even more boring and monotonous gameplay.
  6. Kurosawa

    How many ship classes do you play?

    Im down to 1 class and ship (fuso) since i play so little now. Wows has become boring, like wot it's simplistic and have to much rng for my taste couple that with insane pricing and and it's a no go. How ever out of closed beta and some time after i played both factions and all classes, to bad there where so few slots
  7. Kurosawa

    Team Killer on purpose

    So +3 ships do not do as you what and must be shot?
  8. edit load of post explaning the "problem"
  9. Kurosawa

    The blatant Russian bias of the game

    the russian bias claims from the wg community is something that i always found funny and strange since you do not see the same thing in american games, no matter how much flag waving they do
  10. Kurosawa

    This game is no longer fun but boring, see why.

    Hello Antony +1 for answering all those posts, most never do. Anyway... In your hangar you have 5 tabs in the top, Port, Modules, Exterioir, Tech tree and last Profile. This provide access the the various functions in wows. Port: This is the main tab, it's the one you see when the game starts. I show you currently selected ship and some rudimentary data about said ship. From her you can select other ships and so on Modules Clicking modules takes you to a section where you can upgrade your individual ships with xp and silver you earned doing you matches. Upgrading is a fairly simple progression tree, how ever WG, at times show wrong info and there English can be weird (my English is perfect any errors are due to WG forum faults). You can also buy / switch out consumable but beware off some if it is costly and some might require gold. Once you have completed the module progression three you can unlock the next ship. You do not have to unlock all modules, you can go straight for the next ship if you want. Exterioir Here you can set camo and flags on your ships, this is a money/silver. but you will gain free flags over time. hover over each camo/flag to see there effects Tech tree Over view of all ships and how you progress up the tree, some premium ship are not shown unless you have that ship Profile stats and such about you.... hmm... i was going to say it was a bit simply but they have upgraded that part so get ingame, look under modules and upgrade your ships so you can get the next one. i wound NOT buy upgrades or consumables at this moment if i was you
  11. Kurosawa

    Matchmaking completely broken AGAIN?!

    what has the highest probability: Alien invasion or WG players stops whining? have you considered that one side might have more upgraded ships and how boring perfect balance would be ?
  12. Kurosawa

    World of Captains - Looking for Help

    Name seems fine to my,, just because WG have world of XYZ does not mean then own every iteration there is. But im curious on how you plan to integrate you idea with WOWs
  13. Kurosawa

    got my Koningberg

  14. Kurosawa

    Quick Command Audio

    you need more base to you booms, like bOOm
  15. Kurosawa

    The Wall of Shame

    that could just be the snowball effect combined with a bit of RNG and bad luck