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  1. Azmo

    World of Battleships

    as a tier 6 and 7 cruiser player...i observe an acute lack of CVs in battle (and lack of planes to shoot down for missions) , and an abundance of BBs (that kill me in 2 APs).
  2. same here. i cannot see the smoke on my own ship as well
  3. Azmo

    [sugestion] visual que for speed

    bump someone said that the smoke is now a speed indicator, but i for one ..cannot tell. i should be made more obvious
  4. when will the account be unified with the main wargaming account - so we can use the gold and free XP accrued there?
  5. Azmo

    Torpedo bombers flying over islands

    what? screenshot please
  6. Azmo

    Confusing Captain Selection Interface

    there should not be an option to take a captain from another ship. like in wot, you should always remove a captain from a ship before assigning him to another.
  7. Azmo

    Suggestion Locking the turrets in a direction

    this could work. maybe not so good on the St Louis with 14 guns, but on high tier BBs with only 3-4 turrets could be practical
  8. Azmo

    Escorting capital ships ?

    escorting = lemming train
  9. Azmo

    The Russian fleet ?

    if we are asking for information..i'd like to ask about the gaps in the trees. for exemple, in the US carrier line, there is no tier 9. will there ever be a tier 9? or the jump from 8 to 10 is permanent?
  10. in order to appreciate from afar the speed of a ship, it would be cool to have the chimneys release more smoke for "FULL" speed setting, and less and less for the inferior settings. also, if historical/possible, if a ship has 4 chimneys for FULL all 4 should release smoke, for 3/4 only 3, for 1/2 only 2..u get the idea.
  11. do we get the same xp and money for random (pvp) battles as for co-op (pve) battles?
  12. Azmo

    battle reports

    i see is there a list of things that the devs are going to implement soonish? things that are 100% in the pipeline. if there isn;t one... there should be, so that players don;t request things that are already decided.
  13. Azmo

    battle reports

    after battle reports are like in old wot, at the end of the battle not in garage. but..is there any way to see a battle report summary after it disappeared? like in wot...
  14. Azmo

    antialiasing looking bad

    i have 60+ fps. could get by with lower fps ... your wires and lines look better?
  15. ships have a lot of ropes, line, railing and stuff...but they look bad. like doted lines no matter what antialiasing setting i select. is it only on my computer (nvidia 260 GTX)? ss is made with "high" antialiasing and no post processing - see the wires between the masts..