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  1. Grif

    Santa boxes bug

    You may want to check the top of this thread. Oh and from my personal experience with Wg i'd take anything said by support staff with a large pinch of salt tbh. I'd go by developer/coder answers over support every time.
  2. Grif

    Santa boxes bug

    This is not a bug, people are not understanding the wording of the 'rules'. The re-roll rules state any ship not available in the legion containers. There are just 2 ships listed for the small containers, 3 for the medium and 3 for the huge. The substitution list is just that IT IS NOT THE LIST OF SHIPS IN THE LEGION CONTAINERS. So yes you can get a ship from the list that you already have, and get dbl compensation.
  3. Grif

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    Slight update. Having had 5 huge at first, I then got 20x medium to complete my box purchases this season. total rewards over the 25 (plus freebie smalls) was: 11000 dbl Ohotnik Gallant Dunkerque Sims Atlanta 125 frosties plus assorted signals I didn't keep track of. V happy. One thing to note, if I switched to a (different)premium ship in port before opening a single box after each battle played (one box at a time between matches) I appeared to receive a ship or dubl each time (9 in a row at one time) probably co-incidental, but hey why not try.
  4. Grif

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    I have highlighted the relevant bit you may have overlooked. There are only a certain few ships actually available in the containers, as detailed in the OP of this thread. For small containers its the De Grasse or Mutsu, Ohotnick, sharn and lennigrad for Medium and Loyang, Alabama and Gallant in the Huge. The other auxiliary list is indeed just that, its ships that may be substituted at the first review. its not a list of ships in the legion containers.
  5. Grif

    Duke of york BUG fix this please

    This is normal and has been the same for the last few campaigns. You can short cut the mission if you buy it, but it is not required as you can just do the other less-stars missions. Having purchased it gets you to the end faster.
  6. Grif

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    Its not so much a better chance, as the same chance for less outlay, due to the replacement mechanics involved. I.e. if a small box rolls one of the T6 ships that are listed for it, you will get a substitute which can't be one you have until you have them all....
  7. Grif

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    Only if you already own 95% of the available premiums
  8. Grif

    What you got in your Santa containers?

    5 huge for me, which gave 30 Frosty Fir 30 Wyvern 2000 dbl Gallant + 10pt cmdr 2000 dbl Have to be happy with that , though my buddy on coms did the same and just got signals/camos - I may have laughed a bit ><
  9. Grif

    HMAS Vampire

    Shame she has lost 50% of her torps . Normal V/W's had 2x2 launchers , Vamp trialled x3 launchers, and had TWO of them.
  10. Grif

    Akizuki broken or what ?

    Gamewide normalisation changes had quite an effect on it IIRC, still the introduction of IFHE skill mitigated the issue mostly, as long as you understood which ships would benefit from it...........
  11. It IS listed, as I said above. The text I quoted is directly from the news post detailing the event.
  12. 'Supercontainer can be earned once per ship' in the main wording of the event. Not that is a surprise tbh. Did you really think they would give up to 17 supercontainers to people each day for 14 days?
  13. Grif

    another italian beauty on the way?

    Likely I'll wait for the Roma tbh One thing this has done is confirmed that that 'is to follow this year' so woohoo for that at least
  14. Grif

    Graf Zeppelin is an insult to paying customers

    He was a lot more reserved than was justified, and was exactly correct. This is not about the ship being underpowered. It is broken and its main damage dealing mechanic doesn't work, and was rushed through without testing. To spell it out the Ap bomb UI does not show anything after you click the release - to the extent that most players when using it for the first time think the game has lagged or crashed. Most importantly the bombs stay attached to the plane long after they have been 'released', still on the plane when it is 3 or 4 map squares away from the target and should the plane subsequently get shot down they will 'die' with the plane - even though they should be in the air 4 squares away headed for the target. That is an unfinished and broken mechanic, and should be the justification unfortunates that have purchased the ship can use for refunds. It does not work as advertised and the ordnance is in effect in two places at once - i.e. the UI and mechanic are incomplete.
  15. Grif

    Graf Zeppelin is an insult to paying customers

    There goes the entire CC program, sounds like not just him either (about your video and one other,). You would think plenty more will resign too.