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  1. Garfield4

    Commander Skills Update

    This is exactly what they do. They confirm it in the first sentence of the anouncement: " World of Warships is constantly evolving " Their goal is evolving: adding stuff nobody wants (submarines) , reworking stuff that does not need ANY changes AT ALL (commander skills). But progress by launching a regular techtree Italian BB line ? They are working on it.... really ? Looks like they rather like working at the 3rd or 4rth german DD line.... = no progress ! A distraction/diiversion at most. Out with the longterm players who <know the difference and call BS when they see it> In with the new (steam) players ! yay ! (note: there is some sarcasm included here) p.s. What about my unique commander Sansonetti ? I like to keep him the way he is ! Does that count ?
  2. Garfield4

    ST 0.9.11, changes to Italian Battleships

    That explains our different view on SAP I suppose, because I only played the techtree Italian cruisers. I found them refreshingly different in playstyle compared to their RN, KM, JN and RU counterparts. The introducting of SAP felt fun to me. On top of that fragile ships , with running smoke and long range torps. Normal AP would have been just "nah, same old, same old" for me. Maybe you were "spoiled" a bit (just joking) with the DucaD'Aosta Thats why Im hoping new ITA techtree battleship line will spice up the game a bit after 5 years.
  3. Garfield4

    ST 0.9.11, changes to Italian Battleships

    I have been looking at Community Contributers testing Italian Battleships on Youtube, many months ago. I have studied the pecularities of Italian battleships on the official wiki page already. " I have seen attack ships on fire off the shores of Orion... I watched C-beams glitter in the dark at the Tannhauser gate..." Will we ever see the introduction of Italian Battleships in this game in our lifetime ? Or will they be forgotten in time, because WG keeps on ""reworking" things that are not broken in the first place ( captian skills, etc), and that none of the players asked for being "'reworked" in the second place ? In other words, can you please stop talking about SAP or armor belts being too much "'this"' or too much "that ? Can you show some real development by just launching a new tech tree ? Just so we can sail the blodddy ships... ? Waiting for any Italian cruiser techtree for 4 years was already long enough for veteran players. Many veteran players of this game are running out of patience with the "'development progress" of this company. (Not to mention the lack of variety in operations/scenarios). Is there an ETA when the patch with Italian battleships will be launched on the live server for the average human player ? @Sehales, @Crysantos
  4. Garfield4

    i could swear....

    If you apply the permanent camo on Alabama, the letters disappear. If you demount permanent camo, Alabama is there. The camo painters were overenthousiastic it looks like. On the Georgia it is the other way around: with permanent camo applied, you can still read Georgia. but when you remove the permanent camo on Georgia , it reads Ray Charles !
  5. Normally , I have you on my ignorelist, but I will make an exception for now, and then put you back on it. Why dont you keep your condescending tone to yourself, "ColonelPete". This is a public forum, speculations are prefectly fine here, as are all opinions, and questions, however unconvenient they are for you or Wargaming. If you want russian cencorship. just close the whole EU forum altogether I dare you. or just keep on posting daily with your ""oh so helpful" posts, mr Spreadsheet. Now that you are here, would 2020 be a good year for you to come clean and say who/what you really are ? a. a shared non-official WG employee account ? b. just another OCD forum poster ?
  6. Yes, I have seen a few of those, 437 odd battles total in ships up to level 5 , and sailing a PR. NO WAY some playeraccount like that would a./ suddenly be that interested in a Puerti Rico, or a Gorilla, and b./ pay that amount of real money for it also. My guess is a non-offical WG employee account, with a free gifted PR -as in unpaid for - sailing around to lure/manipulate/brainwash players into thinking: ""he has an PR already, see , it perfectly ok to spend money on a ships that are almost the same -performance wise- as free silver ships like Zara and De Moines"
  7. Garfield4

    Narai Op. come in 2020 bugged

    Guys, wake up , these changes to the lead transport ship are absolutely not a bug... Everything in a computer game is programmed, as in on purpose. Especially the behavour of an AI bot like the lead transport ship ! With the changes you all describe, the lead transport now suddenly sails a perfect 360 around an island, instead of going to the landing zone. And after that it sails right into the the enemy fleet , instead of going to landing zones. Some punk at Lesta studio has gone in full trollmode, just to joke with the players who like playing Operations. ( would that be the same guy who "'experimented" with the directives for the PR ? ) It would be too obvious to remove Narai and Killer Whale from the rotatation like they did with operation Dunkirk and that other one, wouldnt it ? mr Sub_Octavian specifically wanted Lesta Studios not to put any efforts in programming for co-op or PVE operations, and now everyone and their grandma is playing them !! Cant you see how frustrated this guy must be when that happens ? The fragile little egos at Lesta studios just got very pissed, now that everyone is playing Operations and co-op; we were supposed to play randoms and scream at each other, instead of yelling at wargaming ! Dont you understand ? I was determined to not post anything about this game anymore on this forum in 2020, when I reached 125 posts. And now I done it again, Happy new year 2020 to you all !!
  8. Garfield4

    best ships at tier 5-6 for co-op?

    Operations are certainly worthwile to play alongside regular co-op battles. I would recommend Killer Whale and Narai for starters; random teams are usually more successful there. Unless you have a randomly bunch of experienced operation players, Newport and Aegis are a little bit harder; .i.e. save Newport for last to avoid disappointments. From your list of ships, I would recommend trying Fuso and Nurnberg. Fuso might feel slow but has accurrate, hard hitting, far reaching guns. Nurnberg is versatile, but fragile.
  9. Garfield4

    CV Rework 2019 in graphs and where we are right now

    2019: farewell to PC game RTS carriers 2020: farewell to PC game for surface ships The signs are on the wall: notice that submarines are a sticky on this page in CAPITALS. From what I have seen from the famous Youtubers/streamers about submarines, it will be the next step to transform this game about ships into a smartphone/tablet level of gaming, where surface ships will be ""just another target". If and when they really introduce submarines into random/co-op battles, experienced/veteran players will abandon this game in droves, unless they are specifically interested in playing submarines in third person perspective i.e. without looking through a periscope, or with a surface speed of approx. zero knots..
  10. Garfield4

    battles won by cap too fast

    Now this is the part I understand. My advice, play battles again after this ridiculous Puerto Rico event with the absurd directives is over, in about a week or two. Things should return to "normal". Event missions and directives are often detrimental/destructive to gameplay and tactics A matter of timing. P.S. and more importantly: when holidays/vacations are over , and people are back to school/ work/ college again !
  11. Garfield4

    battles won by cap too fast

    Ok, well, in that case, regarding your complaint about battles won too fast : So sad, too bad, your dad. gl & hf.
  12. Garfield4

    battles won by cap too fast

    Seeing the total numbers of battles played, I assume most of them were played in co-op - correct me if that assumption is wrong. Now, many of the regular co-op players will agree with you, and many of regular random battle players will disagree, because they only use co-op to brush off snowflakes from their 200 ships in habour. Wargaming caters to random battle audience, because those are the ones that generate revenue $$$ for them. WG is not interested in your or mine gameplay-experience or satisfaction at all. They cater to whales spending money.
  13. Garfield4

    This round of ranked is

    This round of ranked is... an unintended promotion for the "successfull carrier rework "' , as shown by the results of the Entreprise and Graf Zeppelin pay-to-win carriers.
  14. Garfield4

    Puerto Rico Disaster – STOP complaining

    I will answer that question for you although it may be a rethorical question: the employees might have the guts to stand up, but they will just be ignored by the russians at HQ. Just the same as all the hypocrite Youtube streamers who flame and criticize WG shenanigans , and then happily go on promoting WG games, instead of walking away... Exceptions, MrFoch and iChase maybe.
  15. On top of that, what makes it even more strange is the fact the collection before this one - Resolute and Rapid - could be completed nicely by playing casual 1 hour a day. looks like they forgot that making the directives for this event factor 10 harder to complete, would also make completing the collection impossible. I give WG the benefit of the doubt: it is just due to incompetence of the game developer, combined with too much vodka. Nothing to do with asking for money to complete the collection at all [/s] [/s] And it has absoluty nothing to do with increasing the divide between paying premium players, and free-to-play gamers one notch further to see how far they can go with those tactics. {[end s/] WG really likes to make non-paying gamers in this game feel like 2nd rate citizens, but they are to stupid to see that if all 2nd rate citizens just walk away from this game to play other games instead, there will be no divide between 1st rate an 2nd rate citizens left !! The way things are going, this will become a cosy little niche game in the end, where only the fools who are easily parted from their money play together. @Palubarac, they know guys like you and me do not give a crap anymore. They just dont care, as long as " other 'players keep buying premium ships mindlessly. And with mindlessly I mean spending money on every premium ship available, only to play 3 battles in each of them.