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    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    Problem with these kind of MM changes is that they always sound easier than they are. What do you do with the ships in div with a CV, even if you force same tier divs, you're essentially granting other ships a way to never face +2 tiers either. Let's say you instead grant all ships -1/+1 MM (which I doubt will ever happen, can't list the specific reasons but pretty sure this has been shot down as an idea every time it comes up), you'll probably still end up in a bad spot with the odd tier ship's AA. As in, they'd be able to face 2 different tiers of carriers and I feel like they've not given themselves enough room in the current mechanics to have AA that's decent, it either works and at the very least wrecks most of the squad after the first drop, or it gets away with the first drop with minimum losses and people feel AA is ineffective. So do you then just leave odd tier AA in a spot where it's too powerful for the low tier and ineffective against the high tier carrier they can run into? Maybe it's just me that thinks this AA system can't be balanced, but I can't really think of a spot where both sides would be happy with the AA performance. It used to be a bit more clear, carriers had to avoid certain ships like the plague and could easily go for others if they didn't have help, maybe later in the game a bunch of AA mounts were broken and they could do more but in the meantime they kept busy poking away at each other's fighters. There was also def AA to give people a chance to avoid some damage even if they AA wasn't absolutely wrecking the planes and the drops were concentrated, high number of bombs/torps, but anything that was shot down reduced the power of the strike a little so AA felt rewarding even without having to kill like 80% of the planes coming your way. Now all they've given carriers to do is strike, strike, strike. So if early game AA is too powerful (where AA mounts are still intact), there's not much to do for carriers that feels rewarding. Even though I feel like current spotting abilities are too powerful, in terms of the speed at which they can get into the enemy spawn and the lack of counters to plane spotting, it's not really rewarded either in terms of XP/credits/achievements. So if you lower the strike capabilities by increasing AA, you would kinda say, sacrifice your rewards for the team and go around to annoy things that rely on concealment, which isn't fun for anyone.
  2. Winter

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    Massive difference compared to before, if you had a competent CV you wouldn't die because there was a counter, aka fighters. Besides if the pre-work games had been as saturated with CVs they would've probably ended up in a similarly bad spot where they wouldn't risk doing any sort of agressive play. And I don't think anyone is trying to argue here that the previous carriers weren't completely broken, it's just that with the rework some things were made worse (plane speed/rockets/possibility of RPF) and some of the counters were removed (mobile fighters/high range 7+KM effective AA/def AA panic mechanic). So just the fact that something as annoying as crossdropping was removed does not mean destroyers are now suddenly in a place where they should be praising the rework.
  3. Winter

    [UPD 11/2] Update Hotfix

    Serious question, what's the point of this poll without reflecting player perspective? Carrier players aren't liking the AA buff (judging by this thread) and non-carrier players might not be satisfied until they're gone altogether. So of course you end up with a list of people saying they're not satisfied.
  4. It's their HQ, on Google Maps, any simple search will find it. I doubt it's really such a terrible thing to post it here on the forums, of one of their own games even?
  5. Winter

    Campaign "The Gold of France"

    As others have said, the BB tier 8+ is too much, I don't mind 1 task being locked behind a paywall/free XP/RNG container wall but 2 (and ofc the most efficient ones) is too much. It really is rather strange that the "all French ships" task 2 are tier 6+ and yet the line that's introduced needs tier 8+, so if you don't want to (or can't) spend a load of free XP/money you need to grind all the way to tier 8. I'm pretty sure by that point you'll have pretty much done the campaign by just repeating task 1 and doing task 2 once you get to the tier 6 and 7 of the battleships.