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  1. Flafy85

    HAKU over nerfed DD is no no...

    I'm not raging, I just made a post about DD who can kill 62 planes... 2 CV's in a game 2 CVs cant kill him... and with Shokaku I have more than good stats.. I dont saying this couse I played 5 games and raging.. I played a lot with new CV's and Tier X is a worst of them... TIER X ships have killing AA.. like 70 or 80% of them... so u can't be much than a spoter... they need to find balance in AA.. and mark my words they will never do it for tier X MM... So once again no one will play CV's and DD players will stop crying for insta spot.. and world will be at balance again... And maybe we get our Alaska... :)
  2. Flafy85

    HAKU over nerfed DD is no no...

    Then stop coming on forum and read them.. no one forcing u.. this is where players spoke about changes in-game... if u font like it u can -rep my post and just go on some ANIME forum....
  3. Flafy85

    HAKU over nerfed DD is no no...

    I cant avoid FLAK if I wana hit anything with my rockets... After the HOTFIX circle is much harder to make smaller... if I move right or left I would hit a few riockets at best... and still loose planes.. and Z 52 have 900+ dmg on AA.... I just grinded a ship and regreted.. I will just keep playing Shokaku... HAKU is useless... And I need to grinf 3x 38.000 xp + 2,5 milion credits for each upgrade for planes... retarded... If I bought TIER X I wana full upgrade immidiatly... Like for the most of the classes in this game
  4. Flafy85

    Over-nerfed CVs

    I just got rekt by Z-52... 62 planes KILL in a single game... A frikin DD with MINO. AA... Whole squad of rockets planes destroyed before I could lunch a rockets... GJ WG... u are awesome... I just grinded 400+K of XP and ive 35 milion credits for a spoter ship...
  5. Flafy85

    HAKU over nerfed DD is no no...

    Z 52 killed 62 planes in a game.. I lost whole squadron of attack planes from 5KM-0KM ..so in a 2-4 sec. Shokaku is much better... Have 90 games with him.. 58% W\L, 1900+ XP per game and 65k dmg... Haku. Is just useless in tier 10... 1 DD can rekt his planes so fast... And WG, why the heck u put more grind to CV's... I need 330K for Haku, Than I need 152k more to get better planes... Starting planes release only 2 torpedos per run.. and u can do max 2 runs before u are dead... so yeah.... All we heard so far is .. "U need to adjust", "Players need to learn to play and adapt", "We are watching and will do more changes".. Did u actualy played HAKU at least 5 games before u told "Oh this look balanced, now Haku is a 450k XP spoter ship".. Im so confused by your staf right now... P.S. U gave us CV reowrk, IRIAN, Wichita and more but not Alaska.... U give us everything we did not ask for... GJ
  6. Flafy85

    British CVs Arc & Collection

    You can gain access to the new ship branch using Crowns and Florins, temporary resources that can be used in the Arsenal. Exchange them on the main server to get the following British aircraft carriers: IV Hermes, VI Furious, and VIII Implacable. Can anyone explain me this I dont understud how it will work?
  7. Flafy85

    CV's Balance Solution WG STAFF pls READ

    No what I ment is, when u spot DD its allrdy too late to start charging attack, so U must do full circle and start again chargin on BLIND... as u do now in some cases... But 2KM for DD is ok.. they are stealth class...SO Thye need to balance DD stealth and CV ability to spot.
  8. Flafy85

    CV's Balance Solution WG STAFF pls READ

    Well.. They do have limited ammo.. If u take down planes he is limited for sure...
  9. Flafy85

    CV's Balance Solution WG STAFF pls READ

    Also a truth but... This is a game and CV rework is done.. now we need to look how to adapt and ajust... Thats why I said about rocet planes.. DD's have to have a bit more freedom to be stealth its they main power... But CV's are now best protection for BB's who ar eleft behind Crusers... Before this BB had 0% chance 1v1 with DD... Now CV cana ctualy help and protect BB... I think CV need to have more support rolle than DMG rolle..
  10. Flafy85

    CV's Balance Solution WG STAFF pls READ

    Well CV's was main forces of WWII and they must be in game for sure... They should give more XP and Credits for a spoting dmg.. So CV can have rolle for Supporting team... They can reduce DMG of torpedo for 10-15%... But I think they are fine.. They just need to balance how they impact DD gameplay... So I think my idea is fair.. its ruf but can be worked with...
  11. Flafy85

    CV's Balance Solution WG STAFF pls READ

    Well, fighters are low HP and useless more or less... They do not have any tactical adventage at this stage...
  12. Flafy85

    CV's Balance Solution WG STAFF pls READ

    I understud that, they can increase HP or ajust it... Simple.. But still I think idea is good for balacing CV vs DD and Bombers plane cana ctualy do more than 1 run on BB in Ter IX or X
  13. First I aplogize for my eng. skills. Here is my idea how to balance CV's, and especially VS DD's problem. 1. Rocket planes need to have lower spoting range and DD can have fixed 2KM detectability from air. This will fix 2 problems. First the DD's will be harder to spot and rocket planes when spot DD will need to made whole circle and press attack on blind and then aproach to attack DD. This will increase skill needed to attack DD. Also, rocket planes would not be so OP at spoting at the start of the game. 2. Planes should have difrent armor. Attack planes(rocket) should be Paper tin armored fast attacking with lower armor. DD's will than have a chance to shoot them down. Bombers should be heavily armored so they can actualy spot DD's at a cost of DPM and Torpedo should be medium armored planes with medium speed. This will open much more way to play the game. If u wana spot DD's and other surface ships u would need to play Bombers for spoting, but then u secrifice DPM. Also, if u choose to spot DD with bombers its a lower chance if u attack him to actualy deal him some dmg. Now u have eaven more skill involved in gameplay and DD's can actualy play a bit relaxed. If u choose to stick too long arround DD with rocket planes, u will be paying a price, if u stick with bombers u will help spoting DD but also paying the price in DPM. 3. Ships who is in SMOKE like DD's or Minotaur need to have 50% lower AA precision if they are in smoke + 30% lower range.. They cant hide from enemy and still have strong AA capabilities. I have some few more ideas, but I hope this will give some idea how to balance CV vs DD and some smoke ships vs planes. Once again sorry for my bad eng. skills. Cya at the battlefield.