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  1. Xavier69

    When will Belle Epoque be added to the Armory?

    OK thx for the feedback, just wait and hope it comes up again!
  2. Hello, just wondering when the Belle Epoque Containers will be added to the Armory, so we can all collect those missing items. Unfortunately it is one of the collections which we can not click to collect, during normal game play. Have a good one
  3. Xavier69


    And when will they uninstall/redo this CV thing, to the way it was? Because now its a joke, somebody wants to fly, play World of Warplanes!?
  4. Xavier69

    New CVs

    To be honest, I don't like the new Carrier Patch at all. Its just to arcade wise. The reality was alot better before this update. Carriers sent everything they had at one time, to attack the other Carriers. Not piece meal. Secondly, fighters shoot down other planes, they didn't use rockets, until late into the end of the war, and then on stationary ground targets. Would it be possible to change back, if the rest of the WOW community wants it? People want to fly, play World of Warplanes. I just hope they don't ruin the game like they did with World of Tanks! At the beginning it was great, then came post Korea Tanks, French Tanks with Gold Ammunition and junk like that!? I plan on playing World of Warships, until the first nuclear powered fregate shows up with cruise missiles, then I'm gone! I was a Beta user in both games!!
  5. Hi, naturally after buying my Sims Destroyer, it was cool to hear my Weapons Officer telling me in a very "cool" american accent, telling me I sunk a cruiser. But after doing the same on a Japanese Destroyer, well it sounds very weird. Tip from me, Russian speaks Russian, Japanese speaks Japanese, etc. etc. Now that would sound cool! To all those people who might complain, well they might just learn something ;)
  6. Xavier69

    Premium Packages after Beta

    Just wondering, I have bought a Package with 30 Days Premium account. When the Beta is finally finished, will these 30 Days be restored, or are the gone?