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  1. AutoBot

    The "new" Grozovoi

    Whatever build without concealment skill and mod ends up with a (a lot) worse version of khaba. It is a non sense according to me.
  2. AutoBot

    DDs - Concealment expert or RPF

    Both, obviously.
  3. AutoBot

    [ITA] Regia Marina Italiana

    Ciao, ho inviato ora il questionario, ma al momento sono in un altro clan per cui se mi fate sapere una qualche risposta saluto gli altri (perchè l'educazione non è un opional) e arrivo. Devo però fare una specifiazione al questionario: non ho problemi ad usare discord o chi per esso, ma solo x gestire le battaglie, non aspettatevi la chiaccherata "social". Gioco in casa, con la famiglia attorno, la tele accesa, se mi metto pure a chiaccherare del pù o del meno mi mandan tutti aff... Ergo vedete voi, non prob, vatemi solo sapere "si" o "no". Grazie e buon divertimento
  4. AutoBot

    Großer Kurfürst secondary build question

    GK secondarie building si worth only if you go for ifhe, otherwise go for tank build.. So, something like pt, ar, si, manual sec+aft +ifhe. you’ll have to manage your slow turning turret, so if you can’t or hate slow turret rotaton use em instead of ar.
  5. I bought Roma because i’m Italian. I didn’t buy Koba camo because i’m Italian. That’s all..
  6. AutoBot

    Just ragesold the Yugumo

    i grinded yugumo times ago trying to be useful with F3 torps. Badly failed, my wr was something like 43% on something like 150 games. Then the new captain skill, little buff to turret rotation and the 12km made him (according to me) one of the best dd ingame, better than shimikaze and fletcher, and my wr became a decent 52%. I know to be a low average player, so almost everyone can get better result with the correct use and setup. I win fairly often gunfight with Fletcher (yes, only 5.1 reload, but with far better accuracy and decent agility, and your underrated good CE that let you choose if fight or not), as a torpoat, really, 12 km torps with hudge damage and 87 sec reload are far better and effective than fletcher torps, whatever ppl keep saying in this forum. Fletcher is better in short range gunfight and as utility for the team (because of smoke, bt still something you dont really use if you play solo in random like me). But don't unsestimate the "new" yugumo, you're doing a bad mistake.
  7. AutoBot

    Yamamoto captain

    I'll put him on my harekaze to grind the 19th point and then on the shima. In a dd you get quite often the First blood, and 1 more smoke/speed boost is always useful. Kraken is something you can't rely on being so rare, but still a shimi with 3.80 reload and repair should be quite funny.
  8. AutoBot

    [-GOD-] Grumpy Old Dudes

    The clan name is too fun, i want to be in! 50++ Italian shooting at ships instead of working could be accepted? I’ll send my application tomorrow, herbal tea for everyone just cooking!
  9. AutoBot

    Akizuki, advice needed (HE, AP, IFHE....)

    Rebuilt my aki after 0.6.3 with Pt,last stand and adrenaline, bft and de, ce and ifhe. Aa range mod instead of accuracy. For some reason I don't understand, it performs well and its fun to play with. Said that, Benson is still clearly OP and the best T8 DD, also low average player like me can drive a team with Benson
  10. AutoBot

    0.6.3 Public Test Patchnotes

    2 thought on ships i mostly use: - Shimi: as a pure torpedo boat, your use of guns is already situational (that last shot on a heavvy crippled dd,), simply now you are forced not to use guns when you're doing your job on cap, as the travel to the concealment range is longer (buff in range to 11.3 means also a longer travel to get out from truoble if you use guns), but maybe in the second half of the match, when you are going up and down at range throwing torpedoes here and there, the 11.3 range (not so far from the 12 of torpedo) could be a chance to use guns. - Akizuki. Don't know what to do with it. Maybe i can throw away the concealment mod so to put in that slot the rudder shift one and the acceleration in the other. This way + aft you are going to shoot from range (near yor max range) and dodge shells. But this is not the dd's job. Take a cruiser.. - Gearing: i'll stick with 11.1 range, as it's job is to contest cap and cripple enemy dd, so i want to have as less travel time as possible to get out from trouble. I easily foresee a lot of dds sitting in smoke after using guns, and a lot of them burned down by torpedoes. Overall, a hudge buff to RU dds (they are the best suited to manage the "shoot from range and dodge"). .PS on a side note: that rudders shift module (the one with 60% bonus) could be a viable choice for cruisers now, instead of concealment one.
  11. AutoBot

    Akizuki, advice needed (HE, AP, IFHE....)

    Aki strongly needs a 3x4 setup, with CE AFT and IFHE. It will have less damage (less fire), but you gain a lot of versatility, and fighting against other dd is easier. This means a 18pt Captain. While grinding go first for CE and AFT. You'll still be effective, only bear in mind that your primary shells are AP, HE only on BBs. If you want to be effective as a dd, you'll need CE, don't listen at fancy build without it. Summing up, in order, pick PT,LS,DE,AFT,CE,IFHE
  12. AutoBot

    The Yugumo

    I've grinded the shimi trying to use yugumo as a torpedo boat with F3. Failed miserably Now I'm using yugumi with a new captain, specced on guns. Better, a lot better. Good stealth fire, good rof and accuracy, and you can deal w fletchers, provided you have gun already turned in the right side (this is it's downside)
  13. AutoBot

    Torpedo bug?

    ok, cancel, i'm noob, it's not in sec but min+sec... embarassing...
  14. AutoBot

    Torpedo bug?

    Maybe it's me, maybe i'm so noob to not have undestood anything, but i realized only today that topedo skill and module don't affect torpedo reload ingame. My shimi with 12km torpedo (base 153 sec reload), with TAE and relad module has on paper 117 sec reload. But i realized that when i start a match, my torpedoes have 150+sec reload. Seems that only Adreline affecet torpedo reload, because when i'm damaged it's around 130/135 sec reload. It's only me? something i've not understood? some advice? Be kind with this noob soul...