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  1. Kedo


    All you need to do now is just check for planes and evade them (quite easily in DD). I killed Shokaku with Kagero by simply killing it with my guns - close in (2,5Km airdetect is crazy) unnoticed with AA off (doesn't really matter in Kagero since AA is 1,9Km) and pound it. If you see enemy squadron closing at you, move against it as it turns - with current plane aiming time CV would need to go like >6Km away to make turn and do proper attack run. You can also use this tactics to evade plane strikes any time during match. If you play it smart with turning AA on/off and using other ships for cover (or just get away from them if they are gonna get attacked by air), you're golden. I had just 3 matches against CVs lately (my CVs are at ice till fixed) and hadn't had any real difficulty in my DDs. Main issue with recent nerffart is invisible AA cruisers, but crippled aiming of planes is a blow from hell. Ag and about that perma-spoting: if CV keeps doing that to you, you are, in most cases, either doing it wrong (aka soloing in team-based game) or CV is losing damage it could do in that time to "big" ships thus you are effectively denying it to her ergo you are contributing to your team (in a TEAM based game) so there is no need to whine. It happens to me in like every 4-5 games against CV and since I met them in ZERO of 9 games yesterday and 3 of 10 games today... I wasn't perma-spoted by CV last two days. This makes this issue nonexistent for me.
  2. Kedo


    well it's kinda boring to play without CVs, spoting is lacking, there is no quick response support and camping is not punished, so yes, it's a problem and it's not about my specs.
  3. Kedo


    Are you for real? I played yesterday and had 8 games in a row without CVs... tier 8-9 mostly uptiered to X ofc. So excuse me, but I don't believe you. EDIT: and even if it really happened, there is nothing wrong about ship that has no guns to survive till the end, since it cannot go effectively into gunfight, can it?
  4. Kedo


    @Aragathor off-topic
  5. Kedo


    @Peffers 1) it's off topic 2) you wave that by installing game - accepting EULA: 5. Using the Game 5.1 In return for your acceptance of this EULA, we give you the personal right (known as a ‘licence’) during the time this EULA is in force between you and us to download, install and play the Game. 5.2 This licence is: (a) ‘non-exclusive’ (meaning that we can grant the same and similar licences to other people as well); (b) ‘revocable’ (meaning that we can terminate this licence in certain circumstances, which are explained further below); (c) ‘personal’ (meaning that you may not use the Game for any commercial purpose); (d) ‘non-transferable’ (meaning that the licence is only for your benefit and you may not transfer or sub-licence any of the rights that we grant to you to any other person); and (e) ‘limited’ (meaning that you can only use the Game for the purposes we set out in this EULA); and (f) conditional on your compliance with this EULA. 7. Patches, Updates and Changes From time to time, we may need to deploy or provide patches, updates, additional content or other modifications to the Game (for example to enhance online gameplay, to add new or update features or to resolve software bugs). You hereby accept, recognize and understand that we constantly work on further development of the Game and Services, we improve, upgrade and update graphics, features, gameplay and any other Content of the Game in order to make the gameplay enjoyable for you. EDIT: 3) you don't buy but rent software (same as with Windows), owner is still Wargaming
  6. Kedo


    keep it civil...
  7. Kedo


    @MrConway I visit WG forums very rarely (saves my nerves) and I post even less. I'd like to state I play every class in game. Pre rework, DDs could quite easily be spoted all the time (4+ squadrons), oneshoted with both bombs and torps and overall put out of game way faster and easier then after rework, so by reworking CVs you already BUFFED DDs. Now, I have no problem playing DD after rework, I just had to adjust my style to new CV mechanics. I also started to enjoy reworked CVs (I'm not saying it's better/worse than original, just different kind of fun). But with constant nerfing of CVs - planes rarely return now, sometimes they got shredded for no obvious reason, it's often incredibly hard to get trough AA to score one success without losing whole flight and now detection nerf that makes you lose all planes instantly because you are in ships AA before you see it and thus can't evade (humor me and try Shokaku against AA speced Akizuki or Yamato)... and now you can't hit DD with turned off AA, since you see it too late to initiate attack and if you initiate before you see it, you can't really hit because you have to maneuver... that's just nuts. It's simply too much for me to swallow. In plenty of matches enemy team tactics and ship composition made spoting only valid thing to do until mid/late-game. Targeting DDs more was mostly valid because there often was no effective way to engage other ships unless they spread and had some AA mounts destroyed (and smart DDs just hid under team's AA umbrella at the beginning instead of suicide-rushing to avoid initial spoting). Now CVs are denied this... From my point of view it's time to put my carriers to ice until you (WG) come to your senses. PS: After 8.0.2 nerf there was (in my games at least) huge decline of CVs in matches and I expect another decline after this madness. I don't really see how you can mine relevant data if most people just park their CVs till they're playable again, leaving you with just real CV enthusiast whose stats will always be above average, maybe leading you (WG) to another insane nerf...
  8. Don't get me wrong, I'm not saying it's easy (as it shouldn't be). It's just that anyone actually can do it. See, if you hit damaged plane, it can go down by first hit. Deadline is 29.2., so there is plenty of time to kill those planes. Problem might be recent lack of CV players around. Anyway, good luck and get your missions done!
  9. Mahan with AA setup, but yeah, it'd take a bit more
  10. that's cca 3 missions for my Lex... still no problem achieving during regular play
  11. Kedo

    Automatic aim for more tactical play.

    why don't you people just stop feeding this troll in his threads?
  12. so I checked those missions for you and there is completion date of 29.2. That's 2 months. Why wouldn't anyone be able to complete those objectives by standard gameplay instead of class focussing? No, imo it's not about objectives but players and I don't think WG can change mentality of players.
  13. Kedo

    Game round ending to early?

    on contrary, you had 200 points and it's quite possible to reduce that amount under 0 by sinking several damaged ships in fast succession. It's not a bug. You lose point match if 1) enemy reaches 1000 points before you 2) you get to negative points. Consult loading screen/TAB for how much points you lose per ship class.
  14. Kedo


    your team has there +1 tier... so what?
  15. Kedo

    Toxic Community

    That someone was probably me. Important messages in chat include stuff like: DD near me, please scout this sector with planes, I go there so you don't need to etc. Basically those messages that support proper teamplay. And believe it or not, there is a lot of them (otherwise I'd have just disabled chat).