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  1. Z1on

    Baltiless. What am I doing wrong?

    I didn't enjoed much of the Balti myself, stat wise it was a letdown in the line, did much better in Pepsi, New Orleans and so on. That being said, I was still a bit rusty when I came back to WoWs after a break to play the Baltimore so it's kinda my fault also. It is, sorta a brawler, armor against other cruisers is really strong and you'll see often enemy CA shooting back HE at you. It is bigger and less nimble than the New Orleans so you can't really dance around their shells much, even BB ones. As per the Des Moines you'll have to get bow in and using your good firing angles to keep the aft turret in the fight. You can't really go alone on a flank, you'll have to be a cruiser escort and with the radar and your AA (presuming you're specced for AA until now) you're a kind of "jack of all". That means you have to shoot and engage "opportunistically" never fair fights. I'll advise using the upgraded guns even though their shells arc is worse for two simple reasons: those are the Des Moines guns so you'll need to adjust if you plan to keep grinding, but more importantly the AP penetration capability are really nice, in some situation I was able to reliable penetrate the cidatels on T8 up to T10 BB in close combats and that saved my ship more times than I can count. I suggest you'll go for a full camo build, since it can bring down your detection at the sub 10km and that is when your AP can't almost miss and you'll overcome the slow reload of the guns and deal a lot of damage to cruisers and BB alike. All in all the main issue I had with the Balti is the slow reload and resulting dpm which make you wish you had the Des Moines autoloader, even though you'll probably never get in those kind of situation in the Des Moines anyway, which will become even more situational in the T10 meta (ups and downs I mean). Armor wise, you'll have to avoid kiting BB at too close range if possible because your rear portion is easily penetrated because of size and angling, this will also remain an issue for the Des Moines. Hopefully the revamp of armor models in the next patches will correct some issues, making the visible angling more effective. My stat are pubblic and you can see how much gap there is between the Balti and the preceding and succeeding ships. As I said I was heavy biased in the beginning because I was simply rusty, in the last games I had in it I was able to reliably get over 70k damage per games carefully picking the right ammo, most of the time HE on long range when escorting or running silent until I had the opportunity to close the gap and pop up at 10km from enemy cruisers and blast them with AP. TL;DR : It's not a bad ship per se, but it definitely feels subpar after the preceeding ships, it's not that capable of soloing, but excels when you can fight with someone else, be it in division or other teamplayers. Don't be the first thing the enemy can shoot at, be opportunistic.
  2. Z1on

    INDIANAPOLIS - The Biggest Disappointment

    Sadly with the new update I can't really replay those games nor register any gameplay and since my internet connection is not really fast the only thing I can do is send you the replay file but you have to use the older client to look at them. Let me know via private message if you want them or, better, straight up add me in game so we can maybe play some games together and you'll have some first hand experience.
  3. Z1on

    Kiev is overrated

    Kiev is love, Kiev is life. Like the Shchors these T7 russian ships for me were a relief even with their issues (turning radius, rudder time and whatnot). If you did not enjoy the Kiev then do not go further down the line because it will need even more effort than was required until now due to size, competition and general "power creep" (more accurate, more punchy guns on almost everything). I was partially less impressed by the Kiev AP, US AP are indeed more dangerous but you also have to be closer so 2k to 6k volleys on cruisers @7-10km it's no joke. I think it's my most effective ship really close to my Shchors as average exp is concerned. I would discourage using Survivability Expert because you need the AFT/range skill for Tashkent and the other DD down the line to be effective, or comfortable in your role, unless you have enough gold to spend in retraining and redistributing skills.
  4. Z1on

    INDIANAPOLIS - The Biggest Disappointment

    I'll add my voice with @piritskenyer , Indianapolis shine when you use AP almost on anything even DD and certainly BB. I have many replays of my own I can post/send if you want, yesterday night I had a nice triple 100k+ damage games in a row, so fresh stuff. I heard many allegation of p2w directed towards me in some recent games so it can indeed be a pain to mostly everything, especially if underestimated. BB love to do that and leave their broadside to me for 3k to 10k volleys quite easily.
  5. Z1on

    Buff Des Moines turret HP...

    Moskva is also pretty much bow on, even though you're not supposed to get too close and I still lose my turrets too often. Last few night I lost both front turret in two matches in a row from other CA, mainly Des Moines, ironically. At that tier this it is sadly more frequent than I can stomach
  6. Z1on

    Baltimore - Are the gun upgrades worth it?

    I hated the Baltimore (and stat wise on my all time average it wasn't great) but that because I was playing after a relatively big break from WoWs and gaming in general. I share your aesthetic reasoning but the Des Moines it's worth a chance, other than that the upgraded guns and shells on the Baltimore do make you feel the difference when you're fighting cruisers and BBs. Especially BBs with the upgraded guns getting citadels on T8, T9 and T10 BBs is far more easy. Mind that I am always talking about mid to close range engagements, so not every day situations, but they are life saving, double or even triple on Amagis, Izumos and even Yamatos with the extra damage ticking @ 5k per cits you can drop them faster or finish them. Also this way you can start the engagement on broadsided BBs even in the 13 to 14 km range and get from 4k+ to 9k+ volleys with AP. When facing cruisers, just remember that these are almost the only guns that can pen angled cruisers, not extreme angles but for example if a IJN cruisers is sailing away from you to get his torps in your direction you can still punish him/her hard with some blessing of RNGesus of course, like always. Again @5k per citadels means in two to three salvos on other CA out of position you can drop them or make them retreat.
  7. Z1on

    Gearing Skills and Upgrades

    I have a 16 point commander: Situation Awareness Basic Firing Training Last Stand Superintendent Demolition Expert Concealment Expert As for the upgrades: Main Battery Mod 1 Gun Fire control system 1 - not mandatory, might change it Gun Fire control system 2 Damage control system - not mandatory, might change it Steering gears mod 2 Concealment mod 1 With this setup and standard camo my broad specs on the ships are Concealment : 5.9km Gun range : 12.9km (for 104m dispersion) Gun reload : 2.7s Invisifire : from 9.6/9.7km up to max Max Speed : 37.8knots Rudder time : 2.6s I run with smoke, boost and the Sierra Mike (+5% top speed) to avoid enemy CV strikes and exploiting friendly AA cover when possible. Most of the time, early game my role is to pressure and suppress enemy DDs using my low detection - on par with Shimakaze and basically with everything else except Kageros and maybe fully equipped Bensons and Fubuki. With both the flag and the boost I can surprise them with basically a speed of 40+ knots and with a starting engagement of 5.9 most of the time I can get the upper hand on them, scare them away or destroy them, once that is done I resume the hybrid torpedoboat role. I will try to get Torpedo Armament Expertise to increase my reload of torps which is abismal by stock for 10launchers. I do not recomend the upgrade Torpedo tubes mod 3 because I often lose torpedo launchers by incoming fire, especially the one in the back, if you intend to play more actively and not like a "pure torpedoboat". On a side note I'm evaluating switching from Demolition Expert to Survivability Expert but I find myself more often than not invisifiring on BBs and without Demo Expert I have no lucks on fires. And It also helps disrupting enemy DDs with more fires than usual, I'm quite comfortable with less HP since I rarely get into fair fights as one probably should anyway. My stats should be public if you wish to see how well I can manage strenght and weaknesses, I guess they are acceptable.