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  1. X101

    Bugs Feedback

    Ships not loading at all. When i try to change port game just freezes. EDIT After updating driver game works fine at least for now
  2. X101

    Arkansas - should I have it now or not?

    Well i got a c***p answer from support as well i reopened ticket and i just hope it won't be one of those we can't manually add it to your account because i know this will be a LIE!!!
  3. X101

    Arkansas - should I have it now or not?

    I have same problem. I did submit ticket to support. I will inform you here how id resolves in the end. P.S. Don't worry about not taking screens they still have data, at least they did during WoWP testing.
  4. X101

    XP requirements are kinda high

    Maybe missions and events here will give more then in WOT
  5. X101

    Why the 76 FPS lock?

    It's lock. People where asking about it in the past. Then again from all who i know that asked you are only one with monitor that can actually benefit from FPS unlock.
  6. X101

    XP requirements are kinda high

    This is why there will be missions and specials like in WOT. They have to take those factors in accound as well when they make game economy.
  7. X101

    Alpha Tester Reward

    I didn't got Arkansas and i think news said 50 battles + in CBT and i did had it. Well not a big deal anyway. P.S. Iwaki Alpha was in port for months.
  8. X101

    Battles are to sort

    Maybe if title is to say "Battles are to short" but then again it's just me
  9. X101

    About divisions

    I think Xbox WOT has a 5 man platoon.
  10. X101

    Keyboard layout

    This is because during battle we tend to use Shift+Alt witch is windows shortcut for keyboard layout change. Same thing is in WOT.
  11. Yes. Gold, Free XP and premium time are shared via WG wallet. However in the past WG has run event called "First to the top" where players race to tier 10 Tank, Plane or in this case Ship. In order to make it more fair free XP wont be shared until event is over, If they run event that is.
  12. X101

    Patch Notes

    I said it before like million times and i will say it again. WG has a bad habit of not posting info about mini patches.
  13. X101

    Suggestion: Crew from sunken boat on the sea

    What is next? Boarding?
  14. X101

    Stationary Carriers?

    Most people can't multitask to much.
  15. X101

    Unified account

    Yes it will once game is released. Maybe at first you wont have shared free XP cause they run event like first to tier 10 for some great prices, but gold will be shared from day one i think.