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  1. Minibjorn

    Holiday Lottery - Try your luck!

    I'd like to join the Lottery. This is cool, well done to all who have set this up and donated.
  2. Minibjorn

    The World of Warships ModStation!

    Altered Compass V6 bugs the game. It causes all instances on enemy BB icons to bug out, all places in the game, and use the ship contour from inside the compass. Please fix.
  3. Minibjorn

    [-HNA-] Havoc Naval Academy is recruiting

    We are well on our way to getting some infrastructure up and running, have the first couple of +3% buildings and will begin work on the first +10 members soon, but we still have a few slots open for active players. So if you're looking for an active community, feel free to contact an officer in game. Good hunting.
  4. Ahh... they updated the news but didn't bother to bump it back to the top and tag it "Update" or something.
  5. Where? I looked and could not find anything, that's why I posted.
  6. The equipment module we receive for finishing the first part of Oktober Revolution marathon is wrong, it's the old one... We get a Main Battery Mod. 1, a module that's no longer used in the game, we should receive a Main Armaments Mod. 1, which is the one the old one was switched for when they updated the equipment modules. Someone at WG done goofed this one, and put the wrong one in the mission... why is it even still in the game? Please fix it WG.
  7. -Havoc Naval Academy- is looking for people. Havoc Naval Academy [-HNA-] is the Warriors of the Waves side on House Havoc, we're looking for active players to help us further the Havoc banner in WoWs. We're a friendly bunch of gamers from all walks of life, and we welcome all who are willing to be an active part of our community. We're aiming to bring Havoc's banner into CW. But while we wait for that we're going to have some fun, as we level our harbour, ships and captains. We offer: An active community TeamSpeak, forum & people you can divisions up with. And we'll be running the weekly ops when they make their return. Active playerbase who can help you with issues you might run into regarding WoWs, be it completing a mission or which tech line to progress on. --We Require of you-- * No minimum stat requirement. * You can communicate in English. * You're active in game and on TS. * You're willing to participate on clan activities and be active in our community. * Don't!! TeamKill (Deliberately or excessively) or engage in chat flame wars, in WoWs or any other game where you represent Havoc. Teamspeak: ts3.havocxgaming.com (Please use the same name as in WoWs.) If you're interested in joining, join our TS or contact one of our officer through the game. - Minibjorn - SergeantSchultz - Ikeee FAQ [Q] Are you required to always take part? [A] No, no one can be there for every single activity, we do however ask that you’re an active community member. [Q] Do you always have to be on TS if you’re playing. [A] Yes, unless you have a good reason why you’re not. TS is the main place, other than the game, where we interact as a community.
  8. Minibjorn

    Weekend Challenge! Mission is a sham.

    No no... the time required, for the average user, to get 50.000 Base exp, will be 12-15 hours of playing, so two days worth... if you can play 6-8 hours a day. It was how long it would take to do the mission, not for how long the event is running. If you can't do that, if your not a grider, you'll be able to do the mission by some time monday... and won't really be able to use the premium time given to you, because the weekend is over and it's work days again.
  9. Ohh WG, you done goofed it again. Ingame the mission is 50.000 Base Exp, instead of the total exp listen in the news section. WG's EU office once again show their dedication to bringing us mission that's worth our time. Getting 50.000 Base Exp will take like 12-15 hours of players, or two days! for a 24H premium time reward.... utterly not worth it, in any way. So once again... well done WG, you done goofed it again. or someone really messed up and put in the wrong mission, assuming it was going to be total exp not base. I for one will not be bothering with this... Have a nice weekend all.
  10. Minibjorn

    Removing the ranging/aim assist?

    I have it set to a mouse button, "designate target" and I can turn it on/off at will... it will always auto lock if you over over a new target though. But also remember that if you fire without a "lock" your have increased dispersion, from the latest info we have.
  11. Minibjorn

    Balance Changes

    Phelan, while I fully understand that you can't listen to everyone or read every post. It very often feels like you are only listening to a select handful of people/players... and so after a while it begins to feel like an exercise in futility. Take the last patch, you way overdid it on the cooldown for Radar, 180/120sec is too fast. I agree, as did many, that the 6min cooldown was a bit steep, but you did what you, WG, have often done over the years... you overdid it in the other direction. The cooldown should have been reduced to 240/180, that way it would not be a spammable consumable and you would not fear "wasting" it as much as we did when it was 6min. Now it is a spammable consumable... it's cooldown is so short now that you have no fear of using "wasting" it, because it'll be back in 2min (less with flag+perk). So while many others and myself would love to feel that we help shape the game we love, it often feels like that if we are not in your select group of "trusted" our input is ignored. And I would say you are doing it again this patch, with the russian DDs, the problem is that when you resuce their range by as much as you have done you more or less force people to choose AFT (Advanced Fire Training) in order to be able to compete on "equal" terms with the other ships. While I agree that they were very strong, we cannot forget that they are more or less light cruisers. Lowering the base range of Khabarovsk to 11km, first of you more or less force people to take AFT, so you are removing choises from the players... almost never a good thing. While I have in no way lost hope or intrest in the game and I continue to hope we can help shape the game into something great. You are beginning to make some balance choises that are not really understood. Now some of the changes might be aimed at being great when things like changes to captain perks and carrier rework is out in... but we are not told if this is the case. Yes we are all aware of the fact that it's a "test" and it is all subject to change, but you have said that before and yet put it on the live server unchanged... even though the changes were too much.
  12. Minibjorn

    Other changes

    Reload time of Surveillance radar shortened to improve cruisers. Right now I don't see any numbers, what the cooldown has been reduced by, but I hope it's not too much. Because right now you can as a DD captain, because of the long cooldown, bait out a radar from a cruiser and benefit from it. If the cooldown gets reduced so that such a tactic, among others, no longer matter I think it'll just damage over all gameplay. It could drive more DD captains to simply do long range torpedo launch (torpedo soup) and hope to hit... you know, the thing you used three patches to try and combat? As the cooldown is right now, you have to think and deploy your radar at the time it matters, personally I like it that way, but... you also rarely get to use more than two in a normal game, because of its long cooldown and not wanting to waste it. So a slight reduction in cooldown would not hurt the overall use of it, but please don't overdo it... Hydroacoustic Search and Defensive AA fire split into different slots. While I personally love having more options to combat the enemy, and I think you should always give the players more options... allowing them to use ALL the options at the same time, makes no them no longer be options, as you don't have to choose. So as a cruiser player I like the idea of having access to both... and it speaks to the cruisers role as Jack of all Trades ships, it allows me to more easily combat whatever I meet.... That said I'm not sure if this change will draw in more people to play cruisers, I'm sure the release of the RN cruisers will see a mass of players going to those, as we saw with the german BBs... but a lot of people don't play cruisers because they feel they are too easy to kill, and simply giving them more tools won't change that perception. Also if every cruiser from T6 and up will now have access to Defensive AA fire, there better be a CV rebalance comming in the very near furture, because there will be even less CV players because of this... I think. Now I have not tried high tier CVs since the blanket change to AA guns and the minor changes to bomber speed/health, so I can only speak to recent low/mid tiers from personal experience. And at the mid tier CVs, especially if you get uptiered, AA from ships can very very quickly eat up your planes before they reach their target. So on its own, cruisers ability to have both tools avaliable is a good thing... but its effect of gameplay could be not so good. US fighter ammunition increased by 30%. I'm not sure about this change, unless we see changes to the japanese in the coming weeks/months also... IF the US CVs take a setup with fighters at the moment, you already have a hard time to contest it as a IJN one... at T7 the F6Fs take so little damage from strafes, so you can't even effectively sacrifice a squadron to strafe his, and I think US fighters' strafe cost less than the IJN one, no? You can't take them on in dogfights either. While I know that the japanese CVs are much better at adapting to a game than the US ones, I'm not sure more ammo is the solution, but we'll see. Interface: Faster switching between Port, Modules, Tech tree etc. Optimizations are always welcome I don't agree that these are weak changes... balancing should always be done in small steps, because doing big balance swings usually don't have positive impact... usually! Balancing should be small changes, observe their effect of the areas they affect and adjust if needed, and to that I think these changes are doing that... assuming that the cooldown reduction on radar is not massive, but like 30-60sec.
  13. Minibjorn

    2.5x crew XP?

    The mission caused issues with the post battle result screen, it was blank, so it's been moved to next weekend. If you used 5min to look at the forum, you would see that, LINK. But ConWay also posted that it should be fixed, LINK, not sure if it was post before or after the other one.
  14. Minibjorn

    GNB "its a secret"

    untill the 8th I believe.
  15. Minibjorn

    Alaska/Guam as T10 cruiser.

    Love the discussions, can't say I agree, but it's lovely to see people theorycrafting. A thanks to all involved for keeping it civil. I still maintain that Alaska/Guam should be a T10 cruiser, but I have shifted to that it's properly better suited as a reward ship for a ranked season or mission of proper size, than it is for being a T10 tech tree ship. Other than that I still maintain my opinions from my main post, I still think that the ship will feel shoehorned in at T7/8. While I can agree with some of the arguments made in here about some of the other ships in the mid tiers, and they lack of "correct" setups... I think that it's bad to make that mistake again with the Alaska rather than fixing those setups of the already implemented ships. Best regards Good hunting