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  1. Well considering the normal tactic is to count how many torps they drop if they use all 15 press them and run them out of a cap sure the guns are far from useless on the Shima but most IJN DD players cower from gun fights, running reload booster suddenly another 15 coming your way can easily catch you out especially if they haven't yet been spotted. As for DW Torps only being able to hit BBs and CVs with 20km range, useless option why even bother adding them is all I can say, ill stick to my 12km All target Torpedo's just the right amount of stand off range to allow for a higher hit chance while minimizing spotting risk.
  2. That 15km range for the Aigle with AFT solid fire chance of 9% and its 17k HP at tier 6, that's just crazy what is this a French low tier Khabarovsk just with out the heal ?.
  3. 50,000 flooding damage

    I cant wait for the "Why are my Torpedo's not hitting Destroyers".
  4. 50,000 flooding damage

    I saw the 50k flooding and thought here we go again this is going to be annoying to do. 1st game 22k+ from a single Dunkerque using staggered torpedo launcher's in my Kamikaze, 2 games later 118k damage game with 23k flooding from ripping apart 4 battleships in the Fujin. Hate to say it but low/mid tier bashing seems by far the easier way to do it, I tried playing tier 7,8 and 9 but too many destroyers you end up fighting/dodging and competing with your own to get any real damage done yet alone flooding, too much radar and Hydro also most players at those tiers save DCP for flooding.
  5. Some interesting info around the world

    ST, French destroyer Aigle, tier VI To increase the ship's combat efficiency compared to other destroyers of the same tier, HE shell maximum damage is increased from 1000 to 2000. Main battery turret rotation and elevation speeds are also changed: rotation speed is decreased from 10 to 6.5 degrees per second, elevation speed is decreased from 10 to 8 degrees per second
  6. Further promotes the question of what is the point of Musachi and Salem. Why play a weaker Yamato 1 tier down when your going to be getting into tier 10 games anyway but with more weaknesses, I just don't see the point and on those few occasions where you may see tier 7 ships the guns are total overkill.
  7. USS Salem TX Us Cruiser is on it´s way

    This is quite interesting and it features USS Salem for anyone who wanted to know how this works.
  8. Some interesting info around the world

    Minor Quality of life change. ST, Modernization slot distribution changes. Modernizations will now be assigned to slots according to the modernization price, starting from the cheapest, ending with the most expensive. The following distribution is adopted: 1st slot - 125 000... 2nd slot - 250 000 3rd slot - 500 000 4th slot - 1 000 000 5th slot - 2 000 000 6th slot - 3 000 000 All the modernizations already installed on the ships will remain there, only their order will change. https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/?hc_ref=ARQniRIIXKU2MpUp3xsGtY4TUho63KgusERsteH7C0v8kv0m72JVpNxPsk_4nmnJMBY&fref=nf
  9. USS Salem TX Us Cruiser is on it´s way

    I just don't see the point of this ship right now have to wait and see how they go about making it different.
  10. Some interesting info around the world

    ST, Damage Control Party consumable chance of catching fires for carriers. Increased active time of the Damage Control Party consumable for all the carriers in the game from 5 seconds to 30 seconds. Chance of catching a fire from HE shells is now equal to tier VI base carrier hulls. This will lower the need for carrier commanders to hunt down other carriers. Moreover, increased active time of the consumable will allow to get a few squadrons airborne even under a rain of HE shells. However, there is a bigger chance to catch a fire even from smaller caliber guns on higher tiers, while the consumable is not active. https://www.facebook.com/wowsdevblog/?hc_ref=ARR6Shkm8RkoMjHntoKMmvVP5g8S3KLFoiCO--gRbEOOD-DTfvB3KprGCaBwEa_rN7o&fref=nf
  11. Supertest fire duration changes

    Ok so TL:DR, how did this go from being a buff to Cruisers and Destroyers survivability to 2 pages of people arguing about how its a nerf to Cruisers and Destroyers ?. Last I checked both classes die the vast majority of times to direct damage and not relying on fire to kill them so I don't see how this is a nerf per say, Ofc that being said a Destroyer with the smallest guns in game does count on setting fires as well as using Torpedoes to do damage. Cruisers on the other hand mostly burn down Battleships which aren't affected so no issue you lose a slight and I mean slight bit of passive damage dealing to other Cruisers but tbh that's not the biggest issue Cruisers face in battle now is it ?.
  12. Torp bug

    "Edit" nvm I did some testing in a training battle, that would seem like a bug then for the torps to fire at such an angle despite where you are aiming.
  13. Public Test 0.6.13 regarding carriers

    I worked it out and posted in another thread that for example the Gearing from a single fire burning for 30s will only take 1746 damage now, that can be all the difference between being sunk and limping off and continuing to be a thorn in the side for the enemy team.
  14. Well from looking at all these responses it would seem the low tier skins have a higher drop rate than the tier 8 ones .....why am I not surprised... ofc it makes perfect sense when you think WG want you to buy boxes from the store trying to get the tier 8 skins....... but hey if Counter strike and Overwatch prove anything people will pay crazy amounts for random chance loot boxes with skins..
  15. So I got the 5 pack from the shop: 75 India X-Ray 75 Sierra Mike Jackal Skin for Nassau Blade skin for Wakatake 15 Type 3 Halloween Have to say not the best £10 iv spent 2 low tier camos im never going to use, I have the King Albert why would I rebuy the Nassau just for the skin same goes for the Wakatake and I don't use enough India X-Rays to really care about getting 75 more only the Serra Mike and Halloween camo are any real use to me. So very "Meh" for me have to wait and see what I get from the 5 operation rewards.