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  1. Hello i would like to be considered for your clan if you'd have me, iv got clan battle experience from all seasons fighting up into typhoon. iv been playing since closed beta (for what its worth).
  2. Bismarck Secondary and Survivability build: http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/00001000101000000100100010001000 The biggest change in this build comes from you now have to pick from BFT, BoS, SI and Vigilance so this is a downgrade for the Bismarck but many will say it needed a nerf and this way it gets it in some shape or form depending on how you go about building it. I am really struggling to create a DD build all because RPF undermines so much of what you do its not even like you can out skill the enemy player either as he will always have the advantage of knowing where you are. Anyway I could use this a US DD build http://shipcomrade.com/captcalc/10000000000010010000011001000001 I could see maybe swapping either SI or DE for BFT for a bit more DPM as a knife fighter DD.