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  1. Elgerino

    XVM... for WoWs?

    What a load of tosh. If you need gold ammo then you don't have what it takes to get a high skill rating. You won't win more than average games if you can't even shoot weakspots, that is a clear sign of tactical ineptitude. If you rely on gold ammo then you surely can't grasp the wider tactical meta-game.
  2. Elgerino

    I can has skill based game plox? kk thx bai

    Your stats show you've failed to master even that much, let alone gotten to grips with evasion, predictive aiming and mind games. You can't distinguish yourself because you don't know how, not because there isn't a way to do it. #hardtruths
  3. Elgerino

    Rigged Game

    We need to see the screenshots of the full game. It's no good listing two ships when we can't tell if they're being balanced by tiers somewhere else in the makeup. Everything seems normal anyway? It's a limited sample and seeing as your win % is 44%, it should be giving you better games if your theory is correct. But with your win %, without putting it rudely, I find it hard to trust anything you say about the game anyway. It means that conspiracy theorists are bad for discussion because they believe they have an abstract insight no-one else does. They think it's their duty to think outside the box and not be bound by proper standards of proof and premise, that's beneath them as people who see the world as it is. Unfortunately these people are all conceit and little substance. They don't have anymore insight than anyone else, they're just people who've convinced themselves their opinion is infallible.
  4. Elgerino

    Rigged Game

    And the requirement for evidence isn't an effective conspiracy theorist BS maximising approach, either. Unfortunately rationality disagrees as to it's importance. Conspiracy theorists to actual discourse are an anathema.
  5. Elgerino

    Rigged Game

    It really doesn't matter if you buy it or not. What matters is what you can prove. Everything else is speculation and redundant.
  6. Elgerino

    Rigged Game

    It's all well and good saying it, but the patent does not outline it and there's no evidence the patent is relevant to current MM systems. A patent merely declares ownership over an idea. It does not promise the idea works or that it is implemented in anyway. You're not just over-extrapolating from the patent anymore, you're making things up to help it fit.
  7. Elgerino

    Rigged Game

    If we're being apt with this analogy, what you're doing is like assuming 3 is the rightful chain of events when there are no bodies. A court of law requires evidence that a crime took place. They don't assume the defendant is guilty when there's no evidence a crime actually happened. We are discussing the topic. My point is that you're the one dragging this down with your fanboy/WG shrill narrative in place of actual argument.
  8. Elgerino

    Rigged Game

    Can you not talk about yourself in the third person please? It's creepy.
  9. Elgerino

    Rigged Game

    Oh no, my mistake. How could I have been so stupid as to take being called a ''fanboy'', a comment that dismisses every argument I've made as the ramblings of an irrational fool who can't see past his own fondness for the game as an insult, when really I should have received it as a gushing compliment. You haven't proved it to any degree. The patent is as much evidence of a random system as a rigged one.
  10. Elgerino

    Rigged Game

    We require evidence to support accusations. We truly are principally bankrupt. >Make silly claims >Call everyone fanboys >Hypocritically cry about personal attacks even when you're the only one doing that. >??? >Profit
  11. Elgerino

    Rigged Game

    Fallacious. You clearly lived last year and whilst your willful denial of the realities of sound reasoning suggests you may in fact be a toddler, that still means you've lived longer than a year. Every sound conclusion has the evidence it is based upon. Just because there isn't the evidence to come to a sound conclusion, that doesn't mean evidence should be disregarded as a requirement for sound reasoning just to allow a viable conclusion to be made. In cases where there is not enough evidence and one cannot procure more, the only rational conclusion to come to is that you do not know. You claim to know anyway, that makes you wrong.
  12. Elgerino

    Rigged Game

    You can think you can feel anything, that doesn't make it so. You can't truly ''feel'' out the fact that someone is cheating, you may get that feeling but it's just a subjective opinion. If you believe your ''feelings'' are an objective proof then you're literally delusional. You only know they're cheating if there's evidence of it. Random is in the patent too, is your basis for choosing one part of the patent over the other just because it supports what you believe? That's irrational.
  13. Elgerino

    Rigged Game

    ''Sense'' that the game is not random. Do you also see dead people? Can you feel power levels? Predict the weather? You are not a supernatural being.
  14. Elgerino

    Rigged Game

    It's not about getting annoyed. It's about the fact that we're discussing something and you interjected with some nonsense which you've tried to defend as some sort of sacrosanct opinion. News flash, opinions are not sacred. They are fallible and often wrong. Observations based on so little evidence are to be treated, rightly, with mockery. Get over yourself. We are saying there's little to no evidence the MM system is rigged and people who think their opinions are valid just because they're opinions are foolish. On both counts, we are right. The patent does not say the system is implemented in WG games, in fact the patent describes multiple systems which cannot be active at the same time. If you believe one of them is in effect, that's fine. But there's no actual evidence, so don't expect to be taken seriously. Your observations are completely subjective and based on literally nothing but your gut feeling. You're acting as if you know it's there for a fact. Yet you've provided no facts.
  15. Elgerino

    Rigged Game

    This is not unusual for a random system, for crying out loud. What you just described is a chaotic and/or random system. It's like saying a coin flip is rigged because it flips heads a few times in a row. It's a ridiculous thing to think and you should be ashamed of yourself for letting such silliness escape your mouth.