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  1. ScarecrowCZ

    Public Test 0.10.7 - Return of Missouri

    WG treats this pathetic apology of community that calls itself "playerbase" as well as it deserves. How exactly can you claim any sort of moral high ground when people are dogpiling on remaining CCs and guilt-tripping them? Hell, remember the proposed GC nerf or Bamagate? There were literal death threats tossed around back then. Edit - Also - German fleet is and was trash tier during WWII (and frankly its dispersion in-game matches USN - if you want to be enraged, find a valid reason)
  2. ScarecrowCZ

    Please welcome Napoli—a new Italian cruiser!

    Its not like quality of randoms or ranked can plummet more.
  3. ScarecrowCZ

    Weimar in the Armory and Premium Shop

    you can buy it alone for like 60.
  4. ScarecrowCZ

    Dry Dock: Kronshtadt

    Yknow... Kronshtadt is 12% more real than Montana ever was. Let that sink in.
  5. ScarecrowCZ

    Will you buy the Marco Polo?

    Yes because SAP goes brrrt. Also having 13.2km deadeye helps quite a lot when it comes to Italian ships.
  6. ScarecrowCZ

    Aktualizace schopností velitele

    Výborně, o lamu míň, sbohem.
  7. ScarecrowCZ

    Armada: Hizen

    Once I will have Hizen, I will make up my mind - so far I see god-tier angles, nice ballistics on guns and massive belt. CCs generally rate it as Okay ship too (yes I know CCs are unreliable at best of times). Also thank you of reminding me of Odin - another "trash dead on arrival ship" according to players :D
  8. ScarecrowCZ

    Armada: Hizen

    People like you already ruined WoT... I would much prefer your wallet to stay closed.
  9. ScarecrowCZ

    Armada: Florida

    27 knts at tier 7 aint slow.
  10. ScarecrowCZ

    German Carriers: Part 2

    Let's be honest here - if you think French/Italian BB dispersion with 1.6 sigma is more accurate than USN dispersion with 1.5 sigma, you shouldn't be listened to in the first place. Even the best players would struggle to notice 0.1 sigma difference on ships with the same dispersion (compare patterns of Kii (1.7), Amagi (1.8), Ignis/Ragnarok (1.9) and Nagato (2.0) - you will prolly safely identify the outlines, but 0.1 steps will be guesswork). And let's not forget the first test iteration of Giulio Cesare was broken with 1.5 sigma. As for buying the crap ships - Playerbase decried Hood to be utter trash tier (lost about 50 karma for daring to play her - and ranking out - in t7 ranked) yet it pretty much completely counters things like Sinop. Playerbase decried Agir to be utter trash tier - yet it performs decently. Playerbase decried Alsace to be trash tier because "lol, no overmatch, bad dispersion" - cue her running rampant until the nerf and it is still valid pick. Playerbase decried Odin to be trash tier - yet it performs decently both in ranked and in randoms. See the pattern there? Yes?
  11. ScarecrowCZ

    German Carriers: Part 2

    We all know how Alsace performed with 1.7, we all know Bourg is T10 material with 1.9 and you sure do remember how broken Giulio Cesare was with cruiser dispersion and 1.5 sigma. But sure, tell us how WG handled Mainz, T61 and Odin. As for you selling premium - that's your problem. I played both FDG and Alsace both pre and post buffs and I would kill for FDG hull with 12 bisco guns. And let's be real here - if Alsace overperformed with 1.7 and had to have both reload and sigma nerfed with *worse dispersion pattern*, Pommern would outright powercreep it with its sturdy hull.
  12. ScarecrowCZ

    German Carriers: Part 2

    I mean it has better dispersion and durability than Alsace, which is already helluva strong in tier 9. But yeah, better to promote power creep and cry about a meaningless parameter.
  13. ScarecrowCZ

    Armada: Champagne

    The only armour removed was the fore/aft end belt and 21mm worth of deck. O-class had no "frontal citadel protection" you claim it had - athwartship got buffed even. So take your "front citadel plate" and (without any sort of respect, I would normally show to a human being) shove it to the place where you store your imaginary friends. Ad second paragraph of something I would loathe to call post - Ships within time period game encompasses were always classified by the caliber of armament and tonnage (depending on a treaty in effect) and that goes even retroactively. Ad the last paragraph - WG removed fore/aft end belts which had not existed and 21mm worth of deck - surely you have a blueprint of O-class which has "front citadel plate" you claim it was meant to have and you can share it. As for our "butting of heads" - your last battle was in February this year ergo we couldn't have argued "last week" (having to make crap like this up is plain pathetic). Also, since you seem to have need to fabricate this, I highly doubt you have any sort of real-life you seem to love preaching about.
  14. ScarecrowCZ

    Armada: Champagne

    Awthawtship is improved as well - straight 110mm over 80-110-80 O-Class should have. Besides the only "controversy" with missing armor was the extended belt taken from wrong blueprints.
  15. ScarecrowCZ

    Armada: Champagne

    ad the first paragraph: Get your terminology straight - your "front citadel plate" is called "fore/aft armoured belt" or "extended armoured belt" or "belt extension"- you know, the bit protecting the pointy end from bow/stern penetrations. O-Class lacked this "bit" in its final configuration and it was not being seriously considered since April 1939. So yes, the fore/aft 60mm armoured belt was removed - not by WG but by Kriegsmarine itself - in the late design stage. ad the second paragraph - Neither of those is light cruiser by WNT because as even you might notice - 180mm is more than 155mm. ad the third paragraph - Almost as if reviewing of WIP ships gave the completely wrong idea of the final version of the ship. As for the last one - I'm not even sure we met. EDIT: You should really learn how to quote posts.