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  1. Game dev are online since they have the privileges. And something is not right so we dont get in.
  2. well i'm having week off and red as lobster from sun already so... time to study more
  3. That is unless something again goes wrong with server patching or backuping.
  4. ...I'm REALLY geting tempted to move to US server or say [edited] to WG and go play some WT or something else.
  5. Aigars

    ARP Takao? nah, prepare for the ARP Nachi pain

    I got mine around 10 days ago ... didnt play wows till today time to see if i can hit side of a barn. that mission REALLY burned me out.
  6. Aigars

    USS Alabama tier 8 US premium BB preliminary stats (5.16)

    well i was ST in wot when you could get in only from ru server... and this move ...well looks like things have gone worse. WG how about you spend more money and hire more people in QA.
  7. Aigars

    Rank 13 rewards issued! LIES !

    lol havent recived anything from rank 11 when it was caped there or lower havent bothered to look.
  8. Aigars

    ARP Nachi. WG please!

    WG i would rather kill 200 ships acros all nations than 20 soviet ships since this is just insane. Or rather learn something from WGNA since from reading events there they get the idea how not to piss off community.
  9. Aigars

    Do carriers ruin games ?

    Nop they dont. What ruins carriers is that you cant select your own load out of planes and reserve planes. Say you have 8 squads and 100 reserves, you make your own load out how many fighter,TB and DB squads you want and how many reserves of each type as well you have. Atm i cant play carrier how i want to. Only reason i play em atm i want ranger and hiryu for looks
  10. Well will be experimenting with this. Havent played game for some time so been geting hang of it again. Thanks for video.
  11. Sorry but encrypting stuff wont do a thing it will just go more underground type forums like warpack or other type forums. look at eve baning bots ect it worked at start but not for long. it will work here to for a month or less. people will find a way thats the nature of way. there is no 100% security against mods or other stuff on any game.
  12. Aigars

    How low can torp damage roll? 8 hits on phoenix no kill...

    it happens i had once a bb detonate from single torp while other bb took 6 from my isokaze and sail with 10k hp still so its just RNGesus atm
  13. Aigars

    Torpedos too op

    Reads this thread and laughs. Dont know whats more funny hitting with Cleveland at 16-17km(shell flight time 15-17secs) range on ships or getting hit by torps Its easy to doge long range torps the hard ones are if dd is 1-2km away from you and launches but then again why is it so close to you.
  14. Aigars

    what to do with planes still in the air after CV dies

    i would say kamikaze them in enemy ships for extra 2-6k dmg
  15. Aigars

    So, this happened

    so whens the wedding?