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  1. Is it crashing because it is overloaded or is it the firewall taking exception to the number of connections. If it is the firewall then you should be able to change it's settings to be less sensitive. If the router is crashing because it can't handle the load then it needs replacing with one which works properly.
  2. Homer_J

    So there's a rumour going round.....

    You have it the wrong way round. This is about the dubloons which have been paid for under the impression they would be converted to gold which could be used in WoT (or even WoWP). Anyway, I found Ectar's post on the subject where he even admits giving the wrong impression.
  3. Homer_J

    So there's a rumour going round.....

    In WG speak that usually means we already made up our mind but we might change it. Forgive me for not keeping up with the official news but Ectar's name is on the FAQ I quoted which says there will be gold unification. It doesn't say definitely at release but it does say definitely at some point. Can you point me to where he says it's not happening at release?
  4. Hi, some of you may know me from WoT forum. I did play some boats for a bit but I sucked really bad so went back to tanks where I only suck a bit. Anyway, there's a 3rd party blog which has now twice posted that there will be no gold unification between WoWS and WoT like there is with WoWP and WoT. I assume they get the info from the RU forum just like they get info about WoT, generally it's pretty accurate. Now I have a bit of an issue with this if it is true. When the doubloons went on sale before the end of closed beta it was promised that they would firstly be refunded at open beta and then when the game went live they would be converted to gold. So some of us bought doubloons with the thought that we would use them to test boats and if we didn't like it then we would have the gold for tanks later. So I checked the FAQ here and it still says.... I know it's a long shot asking on the official forum but can anyone from WG confirm or deny this rumour?
  5. Neither of you are in the beta yet. Are you logged in with the correct email address?
  6. Homer_J

    Fines for accidental collisions.

    If it is like WoT then not all the fine goes to the other guy, so most likely he also paid 4 times what you got in compensation. And how do you propose the system assigns blame? Just because you get T-boned doesn't mean it's not your fault. You need to watch where you are going, and where others are going and consider if they will be able to make an avoiding manoeuvre, and if in doubt get out of the way yourself.
  7. It's a beta test so I voted no. When the game goes live then yes, it would be a nice option.
  8. Homer_J

    Spawn too far from my mate

    They said they would look at it in WoT but nothing ever happened.
  9. Homer_J

    Server down?

    I just got disconnected twice but was able to get straight back in. Had a look at my logs and it wasn't my DSL dropping out. Shame the WoT servers are so laggy today with the patch.
  10. Homer_J

    Repair Function

    You can try the integrity check which works for WoT http://forum.worldoftanks.eu/index.php?/topic/466290-wot-client-problems-client-integrity-check/page__fromsearch__1
  11. I can't open your error log for some reason but usual updater problems can be fixed by going into your WoWS folder, finding the updates folder and deleting anything in there. Running the launcher, clicking the spanner and disabling torrents. Making sure your Windows install has all the updates, including any optional updates for Internet Explorer. Oh, and make sure IE is not set to work offline.
  12. Actually they changed the gameplay quite drastically a number of times after release. Unfortunately they decided to make the most game breaking change right on release making BnZ fighters so overpowered there was no point in anyone playing anything else. That pretty much killed the game and they were far too slow to fix it. WoT got the gameplay pretty much right from the start and only ever needed minor tweaking and rebalancing of tanks. Hopefuly they will try out lots of different ideas before release this time so they don't have to test things out once the game goes live.
  13. If you can't see how that cannot work then there is no hope for you. That's without even considering that excluding a large part of your customer base is bad business. Why? I jumped in the French heavy line at tier 8 because I had a load of spare gold and convertible exp. Bad players will be bad players no matter what. There's plenty of examples of people playing tier X without a clue in WoT.
  14. Homer_J


    Well they can balance jets and prop aircraft in WoWP......... ....I'll get my coat.
  15. Homer_J

    Health bar bug

    Possibly a way to keep network traffic down, i.e.only sending you the health status of ships you need to know about. Then there is a brief lag as the server sends you the info.