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  1. You do all this and still, lose.
  2. Also, you can completely knock out turrets with enough damage and it can't be repaired and the barrels look exploded. I've done it a few times to someone who sat head on against me.
  3. Bet you still got a few -1 karmas for the game as well. Had a similar situation in my Grozo, 3 ships killed, 6 torp hits, over 800 shells fired, 13 fires and 66 aircraft killed. Still got reported.
  4. mil71

    Kansas event

    I realise how bad the dispersion is now, Gneisenau at 8-9km and I'm aiming around the citadel and the gun barbettes and the shells were just hitting the water or flying above the target resulting in over penetrations.
  5. It's actually pretty hard to damage a barrel of the turrets.
  6. mil71

    Kansas event

    That's why you have to use every reload when it's available.
  7. mil71

    Kansas event

    The ship isn't bad, mine has a 26km firing range basic and some of them penetrations are NICE. However up against some HE spam you'll die fast.
  8. No thanks... I bought Belfast when it was first released. Why should people be able to jump onto the wagon now?
  9. Not really, most cruisers don't have the range to shoot or spot so they have to move closer and most maps have atrocious map design that has persisted since the beta so there's sparce cover. Then comes the UAV's and super long-range radar.
  10. I'd like the option for added complexity for deepwater torpedoes to have a manual fuse in which the operator can determine and guess so it explodes on proximity like a depth charge.
  11. We've got super cruisers which can tank BB's to a certain extent but with the British tree, for example, they are basically floating citadels you can't do anything to stop a citadel other than hiding or the BB misses.
  12. Basically, as the title says is it time for the ability for battleships to citadel hit and essentially mission kill any cruiser time to go? Should they only be able to citadel hit other battleships and to a certain extent CV's? We're at a stalemate in which there is soo many BB's being added with the potential to dev strike any cruiser that gets unlucky enough to get hit which forces cruisers to sit behind islands more and more and I think it's about time it's removed.
  13. mil71

    Matchmaker Discussion Thread & MM Balance

    Lost 8 games today, won 1. If it keeps it up I won't be playing again for a long time. First game a friendly Republique tried to tk a friendly and killed himself. Next game a friendly DD torped a CV
  14. CV's can't torpedo you if your hull is touching an island, you're giving the island space which allows it to drop and then arm. Nothing to see here.