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  1. mil71

    Hood's AA capabilities post-rework

    Used to love using Hood as anti aircraft. Especially when it was 2 CV's attacking me at once...
  2. It's garbage, secondaries rarely hit and when they do it's little to no damage. Aircraft die when looked at, torpedos do no damage, rockets do little to ships. The only redeeming feature is its 50% chance to fire with bombs but even then you're going to need that because most of the time your bombers are dead in seconds. Get Enterprise or Graf Zep instead.
  3. mil71

    Teams getting worse?

    5 games now no one speaks, everyone goes down one lane, best ships always hiding. List goes on. Absolutely steamrolled in every game no matter what ship I choose.
  4. mil71

    Jean Bart VS Premium CV

    Gotta be joking right? Laser accuracy AA starts at 6km and before you even get close the entire wave of aircraft is dead. You can dodge all you want but it does nothing.
  5. mil71

    Jean Bart VS Premium CV

    Jean Bart is overpowered so get that. Aircraft cant even get near it.
  6. mil71

    WTF Yamato! Help me with this ship please!

    When I'm in the yamato if a CV decides to attack me usually they lose their entire flight. The AA is good.
  7. Complicated? Pressing an AA sector is complicated?
  8. mil71

    Azur Lane x World of Warships Collaboration Stream Summary

    God this stuff is childish, how about implementing decent stuff? No wonder the player base is leaking.
  9. mil71

    Good DD players - Asashio - yes or no?

    It's my favorite DD. I love just going around the edges of the map and spotting everything until your team has a baddie that dies and then suddenly thinks you are doing nothing and starts telling the enemy team where you are. (Had that loads of times) But my favorite was this. Two Montana's steaming side by side first one detonated from almost full hp and the second one at some torpedo soup.
  10. Are they allergic to fires? The moment you hit them and start a fire before a single bit of fire damage happens it's already extinguished.
  11. mil71


    About as annoying as a game with 5 destroyers and 70% of the enemy team just spamming HE.
  12. mil71

    89 rockets (and a bomb) to destroy a single DD....

    The only place where investing in points on secondary builds on CV's is low tier when there used to be loads of low tier carriers filled to the brim with guns. And where the DD's have to literally get in your face to torp you. My Asashio will be throwing torps at you from over 15km away from you and you'll never be able to spot me if my AA is off.
  13. mil71

    RN carrier dive bombers

    There should be an option for royal navy bombers to do a "mass" attack with all squadrons with an enlarged targetting reticle OR a single attack with the current system. So you can choose between aiming or less accuracy/more alpha.
  14. mil71

    89 rockets (and a bomb) to destroy a single DD....

    Now try that against asashio who outranges your guns and can keep torping you from outside your vision.
  15. mil71

    89 rockets (and a bomb) to destroy a single DD....

    It's that new "premium" gameplay. People whined soo much that CV's got nerfed into nothingness. I had a game yesterday I torped a BB 11 at least and not a single flooding.