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  1. Altharius

    Iwaki Alpha

    I'll giver her a try tomorrow to see if you are correct. Don't use her that often anymore :)
  2. Altharius

    Unique upgrades

    Why not have both?
  3. Altharius

    Developer Bulletin 0.9.0

    Why can't the RB uniques AND the mission variation both have a chance? RB only seems like a very bad idea.
  4. Altharius

    General feedback - 0.8.9

    CTD every game I start after a couple of minutes in the battle. great job!
  5. Well, compare to Konig Albert at Tier 3. VU is tier 4. Genova can be good in tier 5-6. Not tier 7 though, unless you can stay in 2nd row aiding other duels.
  6. In short: - you are not fast enough to angle your already weak armour. - you are too slow to play any meaningfull tactics - the guns woun't scare a tier 1 cruiser - the HP pool is tier 3 worthy, not tier 5 - the accuracy of said guns is abysmal - the penetration of said guns is laughable (ran into a half dead burning bayern while I was at full health. Guess who won and who still had roughly half health without using a repair.) THIS SHIP IS THE WORST SHIP EVER! i am an average player (50% w/l), but this piece of crap won't perform in any decent manner.
  7. Played a few more rounds hoping the ship could improve. Nope. Can't stand up to any BB tier 5 and above. Even crousers laugh at my ship. Carriers get all misty eyed at the damage farimg to be done. My teammates downvote my reputation for being effectivly one ship short. It's so insanely stupid to put this tub in tier 5.
  8. Altharius


    Simple solution: Put the ship back in tier IV.
  9. This ship is terrible against tier VI, never mind the uselessness against tier 7. This ship needs to be either: - Buffed into usefullness (usefull AA, better HP pool. I mean, I do not see any way of "getting gud" in it due to lack of speed/HP/AA) - reduced to tier IV (where it belongs with the current performance) - Refunded. This is not worth the money I spent on it. It's trash as it is now.
  10. Altharius

    Viribus Unitis

    Compare it to other Tier IV/V BB. October Revolution (V, 12x12"), Texas (V, 10x14"), Arkansas Beta (IV, 12x12"), Imperator Nicolaj (IV, 12x12"), Guilio Caesare (V10x13,4"), Ishizuchi (IV, 10x12"). Where would it belong? Hell, I think the König Albert (III, 10x11") would kick the VUs [edited]due to usefull armour. In my VU I start sweating when I see anything that is not a CA. Not a good ship at all. it should have been a tier IV, otherwise it needs a major buff in AA/sigma/penetration.
  11. Altharius

    Please add Submarines to counter CV`s

    Sub will destroy the game. I've seen the introduction of submarines decimate the player population of another navy game years ago (NavyField). Please don't.
  12. Altharius

    Kii AA Buff?

    I look at my Yamato's AA compared to before 8.x.x and I cry.
  13. Altharius

    1701's Verdict On 0.8.0

    Just imagine the shitstorm if/when they introduce submarines (heaven forbid). Counters to those will be nigh impossible.
  14. Altharius

    Upcoming Fix To AA Mechanics

    next patch:
  15. Altharius

    Spam CA

    have a look then. At one point there were 3 BB's and a DD targeting my smoke at under 10km.