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  1. Altharius

    Please add Submarines to counter CV`s

    Sub will destroy the game. I've seen the introduction of submarines decimate the player population of another navy game years ago (NavyField). Please don't.
  2. Altharius

    Kii AA Buff?

    I look at my Yamato's AA compared to before 8.x.x and I cry.
  3. Altharius

    1701's Verdict On 0.8.0

    Just imagine the shitstorm if/when they introduce submarines (heaven forbid). Counters to those will be nigh impossible.
  4. Altharius

    Upcoming Fix To AA Mechanics

    next patch:
  5. Altharius

    Spam CA

    have a look then. At one point there were 3 BB's and a DD targeting my smoke at under 10km.
  6. Altharius

    Spam CA

    True, statistics prove more over longer samples. But for a first round in a new ship it shows the learning curve is quite easy for this type of ship.
  7. Altharius

    Spam CA

    They should be looked at. Just unlocked minotaur. It's a 0 skill ship. My first round results below: Please note: Dreadnought in a CL. PS: I had GK/Yamato for ages now. Didn't play them a lot because of HE meta. Trying to unlock the legendaries.
  8. Altharius

    Spam CA

    Troll much? Way to go disqualify yourself in a discussion. Back to sensible discussions.
  9. Altharius

    New CVs

    CV feels balanced now. The amount of planes I shoot down are getting closer to pre-0.8.x.
  10. Altharius

    On how to balance and refund OP premium ships - an inquiry

    Player retention seems important at this point. But do they choose "new" players or those that have stuck with the game since before the beginning?
  11. Altharius

    Spam CA

    Maybe make islands destructible? XD The lobbing of shells over islands makes it a bit, well, complicated. Especially when 2 or more spam CA's group up. The solution would be team play, but the meta now is run away and hide. It seems a bit too passive to my liking.
  12. Altharius

    Spam CA

    Great agrument, please go on. For the non-trolls: The combination of spam and smoke seems a bit much. I remember Iwaki alpha bing a ca with smoke. Seemed op, wasn't because they couldn't spam as much. Mino is maybe a bad example, but Worcester/Dm etc that spam HE and light countries ablaze might be.
  13. Feels like this is relevant again...
  14. Altharius

    Nelson needs an AA buff

    So? Yamato is supposed to have a highly efficient AA suite. Look ate her now. Smae for Atlanta, Yubari.
  15. Altharius

    Spam CA

    Since nothing is holy anymore and the nerf bat is flying, what about those shellspam CA's... They seem to rule a lot of the top tier games. Worcester, DM, Minotaur and comparable CA/CL seem to be abundant in tier 10. Thoughts?