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  1. 35k free exp for me as well - felt ripped off until I saw what else I could have got, so not that bad I suppose, and would eb good if I were to be short on free exp.
  2. dapprman

    [ALL] ModStation

    Good news, extremely BAD NEWS. With the update to 0.9.6 top the game Modtstation now works, however it does not read your old set up so you have to go through and re add every mod you were using - if you can - also means any not ready and not yet available you will keep having to monitor for when it/they become available and re-add rather than let the app do it for you. Edit - I tried copying the old directory to in the re_mods folder and this made no difference, so I assume there was a config file else where which is now lost. Re-selecting the mods I used just over wrote the folders copied across (as you would expect)
  3. dapprman

    [ALL] ModStation

    +1 - same for me - completely b0rked
  4. dapprman

    Mods Policy

    You missed a previous reply as that was about the 3rd response to his response. I always leave my DDs on torps unless I'm about to engage another DD, am about to finish off another ship, else I'm screwed and about to die anyhow ;)
  5. dapprman

    Mods Policy

    I think you're mus-understanding me (English is a second, third+ language for you? - this is a very International game after all) - it is not a case I've launched them from a distance then the target turns and manages to avoid them by luck - has happened to me enough in the past. This is as soon as I launch they turn, each time.
  6. dapprman

    Mods Policy

    OK going to be polite on answering this one. First I stay on torps unless I'm fighting another DD so there is no way they will get a warning by the number of ships targeting them. Second, we're talking at 10-12 km, not 3-5 (through hydro, though some of the ships I've seen do this do not have hydro), also that makes the launches way outside of the bonus from the tier 1 captain skill. Third, the same ship does it three, four or even on one occasion, six times. It is not zig zagging as I have been stalking them as they travel in a straight line, then I launch, and bingo they aggressively turn then stay in the new direction. The turning is within a few seconds of me launching, so nothing to do with ship agility and skill (and some cruisers out there are very agile).
  7. dapprman

    Mods Policy

    I wonder if this post/warning has come around due to a number of new hacks appearing in the game. As some one who recently has played a lot of DD I've noticed a rapid increase in the number of players who seem to sail straight, yet turn just after I launch torps at them, every time. Now this is probably a game binaries hack, not an add on mod and so should be picked up (one hopes by WGC). On mods themselves, I played WoWS vanilla for a long time, but now use Modstation for mods post watching the time to win mod on certain YouTube content provider games. Some how I've ended up with about a dozen mods (all through modstation) and find it annoying when they are not updated (mod creators have real lives and real life priorities as well), but also know I can play without them due to the number of times I've forgotten to upgrade them post a patch (plus half the ones I use are harbour based info mods).
  8. dapprman

    Memories of The Tug

    Think only former NFEU players will look here as most will remember The Tug. Found out today the old European Navyfield forums have lasted longer than the game, so as a reminder of conspiracy theories, here's a link in for those who remember.
  9. dapprman

    How to Play Pan EU Swedish Destroyer Tier 6 Västerås

    Where did you get Engine Boost 1 from ? Just got the ship and your guide was good timing as I was wondering about the Torp Tubes Mod 1, but you seem to have access to a mod I do not.
  10. dapprman

    British BBs Good?

    Think I was close to the Conqueror before the CV rework curse came about. I enjoyed the series and really enjoyed the Monarch - more so than the South Carolina, Bismarck, Richelieu and Amagi, though I never played it as a long range sniper, so the 'stealth' build never came in to it. Of note, don't ignore the AP, against CLs at any range (and most CAs) and against BBs at ~12km and less, it is deadly, it's just at range that it's fuse mechanism makes it near useless against anything with armour. Conqueror is the only one I've struggled to get on with and I think that's because I do not enjoy sitting at the back of the map and sniping. Note this is my personal opinion having actually played my way through the British line without the use of free exp and having played every non-Premium tier 8 BB in the game aside from the Soviet one (and premium wise the Roma and Massachusetts B- though not much on the latter).
  11. I've enjoyed the Izmail, though did find it annoying that the ship would turn faster than the guns (meaning they could not keep up) with my setup - I had taken the option of Aiming Systems Mod 1 instead of Main Battery Mod 2. Now the latter no longer has the penalty on shell reload times so with researching the Sinop last night I went that direction instead and found I struggled to hit the proverbial barn (though in a new, stock ship). I saw a Sinop on the other side so asked which I should go for and accidentally caused an argument between three players on which to use, so please play nice here and let me know which option players prefer. With MBM2 the turrets will do 180 degrees in 51 seconds instead of 60, so still slow, but much improvement plus there is no longer a penalty on reload speed, however accuracy of main guns seem poor except at close range. With ASM1 the accuracy will improve but the turrets will be really slow. The Sinop (on A hull anyhow) turns slower and in a larger arc than the Izmail so the turrets might keep up. Some people have mentioned a hidden accuracy buff with the B hull Guess what I'm trying to say is, should I use ASM1, as I did with the Izmail, or is the new version of MBM2 (as I presently use) really worth it ? Play style, for awareness, I suck at park and long range snipe and tend to move closer in and to where needed and I'm willing to brawl, which is probably why the two BB lines I've completed are the British and German ones.
  12. dapprman

    Albemarle - worst ship in the game? advice needed.

    I really hope you're right about the second hull. I actually enjoyed the Surrey from the off. As some one who doesn't like spending free exp and so goes for the grind, and who already has worked up to the Des Moines, Worcester, Zao, Minotaur, Moskva, and Hindenburg (plus 9 other played through tier X ships) this is by far the worst ship I have ever played in this game (ok not tried the Albany, but I do have the Viribus and Yubari).
  13. dapprman

    Albemarle yuk!

    And guess what I just got and played a few games in. I quite liked the Surrey, but this is slow to accelerate (though high top end for a RN cruiser), steers like a brick even with the steering mod, but what has got me really riled is the gun accuracy - it has none - shells seem to go straight but few actually hit home. This will be one painful grind.
  14. dapprman

    Remove caps for T4 CVs

    CV v CV only battles - I like the sound of that. Dropping the capping on the number of CVs at T4, yeah gods no. Don't even go there. I did not realise just how bad it was until I recently helped a friend and new player through the early ships up to tier 5. There's effectively no AA at tier 4. You can't stop the planes. Sure quite a few of those CVs are new players or new players to CVs and those are just annoyances, but those seal clubbers mentioned earlier - they are there in number and they completely dominate the game. It's actually unplayable if you have 1 or 2 of them on the other side and must be costing wargaming.net a lot of new players who give up in frustration.