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  1. dapprman

    Remove caps for T4 CVs

    CV v CV only battles - I like the sound of that. Dropping the capping on the number of CVs at T4, yeah gods no. Don't even go there. I did not realise just how bad it was until I recently helped a friend and new player through the early ships up to tier 5. There's effectively no AA at tier 4. You can't stop the planes. Sure quite a few of those CVs are new players or new players to CVs and those are just annoyances, but those seal clubbers mentioned earlier - they are there in number and they completely dominate the game. It's actually unplayable if you have 1 or 2 of them on the other side and must be costing wargaming.net a lot of new players who give up in frustration.
  2. dapprman

    Ring Commanders–Claim them Inside!

    I don't know what happened. I accepted the mission, checked it was there, sailed out of the mines in my trusty Lightening and Leander, crewed by my saltiest of gnomes and within time received the old sea dog. Except .... I went to add him as captain of my Minotaur - after in my hands it's a real hit and miss except ..... I don't remember doing much in the French BB line but now I have a ship named something like Alsachee commanded by Capitaine Maurice Le Frou Frou de Jingles who keeps asking for cheese. What have I done wrong ? [screen shots unusable as too graphical in an 'art' nature]
  3. dapprman

    Join Battle bug

    Same here, also found my Primary ships had been unset and also all collection items and sets are showing as new. Edit - clan tag and channel also gone, but if I click on the clan tab I do get the base.
  4. Wondering what the general consensus is as I've just hit 10 points on my Atlanta captain. In the past it would (probably) be Priority target/Preventative Maintenance -> Adrenalin Rush -> Superintendent -> Concealment Expert Now, with the new AA meta and slightly reduced effects of CE on cruisers, I'm wondering about going for AFT instead (and maybe IFHE when I hit 14). What have others done (also what's the thoughts of swapping Superintendent for BFT for higher rate of fire and better AA) ?