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  1. dapprman

    Patch 8.01 total rubbish

    Try that in a real battle in a tier 9 and you'll find things very different. Played both my Lion and the Fred De Grosse tonight - very few planes shot down but hit lots and IJN torp bombers still turn and attack again so quickly that a successful first dodge leaves you stranded against the second and third runs. Midway is now possibly worse due to the number of torps dropped.
  2. dapprman

    Old style RTS CV or not?

    Old style system was flawed and the Graf Zepplin was a seriously over powered joke. New system though is far far worse - the new patch has improved things slightly for DDs, but for BBs it's still just as bad.
  3. dapprman

    CV nerfing went too far !

    Sorry but when a nerfed tier 10 IJN CV can still launch a second and a third set of torps against a tier 9 BB for 95% damage while it's still straightening up from dodging the first set then CVs are still over powered. CVs might have to think harder now about what they do and AA is now more effective (though still not that great), but CV players who know what they are doing are still showing that the balance is still completely out of whack.
  4. dapprman

    WG killed AA boats

    Problem is every video I see from the likes of iChase is on the test server where as on the real servers AA seems to have been seriously nerfed. My Minotaur and Worcester both had AA ratings of 100+, now both are mid 80s and struggle to shoot any planes down if they are tier 10.
  5. dapprman

    "Mighty Prinz" Campaign

    I'd actually already started on the ship ... and stopped, so getting a few million creds instead of another ship was nice, but then I was forced to play her again. Actually now researched the Yorck, but still can't get the final few of the 'just 5' kills - biggest problem at the moment actually seems to be Prinz owners on the main mission of sink 5 cruisers - I keep finding them letting others grind the cruisers down then firing the final shots for an easy kill ...
  6. dapprman

    January Combat Missions - Discussion Thread

    Ignore me - just realised it's the P.E.F. set of weekly quests.
  7. dapprman

    January Combat Missions - Discussion Thread

    How do you start "The "Your Highness!" Directive" ? I can find no options and it is not already open to me.
  8. Ah Carnet, a perfect example of how the French naval designers completely lost it. Think it's covered (French pre-dreadnoughts certainly are) by Drachinifel's naval YouTube series - well worth a watch (I'm only a subscriber, not connected). BTW largest gun on a British warship was the 18" (460mm) guns initially put on HMS Furious, and then moved to a number of monitors. HMS General Wolfe certainly fired her gun in anger before the end of the Great War, though not very much.
  9. Interesting thread this. First a few pieces of information and then a bit on my personal experience. First, partly thanks to the efforts of Electronic Arts, loot boxes and their ilk are classed as a form of gambling by most, if not all, European countries including the UK, however so far only Belgium has put down specific legislation to ban them. Different countries, different priorities, In the UK it's the high cost, high payout instant win gambling machines at bookmakers/gambling shops that are presently being targeted, Over time the number of countries in the EU (and out) where loot boxes will be heavily regulated or banned will increase, and potentially it could become enforced law across the whole of EU if the European Courts decide to get involved. Second, legislation on showing chances of winning is country specific. In the UK I believe it is only applicable where the prizes are financial, i.e, fruit machines. The percentage will always be less than 100% as these devices are designed to make money. Third, percentage chance. It is the same each time, that's the way RNG, both physical and electronic work. Your chance of winning a ship does not increase with the number of crates you open, it is the same each time. Which ship you get depends on what you already have, so it will be a percentage chance based on the number available. Obviously Wargaming are not going to say if it's an equal chance or if it is another RNG against a pre-determined table. In the UK any raffle where the proceeds are not 100% going to a charitable cause (which in theory needs to be a registered charity) requires a gaming licence. Any lottery, 100 club, etc, where there are cash prizes, also needs one. Run one without and have a sore looser complain to the police and the the organiser will end up in court with a criminal record (and a slapped wrist having being told not to do it again). Note getting a licence is meant to be easy and presumably yhe limitations will be light (such as 18s and over only). I've not done this myself, but a friend has and is about to do it for a group we're in. On my personal experience. Last year I bought 1 of each box and got nothing, then got five boxes, I assume the large ones. From those I got 180 free premium and HMS Gallant, so was happy (at first was uncertain about the ship but liked it enough I had a lvl 13 captain before the RN DD event started). This year I got nothing much from the two freebies, got 2000 doubloons and some camo from 5 medium boxes so lost out (by my views). For some reason decided to go for 5 max boxes, got 2k doubloons from the first one, then ROMA from the second, and just signals/camo from the other two, so for me I'm happy - been playing the ROMA and enjoy her, even if the chances of hitting anything with the guns is lower than getting HMS Belfast from a loot box ;)
  10. dapprman

    Bug Reports

    Are other people still suffering graphics bugs such as game hangs? Before I had no problems, then like others I started to get screen hangs in battle. Since they have become a lot worse, to the extent it happens every battle. I've gone through the motions, and also the requests I've been given (such as running the game in safe mode and/or under admin privs), but now I'm just being asked to try the same things as before.
  11. dapprman

    Update 0.7.9 - General Feedback

    He got all 4 ships early on and were all standard crates - he was joking about it. As I said almost certainly coincidental, but never helps, especially when players like Cuchilo2 are getting none. Doesn't stop him getting crates and guineas, just some flags and camos (and for both of us) the 1 super container for the first two weeks.
  12. dapprman

    Update 0.7.9 - General Feedback

    I only said suspicious. Flamu had all 4 in about 6 crates, think Jingles was not much more.
  13. dapprman

    Update 0.7.9 - General Feedback

    Seems very random and others have remarked how suspicious it is that the regular YouTubers all seem to get all 4 ship missions within a few crates. I got the tier 5 ship mission on my 2nd or 3rd crate. Got the tier 6 one the next create I opened after playing the tier 5 ship (coincidental) - but that was about crate 5. Since then nothing and I've opened 19 so far. Assuming it's just been unlucky. As to not completing - it's only the entire set, you still move on and get your guinea and extra crate if you complete most of the non-RN DD missions, you just can't get the super boxes without a tier 7 or 8 RN DD.
  14. dapprman

    Bug Reports

    I've placed a ticket, with WGCheck file and now screen shot - game hangs are actually getting worse for me - from once every hour or so one 0.7.9 to every battle or so on Have tried the above posted tricks and the only thing that has helped (including reducing graphics settings) is playing with the screen Full Screen Windowed - the difference is before I had to reboot each time as it locked me out of my PC graphics wise, now I can kill the game and go back in - last time I crashed 3 times in the same battle. GPU usage is a serious issue - with reduced graphics settings I'm now running 70-80% GPU usage, when it hangs I'm spiking to ~110-130% ! (screen shot was added to my ticket update).
  15. dapprman

    What level ships does radar now start at?

    From above I suspect the Fiji started it's hydro as I'd just recently sunk their only DD in the area and it feared my torps and I just fell within it's range.