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  1. deifyer

    Hit confirmation

    Not really, as it still shows you where your computer thinks those shells hit, not server, this you can see from a zoomed view anyway.
  2. deifyer

    Hit confirmation

    I would like to have some sort of feature implemented that shows exactly where your shells land on the enemy ship. Something akin to WT killshot replay or a static image showing spots where your shells hit. Main reason for this would be the stupid server desync or lags, getting perfect salvos into enemy BB magazines or boilers but only dinging 1k or less dmg and never knowing why is getting annoying fast. With this feature we would be able to see where server thinks our shells land and at last we could make some proper adjustments, right now we have no idea if we are hitting the right spot and over-penetrating/ricocheting or actually missing our intended targets.
  3. deifyer

    Contact list empty after todays patch (3.1.3)

    +1 My contact list is empty as well after last patch..
  4. I'd rather see merchant convoys and their escort mission. Map(s) would need to be much larger though to give those slow ships a fighting chance. Also, convoy start locations should be randomized so less chance to just memorize the travel patterns. Would love to see the convoy scramble when getting under fire and to try and protect those ships in the following chaos
  5. deifyer

    The repair cost is too high for tier 8 ships and above?

    Then you must not take a single hit during those battles, let alone sink? I've yet to unlock T10 but already on T8 Amagi in a good battle where i make 180-200k(with around 60-100k dmg dealt) BUT get sunk i lose around half of that to repairs and ammo spent.. And since Yamato reportedly has 250k repair bill alone i don't think 40k dmg is going to cut it.Might be a bit different for other ship classes but not by much. Playing on lower tiers like 5 you can still make 120-180k per battle but the costs are way down. Currently though you must choose which lines to grind up and which to keep for cash farm because you lack slots, unless you are willing to spend some real money.
  6. deifyer

    How does 0.3.1. sounds?

    The idea was great but the actual voice used was bad quality and unbalanced, being much louder than other voice/sound effects... Here's hoping they will work on it and bring it back.
  7. deifyer

    The repair cost is too high for tier 8 ships and above?

    Which is why there is open beta test phase coming, wipe or not. Right now the focus SHOULD be on developing the game not checking how much dosh can fanboys throw at WG.Tweaking the market is a small thing compared to balancing different tiers/classes/nations, after all, WG has had WoT up and running for years from which to draw "inspiration" for WoWs economy.. Also, a lot of "premium" stuff like camo, consumables, ammo is still missing so kinda pointless to test the economy when you are still missing half the functions?
  8. deifyer

    The repair cost is too high for tier 8 ships and above?

    But currently in beta if you want to test different tier ships on more than 5 lines(and have time for that) you cannot do that and still maintain low tier(s) for the simple reason of not having enough port slots..For which you need to lay down some cash, and in a beta state of the game where progress will be wiped anyway this is a bit ridiculous .. For that matter, you can't even test all the current lines simultaneously without reaching for your wallet.. And don't start reasoning that you will get the coin again when you get to obt, maybe i don't like the direction this game takes half a year from now and don't want to continue playing. Putting in cash now when the game is still in development is not an option for me, no matter how small the amount. Setting up paywalls while the game is still in testing is just wrong.
  9. deifyer

    Game jerky after update.

    Might not be the load times are longer but the countdown has been shortened? I too was getting in at the beginning of the countdown pre 0.3.1 and now i only have ~5s to get ready, but the load time seems the same. The game is stuttering like crazy for me as well though, running 50-70fps and ~60 ping and sailing is really annoying thanks to that.
  10. Platoons work like in WoT i think, i've seen t3 ships in t8-10 battles when they platoon with higher tier ships. But you don't need platoons to spot weirdness, matches with a single CV in battle, lone t9 ships dropped into teams with the rest of the ppl being 6 or lower, battles where no CV, DD present(8 BB 4 CA i've had) and so on. MM doesn't screw up too often but enough to notice, just like in WoT.
  11. deifyer

    Mutsuki Gun nerf?

    But unless you upgrade the hull you will not get the upgraded guns and the stock are even worse, with 45s default turnrate... T8 Amagi BB has better. With that speed the number of guns does not matter since any US destroyer, cruisers or even BB would eat you up with ease when you drive in a straight line to train your guns. Devs should stop pushing for realistic historical(somewhat) stats in a game that is far from it and focus on balance.. in this case giving IJN DDs a bit more competitive guns.
  12. deifyer

    Japanese Officer speaking american english?

    Will probably see that down the line/after release like in WoT, there different languages also came years after release. It wouldn't be priority anyway, better have devs focusing the little attention they have on balance and new features. ^^'
  13. deifyer

    Mutsuki Gun nerf?

    WG shaved few sec off torpedo reload and figured unless you nerf the guns again they are too OP compared to the US ones..
  14. Is it just me or have things actually gone worse after 3.1 patch? Still less ships on one side, still carrier imbalance, either different tiers or CV lacking in one team altogether. We have 8k players during peak hours, is it too much to ask to get proper battles in all tiers, not forcing t4 into t6-7 fights and so on? This is a beta, pretty sure we wont keel over and die if we need to wait a minute longer for a proper MM...
  15. Well.. if after few hundred battles you are unable to lead properly with 60-80% accuracy this game will turn really boring anyway so.. Even post-aimmod the only real thing ruining great initial volleys is RNG =/