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  1. smifffy6

    penalty points

    so getting shot at and then being rammed is ok thats handy for future reference
  2. smifffy6

    penalty points

    i was penalised 121 siver and 1 xp
  3. smifffy6

    penalty points

    i wish someone can explain how a player in my team who is already pink opens fire on me then cuts across ny bow and i am penalised for it . this was no accident and the player was reported . The player although he fired apon me i never retaliated
  4. smifffy6

    Warship Projects - British Royal Navy

    Its such a shame that this game is called WORLD of warships and yet continues to exclude the british Royal navy which at the start of ww2 was the largest in the world come on wargaming lets see some real history and bring in the british !!!! please