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  1. I think this is a good solution, we keep the Friesland as is but still get the option to trade for the Dutch tree version. IDK what I'll choose, I have a 13pt captain for EU ships but the issue is that the Friesland does not benefit from torps skills, and would rather have AFT. The Groningen will use a cruiser captain which is more convenient regarding skill trees. If you want to grind the Dutch cruisers, I think trading the ship would be a good idea, unless you are a collector and want to get both :)
  2. 100x +50%xp flags, well I have 5 or 600 of them now somehow I earn more than I spend so I'm set fot the next couple years
  3. Why would you have 1 account per nation ? that is quite ineffective isn't ita lot of constraints and split resources, for the small benefit of duplicated freebies ? Still need 2 days to get my SC !
  4. meuhbat

    Yamato eats 10 Daring Torps.

    The Yamato has 55% torpedo damage protection in the central section, and the damage saturation mechanic also halves the damage when the bow or aft is saturated, so you can't kill it that easily with torps !
  5. meuhbat


    You don't like flying ships ?
  6. meuhbat

    Alabama, Lenin or Kii?

    NC is a good ship, the guns have a better sigma (2.0), she has an improved heal 0.66%/s as well. If you want an US BB and you can wait a bit, a black friday Massa would be the best pick imo. If you want to get one now, it seems that Lenin is the best choice, but I didn't play it.
  7. meuhbat

    How to switch servers between EU and NA?

    @FixCVs_Nautical_Metaphor maybe you should hide your email address in the top left corner under your account name
  8. meuhbat

    Friesland moved inclusive Captain?

    Bumping the question. I have a Friesland, got a 12pt commander for it that is trained for Vasteras but I don't play the DD line, what is going to happen when the Friesland is transfered to new Dutch nation ? I don't want to level a new captain to play the ship... WG could add the Dutch cruisers in the pan-EU nation, that would be easier for everyone. Otherwise I hope we can choose to transfer a commander with the ship, or they make Friesland playable with Dutch AND pan-EU commanders. Any news ? I saw a topic on NA forums but no answer from staff.
  9. Maybe the objective was to improve performance on low-end PCs, rather than improving quality with a perf hit ? they should give us a choice.
  10. meuhbat

    Please bring back Enterprise

    Hello, you can get the Enterprise in the wonderful Satan Crates with an amazing drop chance of 0.0000000001% ! Best regards, WG marketing dpt
  11. meuhbat

    reward / punishment from last to 1st

    More reward for staying alive last ? Don't you think the sniping camp-fest is already bad enough ? How does that promote team play and smart risk taking ? That would be 100% selfish.
  12. So basically it is a mod to force the aim lower than where we naturally want to aim, to reach underwater citadel more frequently ? Can't I, like, just aim lower ? How is it an exploit ? does it fk with the standard auto-aiming mechanism ?
  13. meuhbat

    Brawl. Fun or f-ck?

    I tried it too, had some success with Mogami 4 wins 1 lose, the torps are very powerful. Then I tried a CV game and apologized to the Kii I met because he couldn't do anything and the game was over with 2 waves of TBs. And I'm a garbage-tier cv player. I don't think they should be included in 1v1...
  14. meuhbat

    More carbon copy premiums incoming.

    Yeah they will remove top hulls and replace them with 5G antennas that spread the virus to your crew, and you will buy a premium vaccine, it's all a conspiracy dude, thanks for alerting