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  1. Nephilim

    TO WG regarding the radarsituation

    current radar is goddamn stupid. Stupider still is player base that doesn't adjust to it. CL & BB still expect DD to cap in 1st 2 mins and be their spotter whores and most DD are too stupid or set in their in ways and do just that. I play mostly DD and don't rush cap and as result get trolled and reported by the superbly talented team players 15KM~25KM behind me. Problem is still passive non team players and not anything less as well as WG rewarding them for watching pornhub for 15 mins while everything dies before they press W
  2. Nephilim

    Rank season 9 Discussion

    I found that the tier 8 games were pretty fun, some really good teamplay and individual players. The DD players seemed to be good, cruiser players excellent and BB players dreadful, BB play on the whole was bow tanking while going backwards irrespective to what was happening on the map. When you had a good player from a known clan who gave instructions, people did follow and over powered teamplay ROFLstomped the enemy. Shout out to HAMI in particular. Unlike other seasons I didn't see any afk and everyone had camo on. I couldnt do anything with chappy as it was citadeled from every angle, had some lolgames with secondary bismark but played mostly in LoYang. Highlight was players in their new shiny arsehatio trying to torp CL and DD. TierX has been pretty awful, players much more toxic. I understand cagey play but everyone now seems to want just save their own skin. BB players now seem a little better, CL a little worse and DD pretty poor. I'm still playing DD and find myself unsupported alot. Campy players not supporting DD and then whining when their DD die "I always get the crap DD on my side, all report that tard" every third game. Chugging away in Yueyang mostly. RNGesus 16k lol hits from BB not fun and even the seagulls have radar.
  3. Nephilim

    Another patch, another bug fest

    I had the same earlier, hindenburg on minimap 14km away not rendered in game. ships in front and behind him rendered fine. i dont think it was a minimap bug as he was blasting away at team mates
  4. It is indeed bloody awful and missions have made it worse, my tuppence worth ; 1) My brother has recently joined the game (3 weeks) and last week got both a KII and Gallant in super containers (despite 10k games i've never had a ship from one, i was very *cough* pleased for him). He's learning but in reality its going to be a while before he Gits Gud. Despite not knowing how to play he could merrily ruin your game as top tier at 8 or get insta nuked up tiered to 10. Now apply this to Tirpitz owners x 10,000. 2) Many tier 8 up tiered players don't know how to play in Tier X. How many games have you had where last ships alive are full health tier 8 BB's sailing around at the back of the map. Its like they go from tier 8 beasts to eunuchs, can you citadel a tier x with a tier 8, sure, but instead snipe at max range with RNG dispersion. CL seem to "screw you MM and just yolo", CV attacks the minotaur and DD sails to edge of cap and smokes himself awaiting incoming wall of skill 3) With all the flags and camo its too easy and quick to get to high tier, with little effort your at tier 8 not understanding the line at all, see 4 4) Me & CV - I only recently started playing CV as I'd done the other lines to X. I suck. I could only learn to strafe at tier 6 and with all the exp stuff BAM i'm at Tier 9. Luckily i'm in a clan and can seek sagely advice or sit in my pants sipping a beer watching carrier guides on younoob. see 5 5) Players not in a clan. See above.....now I'm not saying all non clan players suck balls or even that clan players are the dogs bollox. More often that not these lonely individuals start out lousy and get to high tier plain awful. No one has helped them, they don't understand teamplay. Many don't seem to want to play a match well and get say 5000xp, they would rather click battle die in 2 mins and repeat. For them playing 50 battles and getting 100exp is the way. EG - me to another player - u have no camo on yr DD, DD - I no need, i have captain skill.......this weekend a tier 9 player - "why are some players pink?" 6) Missions - Players playing to do missions and not to win the match they are in. eg DD sailing around edge of map to be "first to spot blah blah". 2 weeks ago in a tier 9 match our neptune yolo'd straight toward enemy and died within 2 mins because he had a mission to spot something in a british ship. Now if this neptune dude only has a neptune this is probably the only way he can do it, screwed the team out of a top tier ship (we lost) and really WG is encouraging this. 7) Ever had a game where there is no DD ? They do rarely occur and when they have every time in memory the team just blobs up in the middle, no one caps, no one will take a hit. Eventually someone will go as bait and no one will follow until he gets nuked because there is virtually no team play in this game. 90% of times Its just a random selection of predominantly window lickers, 12 a side, bored of watching cartoons, learning the alphabet or counting to 14 on their 7 fingered hands. 8) Tier X is end game mentality. Its not endgame its just tier X. "i hope game play is better at tier X". Its not, its worse. It's full of clueless morons doing stupid things, cowards preserving HP, kill stealers (not to be confused with kill securing), [edited] ego's (im tier x thereby y'all my b!tch minions). Tier X BB play is usually spawn, press S, watch team die and then farm kills from damaged enemy for 3 mins while being focused. Call team newbs as you have 4 kills. That's enough for now I'm starting to get a bit cross and want to rant
  5. Nephilim

    Finally got a supercontainer.....

    I've played since beta and never had a ship out of a SC. My brother started playing 2 weeks ago and got a KII and a Gallant outta SC this week. I was really pleased for him
  6. Nephilim

    ANV Recruiting

    Hi Peeps We're predominantly a UK clan looking for new English speaking members >21 years old with more than 1000 matches. Understanding of Scottish speakers would be helpful as we seem to have a fair few raving ginger lunatics shouting "FREEDOM" all the time. All we ask is that you come in teamspeak during prime time. No application forms or probationary periods or any of that gobshite. Send me message in game and i'll invite you in. You must be thick skinned as the banter is relentless. We have all the clan buildings and were a gnats whisker off the Top League in recent CW.
  7. Nephilim

    Daily mission madness

    This was an awesome mission should have more. Had the best time in Belfast/Fiji/Atlanta Division....More Please !
  8. Nephilim

    Empty Thread

    bumpy wumpy
  9. Nephilim

    Des Moines VS Minotaur

    Moscow is my fav by far, tanky and laser shells Minotaur - focus fired by enemy like no other, random shell in your smoke and yr dead. Fire 8 million shells in a battle, get 50k dmg, awesome torps Zao - Great for DoT and fab torps when needed but dull to play Hindy - great all rounder Des Mos - Great for shooting down planes that CV wont send anywhere near you, slow high arc shells make hitting reliably beyond mid range diificult
  10. Nephilim

    Empty Thread

    To improve AA you can angle your ship like this
  11. Nephilim

    Empty Thread

    Just to make this nautical with master bates, seaman staines and roger the cabin boy
  12. Nephilim

    Empty Thread

    nothing to see here
  13. Nephilim

    Amazing Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Pretty underwhelmed, I know free crap is free crap but hoped for a little smile , not even a slight stirring in my gentlemens area for this haul 2 x crappy utter poop ZOMG not these again spotter plane module 1 x 50K free exp 1 x meh radar module 1 x crappy damage control module 25 x s'ok i s'pose wynern flag 100 x *sigh* november echo seventeen 1 x meh hydro module 50 x WOWA camo 50 x Restless Fire camo 2 x *rolls eyes* def AA module 100 x "trolled" Equal speed charlie 50 x "too lazy to rename" Halloween camo
  14. Nephilim

    T8. Losing Money.

    Buying prem camo is pointless unless you gonna keep the ship...........and Edinburgh is a downgrade from Fiji as MM will [edited]rape you over and over. Also RN CL are focus fired more than anything as they are a floating citadel and an easy kill. When you are uptiered and spotted every BB will shoot you from all over the map ignoring other ships 1mm away from them, 1 RNGJesus AP shell hits and its 1/2 your health. You would of been better off buying a lower tier premium ship and a month or premium time. In ranked which I sucked at I made around 15M creds or more just playing shinnynommynommy
  15. Nephilim

    Detonation by Torpedo...

    Actually torps are a problem in that they don't sink BB's enough, many times have hit BB broadside with 4 or 5 torps at once and BB just presses magic "I heal all flooding and all fire" magic button followed by magic heal. BB's should get critical damage and sink when hit by many torps at once. This week put 7 torps into broadside of Yam in 1 salvo from Z-46, all low rolled for around 50K total damage. No ship should survive so many torps at once