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  1. superdeluxe

    So no Alaska in 8.0?

    Actually, I think his mistake comes from the fact than in physics, initial velocity is recorded at t=0. Which means as soon as movement begins. So maybe in his mind, propellant gas was already pushing the shell at 900m/s right from the start, in the barrel. This is why I told him that what is labeled in-game initial velocity is in reality muzzle velocity. Actually, in our case, initial velocity of the shell is 0m/s and muzzle velocity is 900m/s. He is maybe studying physics, and is confused because of the way the game is incorrectly labeling shell velocity here. See? He is confused because game calls it initial velocity. Since initial velocity is mesured at t=0, he thinks that shell is already at 900m/s while in the barrel and more acceleration will happen. He could have then check real IRL values and realize than what is displayed here is muzzle velocity.That's why I gave him Bismark main gun IRL muzzle velocity values to compare and realize it's the same as WoWS "initial velocity".
  2. superdeluxe

    So no Alaska in 8.0?

    You know that what is labeled initial velocity in the game is actually muzzle velocity. You know what is muzzle velocity right? Stop reinventing ballistic mate, there is no magical force applied mid-air to shells that accelerates them and double their velocity or cut in half the flight time... The only acceleration happening is mostly inside the barrel when gas pressure is applied to the shell. When shell is in the air, nothing comes to accelerate it anymore. To the contrary, gravity and air drag are reducing the velocity. Example: IRL, Bismarck main gun has a muzzle velocity listed as 820m/s. 10km requires a 4.9° elevation. Striking velocity is then 641m/s. Shell doesn't reach 10km in less than 5 seconds. In-game, Bismarck main gun has also a initial velocity listed as 820m/s. Shell reach 10km in under 5 seconds. You can test it yourself ingame or check this chart: Shell Flight Time The explanation is well known. The game is scaled. If you take distances or the scenery as the reference, then ships are 2-3 times bigger than they should be, planes and ships are going 2-3 times faster than their listed speed, and shells travel 2-3 times faster than listed velocities. Or to simplify it: time is going twice as fast as IRL. Now you may understand my joke about WG and time...
  3. superdeluxe

    So no Alaska in 8.0?

    This reminds me when in 2014, someone from WG told us on forums that Cleveland would change tier. Only happened 4 years later. And in this game, a 900m/s shell only takes 5 sec to reach 10km distance (yeah I know: scale). So you know, with WG and time related questions... :p
  4. superdeluxe

    My thoughts on this CV rework.

    I agree with you about the problematic speed of planes, because... I also disagree with you about their speed in-game compared to historical values. They can't be close to historical in-game because of game scale (you know that thing that makes a 900m/s shell reach 10km in only 5 seconds). Main problem is scale not mapsize. Let's just take your own example: Planes are able to attack ships in under a minute. Considering you at least spawn at a minimum of 20km distance from the opposite fleet (it's more actually, but let's just see with just 20km), that means they do 20km in less than one min, so that's make at least 1200 km per hour, right? Even the F8F Bearcat as good as this superb climber was, it didn't go much faster than around 650-700 km/h iirc, and this is without any loadout. Same for F4U Corsair. Now give them 10 HVAR rockets, you just added at least 600kg, with a max loadout of 20 rockets that's 1.2 tons, they 'll never reach that max speed. Not even talking about bombs and torpedoes planes: Skyraider can't go faster than 600 km/h, with no load. They could take as much as 3 tons worth of bombs, but again their speed would obviously be a lot under the 600km/h mark. So game says Bearcat have a 238 knots speed... That's 440 km/h. But they manage to do at least 20km in less than a min? That's a minimum of 3x too fast. Considering game scale it is probably ok in terms of numbers, considering historical values that just nonsense. And I took 20km as an easy under estimated reference, with best US planes as an example. So yeah, planes speed description might be close to IRL values, but in-game planes actual speed is at least twice (probably more like three times for a loaded plane) as fast as IRL because of scale. So like I said, While I disagree about their actual speed compared to IRL, I do agree their speed is a problem. They are so fast they come like unlimited and 100% uptime afterburners post-war unloaded jets. Whether you sail in pre-tier 7 battle of Jutland era battleships or post tier 7 "fast" WW2 battleships, that's lol. Now, WoWS is an arcade game. So we don't care if their actual speed is not related to historical speed and we can't do much about mapsize (or else a game would last hours). But balance wise, it's problematic imo, because their insane speed make them able to harass/spot a ship with a 95% uptime over a game. But that is just my opinion, nothing more. TL;DR: - Game description of planes speed is probably historical. - In-game planes actual speed is not historical at all. - In-game planes actual speed is ok considering game scale. - In-game planes speed is problematic for balance purpose. [Edit]: Before anyone says anything like L2P etc, I have no problem fighting CVs, I just find the planes speed as balanced and immersive as pressing 'F' to instantly make planes immune to dmg and go back to the CV.
  5. superdeluxe

    Update 0.7.5 General Feedback

    That's the WOT page. http://wiki.wargaming.net/en/World_of_Warships actually sees no player online as it should.
  6. superdeluxe

    Arrêter d’être une moule

    Encore une fois, quelqu'un devra confirmer ce que je dis. Mais a mon epoque, SE pour les HP, en BB ca valait pas le coup. Parce que genre meme en T10, ce que ca peut te donner est annulé par 1 ou 2 obus, meme pas. La ou, une bonne partie de la meta repose sur ne pas etre vu = zero dommage. Les builds dits "Stealth" c'est classique pour les BB. Les HP supplémentaires c'est surtout bien en DD, qui ne peut recevoir qu'un nombre limité de degats, la, ca peut etre la diff entre vie et mort. Sur un BB, vu le nombre d'impacts que tu vas recevoir, c'est pas 3500 hp qui feront la difference. La furtivité elle peut te permettre de ne pas etre focus des le debut de game, de ne pas te faire harceler de trop de loin, et accessoirement, de voir avant d'etre vu et donc de decider quand et comment va se passer l'engagement initial contre un autre navire.
  7. superdeluxe

    Arrêter d’être une moule

    J'ai pas jouer depuis des lustres, donc je suis pas tres au fait des changements de mecaniques in-game. Cela dit, en matiere de penetration, tu dois avoir a l'esprit l'over-match. Une regle qui emule une situation dans laquelle, le calibre d'un canon est si important qu'il perce le blindage, peu importe l'angle. Le ratio a garder a l'esprit est de 14,3:1 (enfin c'etait le cas a l'epoque). Pour faire simple un canon hypothetique de 143mm et plus, percera un blindage de 10mm et moins, peu importe l'angle d'attaque de l'obus a l'impact. Bon dans ton cas, sur un Bretagne, y a bien un renfort de 150mm a la ligne de flottaison, mais au dessus c'est du 19mm (proue et poupe). Donc bha voila, 19x14,3=271,7. Donc n'importe quel obus de plus de 271,7mm de diametre, va penetrer le blindage exterieur de la proue ou de la poupe, peu importe l'angle, pour peu que ca passe au dessus du renfort de 150mm. Selon le navire, il se peut meme que l'obus continue sa route jusqu'a la citadelle et la perce de face. Ca peut etre le cas sur le Bretagne, si l'obus frappe sur la face (citadel athwarthship) plutot que sur le dessus (citadel deck). Le blindage de la citadelle de face est plutot restreint d'ou le renfort de 150mm au niveau ligne de flottaison pour empecher ca. Ca explique aussi qu'un Yamato over-match a peu pres tout navire qui se place "bow-in" dans l'espoir de devier des obus via la coque. Generalement les gros BB ont 32mm de blindage sur la proue, sauf exceptions comme le GK qui a 60mm par exemple. Sur un Republique, par exemple, il n'y aura pas d'overmatch de la citadelle, de face en tous cas, le blindage de etant de 235mm a 370mm. Par contre, peut y avoir une penetration standard de la citadelle et donc aussi un overmatch de la coque (32mm). Mon conseil: Pas la peine d'aller chercher un plus gros angle. Si tu angles plus, tu risques juste de recevoir plus d'obus, puisque tu offres plus de surface. Si, a un angle correct, t'es quand meme perçé au niveau coque de la proue, fortes chances que ca soit de l'overmatch, et un angle plus important n'y changera rien. Te faudra peut etre apprendre les valeurs de tes principaux concurrents, pour savoir qui peut ou pas overmatch l'autre. Exemple, le Bretagne avec ses canons de 340mm peut difficilement overmatch la proue du Konig (meme tier), il a du 19mm en proue aussi mais surtout et principalement du 150mm. A l'inverse, le Konig et ses petits 305mm (comparativement bien sur), eux percent plus facilement la proue du Bretagne, qui a aussi du 19mm et du 150mm en proue, mais le 150mm couvre beaucoup moins de surface. Si tu veux pas faire les calculs, tu peux t'amuser avec ca: Bow In calculator Et plus generalement l'overmatch, ca a de bons cotés et des moins bons. Avant l'integration de cette regle, on assistait a des trucs un peu debiles, si je me rapelle bien sur l'alpha, duel entre mon Yamato et un autre de face tous les 2, on arrivait pas a percer la coque (bounce dus a l'angle) et on devait se finir a base de tirs dans la structure deja completement saturée de dommage :( D'un autre coté on assiste maintenant a d'autres trucs un peu particuliers: genre le 460mm du Yamato overmatch les coques de 32mm, mais le 457mm d'un Conqueror lui ne peut pas (32 x 14,3 = 457,6), tout ca a cause de 3mm de difference sur le diametre de l'obus ! En ce qui concerne ta progression, j'ai un avis un peu different de mes camarades en general, je joue tout, sans jamais me specialiser. Ca me permet de connaitre en partie tous les types de gameplays et de connaitre mes ennemis du moment. Avec quelques games, tu comprends comment un navire se joue, ses points forts et ses points faibles. Du coup quand tu rencontres un ennemi, tu sais quoi faire pour le mettre en difficulté tout de suite. Par exemple, joues une ligne DD, fais suffisament de games pour etablir des strategies d'attaque/fuite/feinte/harcelement/cap qui fonctionnent. Puis quand tu seras en BB, ayant l'experience ce qui marche ou pas, tu pourras anticiper ses mouvements et ses phases d'attaque, et rares seront les fois ou tu seras touchées par des torpilles... Pas la peine de faire 10k games pour avoir saisi le jeu. J'ai genre 1k games sur la release (+3k games cumulées sur alpha/beta) et mon Winrate n'a jamais bougé et je joue DD/CL/CA/BB meme en jouant 1 semaine tous les 6 mois. Bon, on va se mentir non plus, a 10k games, tu seras probablement plus performant qu'avec 1k games, bien sur. En attendant les 10k games, bha explores! tu seras ptete pas au top sur une bataille en particulier, mais a force ton niveau global va s'ameliorer. Désolé pour le long pavé et les digressions diverses, mais j'espere t'avoir aidé en tous cas a comprendre le pourquoi du comment tu prends cher meme si t'es a un bon angle dans ton Bretagne... PS: Tu devrais suivre l'invitation/conseil de Verdandi_ C'est simple: l'awareness et la lecture du jeu > n'importe quoi d'autre. Hors ca s'acquiert avec de l'experience. Et la, t'as un capitaine experimenté qui peut te faire profiter de la sienne. Y a franchement pas meilleur moyen pour booster ton niveau general. Hesites pas et profites de son offre!
  8. superdeluxe

    Make CL Cleveland Premium version

    First time I read that was in 2014 during alpha test. 2 full years later, Cleveland has been heavily nerfed, but still no US CL tree in the horizon. I wouldn't count on the Cleveland being moved soon. World of Helicopters or World of Submarines might be released before it happens :p
  9. superdeluxe

    I need to vent at N00Bs.

    Really? Because if I read again your post, I can see words like "n00bs", "morons", "clown", "cretin" and "idiots". Your words, not mines. I now think you also have trouble understanding the concept of respect. And btw, everyone here say you were wrong, the game rules say you were wrong, the game said you were wrong and punished you. At some point, you must realize that if you are the only person thinking otherwise, you may be, in fact, wrong. Telling you, that you were wrong and not supporting you, doesn't make us trolls or bullies. Quit that "I'm persecuted" attitude, it doesn't work. It will fool no one. Facts are facts, you teamkilled someone, you have been punished, period. Actually i'm the one that said he had 3k battles in PvE, but in the same post, also said I wasn't judging his skills and didn't say anything about his performances. Just told him that 5 bot kills was not something you can brag about...
  10. superdeluxe

    I need to vent at N00Bs.

    Seriously. You are the troll. Stop with the persecuted attitude. You made a mistake, you were wrong. Accept it and be done with it. People are not trolls or bullies just because they say you are wrong, when you are wrong. Nobody will come here and post "you did the right thing". Despite what you think, you still not have a valid point. What you did was not allowed by the game rules and you've been punished by the game. Period. And frankly, you have around 2950+ games against bots, is one game with a teammate firing at you the end of the world? So your post was offensive and rude, at least to someone. You doesn't seem to understand that rules apply to all. Just because you think you have reasons doesn't allow you to bypass rules, here or ingame. Stop asking the "staff" like you say to come and help you, remember, you are the teamkiller, you're the one breaking the rules in game and being rude here about the guy that fired on you... No one is supporting or defending him. But no one will support you for killing him as well. when will you understand that? It's time to start using your brain and think a little dude...
  11. superdeluxe

    I need to vent at N00Bs.

    He is not new. He mostly plays PvE, nearly 3k battles in co-op. 5 bot kills... Not a great feat. In PvP you played 2 battles with it, 3k dmg average, no kills. Not saying anything about your skills. Just saying 5 bot kills, does not make you a good player.
  12. superdeluxe

    I need to vent at N00Bs.

    Kiwi1960, on 01 January 2017 - 03:09 AM, said: Stop being a troll. The n00b fired first, but you're making it all my fault... Sadly, you took the bait and got punished for it. That guy triggered you by firing at you and you answered by killing him. He won, you lost. Rules are rules. You're not allowed to fire at a teammate, doesn't matter if he started first, you're still not allowed to do it. It seems in your mind, you had some right to do justice all by yourself, but in reality, you had none. You can call people trolls because they disagree with you, but they are right, you were not allowed to kill him, and that's a fact. The "but he fired first" is not a valid excuse, never have been, never will be. We all have been teamkilled or received friendly fire, yet we don't do justice ourselves like you did. Sadly for you, the fact is, it does work that way. Game rules punished you. Right? Maybe your vent was legitimate, but killing that guy wasn't legitimate. Don't expect people to agree with you on that. Nobody is gonna post "good job" about what you did to this guy. Accept it. You can report the player, you can make complaints, but... you cannot kill him because he fired at you. No matter what you think of it, this is how it works.
  13. superdeluxe

    Hunt for Graf Spee. missing missions !

    He is right. Just started doing that campaign, got all 3 pins today (the 28th) then did the last unlocked task. Now doing second step. Nothing prevents you from doing anything after the 27th.
  14. Oue je suis pas joueur de Darkest Hour, mais par contre je suis un acharné de HoI2 et Hoi3 et des campagnes avec le Japon j'en ai fait et refait. Effectivement c'est un classique le 3-steps du Japon, Chine pour manpower, Asie du sud pour petrole et caoutchouc, et enfin un coup net et fatal aux USA dont il doivent ne jamais se relever ou risque de perdre la game au final.
  15. T'as tout a fait raison, je vais pas te contredire la dessus et personne ne les a reduit a simplement "celles qui vont le plus loin". Et j'ai bien dit que c'etait des merveilles, et que c'etait indiscutable, c'est pas moi qui vais cracher sur les type93 niveau perf techniques... Par contre, les japonais OP techniquement? Peut etre, mais pas les destroyers en tous cas... Les japonais ont tout misé sur le "range" (torpilles y compris) pour contrer les BB US, et jamais n'ont pu mettre leur strategie en application. Du coup la formidable Long lance, elle a pas eu un impact enorme, pas autant que la campagne américaine contre les lignes maritimes commerciales/de ravitaillement, sans doute la plus reussie au monde, puisque peu ou pas de radars, et pas de sonars avant fin 1942 pour contrer les americains. Une flotte qu'a pas un seul sonar pour ses escortes a l'entree en guerre c'est tout sauf techniquement OP. Pareil, les conduites de tirs optique japonaises contre les conduites de tirs americaines guidées au radar c'est pas OP techniquement non plus, a un moment on se doute que ca pardonnera pas. Autant la flotte japonaise en 1941 est peut etre la plus puissante flotte au monde, autant quand on se prepare 20 ans a des batailles qui n'ont pas lieu, ca a des consequences. Enfin je veut dire, les destroyers autant ils etaient bien préparés et entrainés a combattre la flotte et les BB US, autant les sous-marins americains etaient "free" tres longtemps. Oui les Long lance, sont inconstestées et perfectionnées, mais derriere, tout le reste qu'a pas suivi, ca a couté cher. Beaucoup plus cher, que la vingtaine de "kills" a laquelle la type93 Long Lance a participé d'une facon ou d'une autre. Il est de notoriété publique que leur shipping line a morflé severe, a cause de destroyers, pas useless, mais inefficaces tout du moins. C'est con quand on engage une guerre, entre autre, pour des histoires de ressources (le japon avait des reserves pour 2 ans au moment de l'embargo US, 1 an max en cas de guerre). T'as beau avoir le "super-enhanced King Tiger 18 de la mort qui tue", si derriere a cause du budget, on te pete toute la logistique et que t'as pas d'essence, il fait pas grand chose ton char super technologique. C'est un peu pareil pour les Long Lance, bijou de technologie, qu'a jamais ete en position/situation pour faire la difference. C'est comme les V1, cousin eloigné du Kawanishi Baika japonais, prouesse technologique, oui, mais avec finalement un impact tres limité au niveau tactique, voir, strategique dans le temps, si considere le rapport efficacité/ressource. Le principe de strategie obsolete japonaise qui impacta derriere tout son supply, entre autre a cause de budgets alloués pas forcement ou il aurait fallu, c'est pas de moi, je l'ai appris a l'ecole. Ca fait longtemps, ok, mais je pense pas que ca soit des betises. Je suis pas un expert non plus de la Long Lance je raconte ce que je sais ou crois savoir, j'en parle et des destroyers en tant que fan, comme un passionné de base, si un pro me montre que la Long Lance ou les destroyers nippons, ca a fait la difference, j'en serais ravi, rien que par curiosité, j'ai pas de parti pris, bien au contraire