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  1. Merhandus

    AOBA needs an urgent and considerable buff

    My main issue with the Aoba is it feels like it has identity crisis, it trades a much needed 4 turret for a torpedo rack. Personally i almost never use those torps, it feels like it should be played like a long range brawler but the low hp and smaller dps makes the whole experience kinda meh.
  2. Merhandus

    alaska battlecruiser

    Lets see the Montana first before Alaska and then we can finally put to the rest the infamous Yamato vs Montana Debate.
  3. Something i have noticed on a BB, at 15km+ ranges the guns go completely skynet , 90% of the times the shells will splash all around the target with a 10% occasional hit. Now i dont seem to have the same issue when firing from a cruiser, the shells seems to behave less erratic. Is there some strange desync happening on the BB shells?
  4. Merhandus

    Ship names on the Tactical Map

    Since its the same engine, i think it will be the same.
  5. Merhandus

    USA battleships

    There is enough US cruisers to fill 2 lines, where is the brooklyn? atlanta being premium and not on the actual tree? Add all the paper designs and the tech tree will become very interesting.