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  1. Also, my beloved Arkansas Beta is now rendered obsolete, taken out of service and docked at the local naval museum. Especially in a battleship without AA, there is no hiding from carrier aircraft or out-turning their torpedoes.
  2. All this fuzz about carriers and how they work, but not a peep about how to best use your AA. And, considering the amount of non-carrier players, that may be of much more concern to most people.
  3. Tiger313

    General Feedback - Update 0.7.7

    @Rowboat_Cop: suppose so. :) @elmo85: I know, just figured I'd try see if I encountered the same problem.
  4. Tiger313

    General Feedback - Update 0.7.7

    @Rowboat_Cop: stops trying to connect after a few here, with a little message window stating: So might just be your computer?
  5. Exactly, Deckeru_Maiku! :)
  6. You are making the same error that most players make. The best counter to a battleship is a destroyer. The best counter to a destroyer is a cruiser. The best counter to a cruiser is a battleships. This is how the game is designed, and it is how roles should be divided in battles. (There are a few exceptions due to ship limitations, but those are very limited in numbers). Cruisers shooting battleships instead of hunting destroyers, often don't contribute positively to the match, as it takes them too long to kill one.
  7. Tiger313

    Update 0.6.10 Feedback - Bug Reports

    Getting this too. Added drawback is that I can invite people into my clan, but the invitation is not showing on their end. Not in-game, not as notification on the WoWS website itself. Try to invite the same person again and it says that person has an invitation to my clan already. Slightly annoying!
  8. RDF debacle? Whaddayamean? Players will always find something to gripe about. Just read the forums, it's full of it. And yes: guilty as charged.
  9. Tiger313

    I know why people [HATE] battleships

    Not going to happen because many people who do that would quit playing and that would mean a loss in income. WG is a business, it doesn't want income to decrease significantly due to the implementation of new game mechanics. Also, it happens regularly that you can win matches by kiting at the top of your range when you're ahead on points. Your suggestion would force you to get in close range, causing you to lose. So I figure you're a bit salty over losing a couple of matches in which friendly battleship players loiter at the edge of the map, but you can't win them all. Best thing to do in such a situation is to try educate them in a proper manner. (So not by calling them names or any of that.) If that doesn't work, then you really just have to suck it up. Better luck next battle.
  10. Tiger313

    Game disconnection for half the team

    Yup, was me in division with Glig69. I managed to get back in twice, only to be booted again the first time, and the last time just before game end. By then, others were b[beep!]hing about getting kicked by server as well. Don't need any compensation, just want the server running properly.
  11. Tiger313


    Yep;, TS Overlay did that to me too, and not only with WoWS. Not using it any more.
  12. Tiger313

    When having citadel is a disvantage

    Because your very big AP shells are over-penetrating. They go in one side, come out the other side. Not hitting any vital parts, just blowing a big gaping hole through the boat. That's what happens when you hurl a metric ton of metal at a couple of centimetres of steel plate at 800+ meters per second, you see. Rips clean through. Try HE shells at DD's for a giggle.
  13. Tiger313

    Increase credits earned or decrease repair/service!

    Just sell them with your ship, you get half the price back for it in credits. You can get the other half by playing a few rounds in the premium ships you said you bought. Then just buy a new module. Sure, may take a little while longer, but you see, you don't HAVE to pay doubloons if you don't want to.
  14. Tiger313


    Tirpitz scout plane is not attached to the catapult. It's sticking out over the water on the starboard (right) side of the ship Reproduction steps: Just look at it in port as well as in battle Result: No gamebreaking issue, but quite visual. Probably caused by a misplaced attachment point. Expected result: The scout plane model's attachment point needs to be fixed properly to the trolley on the catapult. Screenshot here: https://goo.gl/photos/2t9uXjYg3JGJKzBJ6 Forum software doesn't recognise the image address as an image file. Can't be bothered to set up yet another account elsewhere.
  15. Tiger313


    Why? So you can exit battle while loading and screw over your team? Just learn to deal with cyclones: you can use them as a great advantage, if you know what you're doing. I'd have expected a little better from an Odem Mortis member, to be honest.