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  1. German BB Accuracy

    I will take your word for that because this is obviously not your main account. Bbs oneshot cruisers across map only if they sail in straight line but even then it is down to rng. Also torpedos will never be reliable weapon agianst competent players regardles of buffs because they will always keep changing course. Yes IJN dds could get there torps buffed a bit and also nerf detection of some us dds torps (eg. Fletcher) so they are not better torpedo boats then IJN dds.
  2. German BB Accuracy

    I meant that 32mm part of belt. What over all i am saying is game somtimes behave wierdly.
  3. German BB Accuracy

    So go to Lesta and using stats rebalance german bbs. Good luck.
  4. German BB Accuracy

    that he thins that you can't overpen belt of bb. That statistic seems to be wrong especialy tier 6 all of them have too low winrate. Statistics also claim that Yorck is second worst tier 7 silver CA with is simply not true. Statistics are only stats. They don't show you reason, only numbers.
  5. German BB Accuracy

    If they nerf then they nerf them i dont mind i will grind them anyway just like i did my german CAs. I like chalange. That doesn't make any sense.
  6. German BB Accuracy

    TL,DR: Grass is always greener on the other side.
  7. German BB Accuracy

    It is too few for me i prefer to have atleast 100 battles to draw any conclusion but that is only for me. You can mesure it like you want but i thing that sub 25 battles statistic for can be highly inacurate. But do as you think. Anyway i am done with those essays.
  8. German BB Accuracy

    You should also drive german bbs first before you claim to be expert on them.
  9. German BB Accuracy

    Did you even read my post. Exocet6951 used my stats as some sort of argaument I only pointed out his hypocrisy with it. Gneisenau is aslo worse survival so his argumet that they take almost no citadels makes them indestructible or even op is laughable. With bad positioning german bbs gets punished just as hard as any other bb.
  10. German BB Accuracy

    My Fuso has same win rate and 2k less average damage than my Gneisenau so Fuso OP? Also German BBs are last bb line that I started so what a surprise i am doing bit better on them. Also mine 65% WR Gneisenau with only 23 battles really. Thats an argument? Why you also dont mention my 75% WR New York with 4 battles .
  11. German BB Accuracy

    15k on broadside bb with gneisenau or atleast 1 citadel is rarity so gneisenau is worse in such duel. They still can be citadeld i citadeld gneisenau with gneisenau so it is posible. Turn circle is measured on top speed soo no. Only Shhors is coparable with gneisenau. I have also several close quarters medals on Yorck, Hipper and Roon so they are also secondaries monsters or what? If you aer runnig away from persuing torpedo cruiser or DD you are also not helping your team to take caps. They can also just disengage. Also close quarters are just for last hit anyway. There ap overpen just as any other bb gun (except Konig). Bounces from turtleback result in regular pen most of the time just don aim at water line. I also like how you skiped how unreliable there guns when you can miss 3/4 of shells under 10 km. Don't take me wrong i dont think that german bbs are up but claims that they are without weaknesses that can be exploited are dumb.
  12. German BB Accuracy

    You obviously don't have any experiece with playing german bbs. Also you only ever complain about Battleships so it isn't surprising.