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  1. LeSnoet

    Roon and Hindy. Worth continuing?

    Hindy is a monster upclose. Can change the battle late game. Oh and it has built-in IFHE
  2. LeSnoet

    Super Container Loot Thread [ topics merged ]

    Those arent all SC’s you opened, right?
  3. LeSnoet

    IFHE on Atago a bad idea?

    I was always under the impression that the Hindy had built-in IFHE values. It works wonders on the Henri, both in random and CB. @OP I wouldn’t spend those 4 points on the Atago captain. Better take the overall cruiser build for IJN CA’s (PM, EL, EM, AR, SI, CE and perhaps AFT/MAA)
  4. LeSnoet

    Better rewards for DD

    My Mogador disapproves this topic
  5. LeSnoet

    Will you Reset in The Research Bureau

    No. It is just a stupid money sink. I would rather see they (WG) put more effort into the MM and the legendary modules. Also by the looks of Flamy PTS review the gains look really poor.
  6. LeSnoet

    First T10 ship

    This is probably the best setup for the Grozo.
  7. LeSnoet

    Whats the Good Builds/Playstyles for Jean Bart ?

    Take a tankbuild. It does have decent secondaries, however to make them work you also need IFHE. And imo that is a waste of 4 points that can be used efficiently on other more useful skills. Btw; if you have the coal resources, get the Honore captain. Nice boosts on EM and AR, useful skills for any French BB.
  8. LeSnoet


    Basically this
  9. LeSnoet

    Scharnhorst, Tirpitz and G. Kurfurst Brawling

    Why not PM?
  10. LeSnoet

    Kaga - knife edge balance

    I never attack red cv's, maybe in the endgame. But for me it is not a goal in itself. Enterprise does have more planes, but to me the rocketplanes from the Lexi tend to strike harder (but that is due to its HVAR rockets). Tried the TiTs as well, HVAR's are more useful for opportunistic gameplay. I think the Enterprise shines with its AP bombs @OP; Kaga is decent when has similar MM. When uptiered, just go for solo targets (except of course the famous historical Kremlin BB)
  11. LeSnoet

    Kaga - knife edge balance

    Actually I founded personally the Lexington better than the Enterprise. Especially when uptiered, the planes (appear) to be stronger.
  12. LeSnoet

    Where is the fun to play "Le Terrible" now ?

    You can stealth torp with Le Terrible. Use it to quickly ambush a target and then disengage with the superiour speed + reload booster while gunning down the target. But it isn’t a mini cruiser like the Tashkent, Khaba or the Haru.
  13. LeSnoet

    Where is the fun to play "Le Terrible" now ?

    It is a harasser. With 6.6 concealment, 8km torps and a speed of almost 55 knts (with flag and speedboost module) it is a blast to play. Oké the shell arcs arent that good, but with the reload booster you can seriously deal out some damage. But hey, maybe it isn’t meant for everyone. I like playing it.
  14. LeSnoet

    Tier IX for sale?

    That gives me nightmares