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  1. WoT had the issue of ‘gold’ ammo. Besides the ridicule deployment of papertanks (waffentragers and other fantasy tanks) its mapdesign was really bad. Not even talking about the dumb spotting system.
  2. Please explain; pay to win? Do I need to buy diamonds or something similar to unlock the next level? You are just crying in the woods amongst the other wolves.
  3. LeSnoet

    Help for Republique

    You need IFHE to make the best out of the secondaries. So you need to sacrifice CE, to get manual secondaries, aft and IFHE. Not to mention that you are skipping some other useful skills as well.
  4. LeSnoet


    PT? Bad idea.
  5. LeSnoet

    Atlanta.Is she still worth it in 2019

    No. Don’t buy it. Why? Because If you need to ask, then you are worthy enough for the Atlanta
  6. LeSnoet

    The Overpen mechanic. RNG or Skill?

    I gave up on AP and RNGesus
  7. LeSnoet

    State of Bismarck in current meta

    Ehm I value PM above PT, because you know when you are spotted you will be targeted anyhow. Besides, you want keep those rifles firing (and not waste repair on it if needed)
  8. LeSnoet

    Over-nerfed CVs

    I went back to tier 6 with the cv’s. More forgiving and actually more fun to play. Tier X battles can be either a complete steamroll or one big potatosalad (blobbing behind islands, BB’s only shooting at max range, not giving a f*ck about the objective at hand and just farming damage) In regard to spotting; before the rework CV’s used the fighterplanes to spot at times. No problem back then, right?
  9. LeSnoet

    Over-nerfed CVs

    This is so true. (However two tier X cv’s per side in a random game is just too much)
  10. LeSnoet

    The New CV Is the funnest, Best thing ever!!1!

    Or dropping sonar buoys
  11. LeSnoet

    The New CV Is the funnest, Best thing ever!!1!

    Unfortunately yes.
  12. LeSnoet

    The New CV Is the funnest, Best thing ever!!1!

    There you go again; personal.
  13. LeSnoet

    The New CV Is the funnest, Best thing ever!!1!

    Dude, you never know when to stop. If it isn’t the channel Battle discussions ingame, you found your way here.
  14. LeSnoet

    aa completely useless now?

    The amount of shot down planes is just an indicator. Look at the small white digits how much damage you accumulate on damage on planes. a more interesting figure
  15. LeSnoet

    aa completely useless now?