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  1. conductiv

    Overpen mechanic getting out of hand!

    as a cruiser player I can tell you, going broadside to a battleship at 10KM = your dead. going face first to a battleship at appox 6 = lose 20K HP. exceptions exist when the enemy BB is drunk..or for some unexplainable reason blabs his shells into the water in front of me. if you can get closer then 6KM away from a BB, use torps if you have them (and you better do otherwise why the hell are you so close to a battleship) and hope he can't aim low enough to hit the citadel...as now you actually have a chance he just overpens..you are still going to take like 10K damage in total..but at least you don't instantly cease to exist. at long range (14KM+) when angled you'll frequently be able to take only 3K damage per BB shell that connects, barring the odd "hit the sweetspot" citadel hits through the deck armor that take a third/quarter of your HP away. if he hits a broadside however, almost guaranteed "heavy damage" I havn't really seen this change in the time I've been playing WoWs...now in my experience with battleships, they do tend to spread a lot so getting devastating strikes off isn't that easy, but relative to cruisers...its a lot easier to land kills, carry games and do tons of damage as the AP is actually potent enough to plow through the front of a lot of ships, unlike cruiser AP that just becomes ricochet central the second the enemy is even slightly angled.
  2. conductiv

    Advice needed cause the misery continues

    I personally think using AP as your primary ammo would have given you more total damage and possibly killed off targets quicker, as a cruiser player I know that AP can paddle a cruiser from almost any distance and angle and a single lucky hit can cut my health in half...showing broadside to a battleship inside of 10KM should be an instant death sentence for a cruiser when facing a solid BB player. target selection, you want to remove firepower ASAP, as such it is generally better to go for DD's and CA's first, as torps and rapid fire guns can chew through HP fast, while these ships can usually be killed in a few salvo's themselves. you ignored DD's a few times while having HE loaded, while these torpedoboats can inflict devastating damage to you or your team. Damage on these targets also tends to "stick" as only tier 8-10's have access to healing skills (there may be a few exceptions by now, but in general T7 and below cruisers and DD's won't heal), making the damage more valuable. battleships have big guns, heavy armor and the ability to heal their considerable HP pool of most minor damage, it is important to get these assets into play as soon as possible. Your current playstyle seems too defensive, now there is a balance to be struck here, battleships are also slow and generally need time to recover, so you need an point of engagement where you can attack and take heat but not too much at once. and the "taking heat" is only useful if you have allies nearby that can use you as a distraction, or you are sure that you will get out of the exchange with the ability to heal most of the damage done to you..if going for a 1 v 1 slugging match. just to be clear...being more agressive does not mean you yolo in and eat a bow full of torps in the first 5 minutes. battleships tend to get "stuck" on a flank because they are so slow, but do keep eyes on the minimap to see opportunities to avoid getting flanked or getting flanks in yourself, armor becomes a lot less powerful when a full broadside is shown..this goes for enemy ships but for you as well. this is however a lot harder for battleships to do compared to destroyers or cruisers, and even then relocating takes a very large chunk of time. this is more in relation to the second game where your other flank was pretty much abandoned and you pushed into the 3 enemy battleships in front of you. you seemed to both miss the impending flank as you would get shot from your base and the front at the same time, and failed to realize that the enemy that was showing pretty much full broadside could be badly hurt for that mistake.
  3. conductiv

    DDs low Tier need to be changed

    having more time to avoid while being torped is a major advantage, but while my mid tier cruisers don't have access to radar to find the DD..many of them do have acces to hydro, (I play USN, IJN and KM cruisers) hydro is great when you do charge a destroyer because it will spot torps from a large distance and it has a very long duration for a consumable, but it doesn't actually help me find the destroyer unless I'm already extremely close, as such it still requires an isolated enemy...and its not the tool to engage the enemy destroyer from any form of safety. the tier 3 skill is also highly contested, cruisers tend to rely on their consumables and their high explosives, as such the tier 3 skills "superintendent" and "demolitions expert" become very desirable. I never picked "vigilance", as such I can't say if the 25% detection boost it grants is trivial, or if it is enough to basically become a "passive hydro" for torps only.
  4. conductiv

    DDs low Tier need to be changed

    OP's post aside, I was under the impression that it was a cruisers main job to..in absence of an enemy CV...to hunt and kill off enemy DD's. but in my experience playing cruisers in the 4-7 region, they have a hard time doing so. my observations: -you have the guns, but not the tools. the 152mm is a solid gun to engage enemy destroyers with..it has a high HE DPM and enough penetration that shots that hit tend to do a nice chunk of damage you also tend to have a good number of them. problem is getting those guns to hit the target...as in those tiers you don't actually have any tools to spot the DD unless you are at point blank range. (in general you rely on allied DD/CV to find the enemy destroyer) -have to move in late, early in the match you can generally find DD's in or near the cap...problem at that point is the heavy battleship support and the fact that cruisers can basically get deleted when exposed to their guns. so you can't push in as long as the enemy DD has support. -even if you catch a lone DD its not a done deal, cruisers are also remarkably fragile to DD HE spam. and almost all destroyers have smoke + high speed, giving them the option to disengage if needed...or worse, stall till they have support again, allowing them to use their smoke offensively. while cruisers do tend to have more guns and can deal more damage, they are also much bigger targets and easier to hit..destroyers can make themselves really hard to kill if they manage to shoot from the edge of their range.
  5. conductiv

    Issues with Secondaries not firing.

    next time before doing a whole new reinstall try and use the launcher to repair the game files, might save a bit of time.
  6. conductiv

    Issues with Secondaries not firing.

    did you accidentally hit the P key and disable the secondaries? I know its probably already checked...but you never know
  7. conductiv

    Bow Camping, autobounce, and HE/AP value

    plunging fire..based on the popularity of the strategy I'm not sure this is actually modeled sufficiently to actually be effective. the majority of shots I see being fired by enemies in battles and streams of various content creators are aimed for direct hits, never once have I seen a CC or an enemy use "plunging fire" Otherwise one would say that max range AP shooting with relatively slow shells against big targets like battleships would be relatively popular, as even 152mm shells maintain a 100mm+ penetration at max range, and most BB's have a 50mm or so armored deck. and unlike bow tanking, you cannot angle your deck against shots from above. AP tends to have a lot of negatives compared to its HE brother and could use a small buff, notably the smaller calibers. battleship AP however is the odd exception..since battleships have calibers so high that they benefit from overmatch against various targets, and have very high base penetration. this ends up removing the ricochet/bounce problems from a number of targets, a benefit smaller standard AP shells from CA/CL/DD do not share. HE damage is lower because the shell is much more reliable then its equivalent..because it does not care about angle or range, cannot overpen, can add DoT effects on top of dealing damage and every target you can shoot at has at least 1 area that the shell will inflict penetration level damage to that is always available to shoot at (initially at least, until this area is saturated). this is the reason "HE spam" is so prevalent.
  8. conductiv

    Manual secondaries and AA

    aiming the main guns on a BB, secondaries on a nearby DD, using the downtime to drop torps while dodging incoming planes and torps... I'm okay with having access to manually aim any of the guns...but if I'm controlling the main I want a somewhat decent bot to man the other "secondary" armaments.
  9. as far as I know, AP gets 0 dmg hits on module penetrations as well. so why would you be guaranteed ~3K worth of overpen damage if you had fired AP and hit the same modules? if you get overpen damage on everything if you hit with BB AP, but get pen or no damage with HE it becomes a bit wonkey....especially as BB's generally load AP and take a long time to switch ammo.
  10. conductiv

    Why this CV rework is FAIL

    it is important to deal damage, a major part of the fun in this game is shooting ships. however, as the CV is a relatively reliable damage dealer, you cannot give it a huge damage output...as it will then simply dominate the board. and if you make damage potent but very hard to land, you choke the influx of new players as you will get a very steep learning curve, on top of unicum lopsided games. so for now a major part of the class "scoreboard position" seems to be determined by DoT kills, and the ships ability to deal damage over a long period of time. this low overall damage per strike also means it won't be able to just nuke whatever attacks/spots it. as any power it can project in its defense..it can also project across the map..needless to say that if it can nuke a DD that chases it...it would also nuke the DD's during the opening stages of the game. and that would be fun for the CV...but also extremely detrimental to the game as a whole. it is a bit of a special class, I don't know what kind of player this class intends to attract, it may be the support player type.... in every case...its current iteration won't attract the power player.
  11. conductiv

    Why the game is devolving.

    you got little XP because all you did was cap their base...while it was the winning move, this does not automatically grant you top XP. This is because the game expects one to have to fight for it...not the enemy handing it to you and running off to god knows where and duking it out with your team. the game only really uses the caps as a means to force conflict should one side deliberately attempt to stall by hiding or running away.
  12. conductiv

    Why this CV rework is FAIL

    fresh potatoes starting the line is good, CV population is low compared to other classes, so it needs new blood influx. and the experience you see from the CV perspective is what I see from the receiving end...CV attacks are hard to dodge, luckily don't lead to instant death but they do eventually pile on the damage. And as a victim of the CV, there isn't really much you can do. I do see a clear difference in the skill of CV's though, newer CV players can outright miss a strike, and the more average ones miss the weaker pionts on ships dealing minimal damage. while experienced ones will land reasonable potent hits and will trigger the DoT effects on a regular basis. more experienced ones also lose less/no planes by avoiding the flak burst. 30K average for T4 isn't bad...yes you can do better in a cruiser or BB...probably a magnitude better..however, there is also a magnitude increase in chances you would be dead so I think the averages would be fairly similar. 50K+ average at tier 6 is more then solid, it tends to beat my cruisers and seems comparable to my battleship numbers. I do however have a feeling that the CV is intended more as a damage support then as a full on damage monster (aka intended more to damage targets that are already engaged with the team, increasing the takedown speed and allowing for wins with lower total damage) and utility tool box (scouting, defending and flushing enemies out, basically actions that if ships where to do them would require them to move extremely fast, be in extremely dangerous positions or be in very forward positions) as the planes can attack from angles not easily accessible by combat boats, and move across certain area's much faster/safer.
  13. conductiv

    Side effects of nerfing CV

    I can't think of any single ship of any ship type that has enough stopping power to take on all enemy bots in a operation.....its just too much raw HP to burn through.
  14. conductiv

    1 000 000 fxp

    flags, signals, camo, premium time and solid games... you can get the free exp part well over 1000% with this, and you can boost the pre-conversion EXP intake 2-3X as well. but it will still take a considerable amount of games (I dare say well over 100 games) so you will pay in a considerable amount of spend items, and grind time. however, there is nothing wrong with spending said free exp....its not going to do anything for you just sitting at your port.
  15. conductiv

    where is this player base heading to...?

    once I find the way to reliably win games, I will be an unicum...for now I have regular meetings with excessive amounts of enemies while completely isolated from my team because I decided to sail up the wrong flank...attemps a cap when the team is running the other way or engaged a (what I thought was) a lone enemy. cruisers also have an occasional meeting with a 300mm + shell fired from a different postcode that happens to plunge through the middle of the ship causing half HP damage, tend to eat torpedo soup when trying to decap a torpedoboat that really likes his smoke using state of the art hydroacoutstics labeled "detects enemy ships bigger then a literal barn when you are right on top of him" anyway...plenty of ways to get a meeting with the ocean floor while having good intentions.