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    Bug Reports

    Description: 1. Ship not moving in any direction despite GUI reporting speed change, rudder shift, etc. Ship will occasionally "lag" into moving in some form. 2. Unable to see ships that should be spotted, so can't shoot at enemy ships and unable to see incoming shells (only effect i.e. fire damage, etc). 3. Other ships on the team also visually appearing not to move, turn, etc. 2. Reproduction steps: Problems start the moment you enter the battle with no particular trigger. This has happened in the first two battles I've tried since the recent patch. I've re-installed the game, checked and repaired the integrity - no change. FPS seems unusually high (90-100) where it usually hovers around 80-85. Ping also seems unusually low (9-15ms) when it's usually 30-35ms. Could this be a network related issue? 3. Result: Pretty much as described above and the game at this moment in time is unplayable for me. 4. Expected Result: That the game plays like it did before the recent patch.
  2. Cown

    New Commander?

    I guess I'll find out in time :) I suppose if there is an event, it will probably begin around September time?
  3. Cown

    New Commander?

    Hi all, Ref: https://worldofwarships.eu/en/news/videos/who-is-that-commander/ Now that update 0.7.7 has been released, does anyone know when WG are going to release the undisclosed commander? I'm hoping for a Dasha commander for my Atago