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  1. Sturmtiger_304

    This is not the way to develop a game

    I always had a sinking feeling that WG was leaning towards this brand name for a good while now.
  2. Sturmtiger_304


    How did you get to T10 with 236 battles?
  3. Sturmtiger_304

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    So I wanted to rank out only in silver ships this season instead of roll face ez mode with the Payfast. And I regret so bad trying to do this in the Gneis, the main guns let me down so many times for important kills so I gave it up, and went for the Fiji. It's so nice having guns that actually hits where you aim, and most of my battles i camped near the centre cap for most of the battle, denying a lot of enemy points and making them make lots of bad decicions to flush me out. I think I got deleted once or twice of all the games.
  4. Sturmtiger_304

    effect of target lock on dispersion?

    It's basically a feature for people that can't be bothered adjusting with vertical and horizontal guidance when firing each salvo. The game does everything for the player. If you play War Thunder ships you will get what I mean. The lock-on also magically makes your dispersion about 30-40% better, becouse reason.
  5. Sturmtiger_304

    Upcoming Monarch citadel nerf

    If you make a mistake to broadside in a battleship, you should be punished for doing so. I guess you haven't played the North Carolina, or even better the Yamato yet?
  6. Sturmtiger_304

    What cosmetic changes would you pay for in the game?

    More ship horns, specialized camo(Like Mogami halloween) and in-game voice-overs.
  7. Sturmtiger_304

    Upcoming Monarch citadel nerf

    Nerf the stupid fire chance of the RN battleships, so we can all rejoice for a more healthy gameplay. But for now, I guess it's something. I don't mind the raised citadel, I think it's more stupid that you can get away with broadsiding in battleships anyway. <- Has Monarch.
  8. Sturmtiger_304

    Why is "Manual Fire Control for Secondary Armament" like it is?

    I see only people talking about Mikasa. Arkansas beta secondaries only or gtfo.
  9. Sturmtiger_304

    Ranked Sprint

    I guess...? What was the point of ranked sprints again? I don't see what's stopping WG from having ranked and CW active at the same time. And delete divisions from ranked, together with the irrevocable ranks.
  10. Sturmtiger_304

    Tier Ten no skill required (

    35% Hinden. I thought I've seen it all.
  11. Sturmtiger_304

    I'm absolutely rubbish, or so some say

    What's Gnu?
  12. Sturmtiger_304

    Current Sprint Season

  13. Sturmtiger_304

    Premium/Alternative ammunition when?

    How could you forget Premium Armor? It's only fair for everyone else to fork out more doubloons so they don't get shot by premium ammo. I think I'll pass on premium ammo, the concept of it reeks of EA and litterally brings nothing to the game.
  14. Sturmtiger_304

    ST: Inertia Fuse for HE shells and plating changes

    Or just nerf IFHE with 5/10%, and call it a day?
  15. Interesting. The idea is there, but the example buffs are way too strong at the moment for the training centre.