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  1. Sturmtiger_304

    Alternative to WoW?

    Naval Action if you want to go back 3-400 years in ships.
  2. Sturmtiger_304

    I like Mikoyan

    Mikoyan has better AP penetration values than some T10 cruisers, stop shooting HE and start citadelling battleships.
  3. Sturmtiger_304

    oh yay another launcher

    Hey, we all know WG has spyware installed in the launcher and can see what pr0n we're watching.
  4. Sturmtiger_304

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    I think I forgot to post this here, but I can't believe I ranked out in this turd at the end. Had such a massive loss streak with it the first 5 games.
  5. Sturmtiger_304

    oh yay another launcher

    Why are they posting old news on the main webpage? But I'll take the free ruble tokens from the article.
  6. Sturmtiger_304

    Stuck at rank 3

    Didn't really notice any good plays from any of the purple players. The most I saw was atlanta's farming my team behind a rock, or the enemy Sinop deletes our team with good rng at the start of the game. Belfasts wheren't that big of an issue for me, I also played many different ships this season. If I can suggest something for your Fiji playstyle, you don't go with your BBs. You follow your DD but you keep your distance like 4-5km. It's hard to put this in words, but I like to park behind, or close to islands with the rear almost facing the enemy battleships so I can easely avoid torpedoes and Sinops can't blindfire the smoke. At the same time you have an easy time to shoot their DDs->Cruisers->Battleships, in that order. Belfast or not. People don't realize how important DDs are when everyone is smoked up or behind islands.
  7. Sturmtiger_304

    Ranked Battles: the Sixteenth Season, general discussion

    I don't think you quite understand what I was implying, so I'm going to give you several more examples. Your team lost both dds in 4 minutes, your team has only one ship that can spot their dds, and he decided to yolo the enemy team 1v4. He gets 1 battleship and 1 cruiser kill, he also gets to save his star becouse your team had 0% chance to spot their DDs. Your team has no capture points, the battle is halfway done. The battleship at the other flank gets killed, the cruiser that was supporting him thinks: "the battle is over, we've lost, I'm gonna press W 4 times and do a lot of damage and reset cap for the best exp before I die." Meanwhile the rest of your team gets shot from the other flank and most of your team evaporates quickly. The cruiser got top exp and saves his star, not the rest of your team that tried to win. There are two BBs on your team, one of them doesn't run detonation flags, guess what happens? He dies within the first 2minutes of the battle and your other battleship says: "screw this, i'm gonna charge the cap and get someone before I die". He didn't get top xp, becouse he thought he did enough to save his star, instead of actually trying to win the game. And you still think the saving a star mechanic is good?
  8. Sturmtiger_304

    Ranked Battles: the Sixteenth Season, general discussion

    The save a star mechanic sounded great when it was first announced, but after the 1st season with it the drawbacks where highly obvious; people start seeing their team is losing, their team is behind on ships or points, they yolo someone and gets 1-2 kills and lots of damage quickly and becomes the top xp earner. Meanwhile the rest of their team is now down a ship and has a much higher chance of losing, instead of doing something that will get them a chance at winning again. TL;DR: "Saving a star" and "Irrevocable ranks" belongs in the dumpster. Along with CV's.
  9. Sturmtiger_304

    What to buy with coal?

    Smolensk wasn't nerfed by anything, if you where running IFHE with it you're doing it wrong.
  10. Sturmtiger_304

    What to buy with coal?

    Special captains first, then ships.
  11. Sturmtiger_304

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Next ranked tier 7 I'm most likely going to try without the Payfast.
  12. Sturmtiger_304

    Submarines - first impressions

    The submarine can't cover the entire map in 20 seconds, and doesn't have infinite attempts to kill any ship in the game from anywhere. I can counter submarine attacks, I cannot counter CV attacks. These are facts.
  13. Sturmtiger_304

    Submarines - first impressions

    I'd rather want subs than the failed CV fisco concept we got going on now.
  14. Sturmtiger_304

    Ranked Battles: the Sixteenth Season, general discussion

    We lost. Premier league by the way.
  15. Sturmtiger_304

    What Battleships line do you guys reccomend me?

    I suggest you stick around T6-7 before you jump to T8 and above, or you will be a big problem to your team mates. Tier 8 gameplay is vastly different from lower tiers.