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  1. Musashi or Kronshtad???

    You can't play correctly against a CV player... If he wants you dead, you're dead. He can hover his TB planes above you the entire match and wait for you to use dmc con and then torp you so you will flood to death. UNLESS you have 1 US CA to hug you the entire battle 24/7 which never happens.
  2. Musashi or Kronshtad???

    You kinda need to be in a division when playing the Musashi, or you're gonna die pretty quickly the moment the CV sees you're alone. I'd prob go for the battlecruiser Kronshtad.
  3. Ripoff of the year

  4. WG - EU Law issue

    Hey, don't break his bubble of trust to social media companies. I also find it strange that WG doesn't delete your account when you ask for it. It should be an mandatory option for you to do so everywhere you create an account.
  5. WG - EU Law issue

    It's people like you that Facebook, Snapchat and google alike make their money from. When you enter your phone number and e-mail, they sell that information to other companies (read) and spam you with "offers". That's how "free to use" stuff works today, ads are irrelevant. The more you know.
  6. Aigle marathon, how's your progress been so far?

    The Puke of Yorck marathon was the last campaign I'll ever do again. The laughable amount of time investment you had to dump into this game for a tier 7 premium was way too extreme and highly repetitive. Not to mention the horrid time frame they decided to put the campaign itself into.
  7. No excitement for Super Containers

    At least you guys don't have 4-5 plane spotter mods from SC only. And I've never gotten a ship from SC.
  8. Operation Narai to be removed in 0.7.2 "for rework"

    Narai is way too easy to farm damage, all of the npc ships is linning up perfectly to shoot at. The only drawback is when the Amag and the 2 Fuso's spawn.
  9. Cleveland & Conqueror. Protected citadel, fast and has way too much firepower for their tiers. Both of them might aswell be branded as heavy cruisers.

    Pretty sure it's still 22.5% chance of completing the collection without buying anything.
  11. Vive La France collection

    Considering my luck in this game so far, it looks like I have to either: A: cough up my wallet or B: cough up my wallet to get the French commander. Great job WG. 11/10 great F2P mechanics, your mission designer need a hefty raise in salary.
  12. Gascogn French Beauty on the horizon

    Cascogne should swap places with the Richelieu. Why bother to buy the Dunkek when you can just get a better version of it like the Richelieu? Als the Cascogne literraly plays just like the T10 cruiser France.
  13. Atm, the France is basically a Conqueror with the 457's, and without the superheal. Oh the speedboost yeah,... Touch A or D and you lose the effect instantly for the next 20 seconds.
  14. I'd trade any consumable in for better accuracy, might aswell play the New Mexico to get a feel for the French BB line to T10. Accuracy -> anything.
  15. Loyangs were a huge mistake

    You're not getting it... Lo-yang pop smoke and hydro in a cap = You can't do anything about it in your benson/kagero/akizuki/z-23.