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  1. Sturmtiger_304

    Just how close do you have to get?

    Pointless to get influenced by ingame chat, I pretty much decide what I'm gonna do for the rest of the game 10-20 seconds into the battle. Don't take the bait from potatos.
  2. Sturmtiger_304

    Aiming systems mod 1

    TDLR: The mod gives you 2-3% better shell accuracy on any ship.
  3. Sturmtiger_304

    Tox me baby one more time

    There lots of fake unicums around, but you can easely filter them out by: "CV mains", "only plays broken ships like Stalingrad etc", "19 point captain in a Minekaze", and "the ones who only plays in divisions."
  4. Sturmtiger_304

    Ships that are better skipped using FXP

    Izumo is the only ship I skipped with free XP. But if I started a new account again, I'd skip NM, Colorado, Aoba, Pensacola and Nurnberg. Holy balls those ships where bad.
  5. Sturmtiger_304

    White "GG"s with a devastating win

    The losing team is supposed to be the one who says "GG", not the winning team; otherwise the winner looks like a sarcastic douchebag, rubbing the defeat on your face. Otherwise, if you still feel like saying "GG" when only you had a good game, you might aswell write "GG no re" to make sure the enemy team knows you're definitely a sack of filth.
  6. Sturmtiger_304

    The Ranked One thread (post here when you reach Rank I)

    Had some good sucsess with the Leander last season, so I only used the Leander for this one. Only had a 6 point captain, so no concealment advantage, with I definitely felt above rank 5. I used 20 battles, I could've carried at least 2 of the defeats, but I miss played. Well w/e, at least I got the Salem with this coal.
  7. Sturmtiger_304

    Gascogne is best tier 8 BBaguette

    Tirputz is obviously the best tier 8 destroyer in the game.
  8. Sturmtiger_304

    WG, please don't award ranked star to last in the winning team.

    At first, I was in agreement of saving a star for a defeat when it was introduced. But now after several seasons I'm on the opposite side, in favour of removing it becouse when your team has lost, the last guy only farms damage or caps in order to be top xp on loosing team. @quote If you had played more ranked battles and actually achieved a higher rank in all of the other seasons, I'd give your opinion some tought. But since you've only played the tier 5 rank 1 fiesta, your insight in this discussion is pretty weak as a whole
  9. Sturmtiger_304

    Last Prinz directive

    I'm not wasting that much of my time for only a tier 6 premium ship. At least it's not worse than the DOY last year....ish.
  10. Sturmtiger_304

    CV's ... a radical proposal to resolve the mess

    There's only one place this CV class belongs in this game, and that's in the trash. It is also a reason why WG doesn't allow CV's in clan battles. This new rework is going to be the the same scenario all over again, and ultimately WG is going to leave out CV's in clan battles once more.
  11. Sturmtiger_304

    Discussion thread for "some interesting info around the world"

    All battlecruisers should have battleship fire&flooding durations. And when are they gonna replace battleship Moskva in the USSR tech tree with something that's actually a cruiser?
  12. Sturmtiger_304

    1 on 1 contest battles

    Only if it's versus same class, and premium ships are banned. *COUGH*stalingrad*COUGH*
  13. Sturmtiger_304

    How to uninstall ports?

    If you haven't been able to fix it yet, you can try to download and install a port appearance mod.
  14. Sturmtiger_304

    Worst Experiences this Ranked Sprint so far.

    I breezed through rank 10 to rank 2 where I hit a wall with only using Bayern and Gaede. I used Leander for like 5-6 games of win&defeat until rank 1 today. Also games with CV's was a$$, it litterally boiled down to "Which team got the glue eater this time?"
  15. I completed every mission the day it came out. I logged into the game, opened the brittish tech tree up and bought the Bellopheron.