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  1. Sturmtiger_304

    T5 ranked battles, really fun, but too short for a Battlecarrier.

    Yes. It must've been the hardest grind of you life to play the most skill based class in the game to stomp on players without any air protection.
  2. Sturmtiger_304

    Ranked rigging?

    So exactly like the OP described, thanks for clarifying my quote to be accurate.
  3. Sturmtiger_304

    Ranked rigging?

    Yeah, no. That's the definition of cheating. You don't know what they talk about on teamspeak, positions and hp etc. Pretty sure this is a bannable offense.
  4. I don#t think Bretagne is as bad as you guys implies it is.
  5. Sturmtiger_304

    Earn your greatness - Bonus missions

    If only people would read the news articles on the main webpage someday... We wouldn't get these questions.
  6. Sturmtiger_304

    Poll on WG points mentioned during CV rework video

    Anyone who has CV's as their most played class is most likely completely fine with the current CV balance, so their opinion should be taken with a good pinch of salt. I myself don't see why a 3rd person FPS should have a entirely different gameplay element in the same game, and only used by one class that can counter all of the other classes with ease. DDs? Hover planes over until the smoke is gone. CAs? Hover planes nearby until def AA is gone. BBs? Dead. CAs? Whoever is better at strafing wins. These are facts, not my opinions. I'm going to quote flamu here, (he is a douche but I respect him as a good player.) "CV's are the most broken class in the entire game, it's a reason most of the top CV players, (or even anyone who even has a remote idea of how to strafe and use the manual drop) has 70% winrate in them. But 70% winrate is completely fine, right? Right? Any change WG makes will be better than what we got now."
  7. Sturmtiger_304

    Hindenburg Nerf - An conceptual failure

    Battleship Hindenburg is fine, you only see them shooting 20km away from you. And everyone obviously knows the worse DPM you have the more consistent damage you deal. Unless you're Stalinggrad, then you get all.
  8. Sturmtiger_304

    Roadsigns - How does this help gameplay?

    Have those been there all along? I don't think I have gone there since I started playing this game, and when I actually was there I thought to myself: What am I doing here, completely isolated from the rest of the battle...?
  9. Sturmtiger_304

    WG plz bring back T10 Ranked

    2/10 Troll. T7 Obviously best ranked meta.
  10. Sturmtiger_304

    add division dock

    No. Fix the laggy UI dock and in-game -> Anything else. After that we can have playable sharks with lasers.
  11. Sturmtiger_304

    I got the Acasta in a mission then I... :P

    Since you're only focusing on BB's, why do you still only have 38% w/r in T10? I also got the Icarus in a free container, don't think I'm gonna sell mine.
  12. Sturmtiger_304

    West Virginia the wrong version

    Well, if you want a T8 Colorado with slightly better AA go for it. I say it doesn't really matter, it still only does 21kn and the battles will be over before it even gets there.
  13. Sturmtiger_304

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Had a decent solo warrior today with the Lyon after the team decided to feed the enemy team their ships.
  14. Sturmtiger_304

    BBV/CAV implementation idea?

    Yeah that's going to be OP as hell. Hurr durr let me just spot this DD and blap him for easy kill.
  15. Sturmtiger_304

    Poll: How many UK DD missions did you get?

    Bought nothing. Got Icarus after 25-30th container or so, don't remember.