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  1. Sturmtiger_304

    Steam Haida bundle- im still waiting

    Aren't you aware that non-steam players are of 2nd rate in Wargaming's perspective?
  2. Sturmtiger_304

    Hey Devs, how about some crew on the ships while in port?

    Probably never, WG doesn't want to lose it's PG friendly rating.
  3. Sturmtiger_304

    How to gather Steel

    You collect Coal and Iron and mix them together in a furnace.
  4. I'm gonna get duplicate Admiral Makarov. Now off you go to google wtf that ship is.
  5. Sturmtiger_304

    Pinkie Scum: 'Leaving Battle Early' Penalty.

    Posting this to increase postcount before lock. Huehuehue.
  6. Sturmtiger_304

    Umm, WG

    Press the "Pr sc" button on your keyboard next time, and go into your wows folder and upload the image to f.ex: postimage.org or the like.
  7. Sturmtiger_304

    What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    You're doing it wrong. Radar Edin -> lesser race smoke Edin. It was fun deleting DD's, roaming around the map without support most of the time + - 10/14km. Also:
  8. Sturmtiger_304

    The Yubari. Worth Some Coal?

    Do you like being citadeled from the moon? Do you like only having 2 gun turrets and torpedo tubes with the aiming angles of a full broadside? If Yes, then the Yubari is not for you. Holy balls this thing is harder to play than the old T7 Pencacola.
  9. Sturmtiger_304

    Tier 8 ranked....

    Since AA is now worthless, I'm gonna take out something that isn't a BB and has a heal and/or radar.
  10. Sturmtiger_304

    What to do with Legionnaire's Tokens?

    Legendary commander was always 2100 french sheckels. I used all of my french sheckels for gold and got like 750 free gold for playing on/off.
  11. Sturmtiger_304

    BB outruns a DD in speed???

  12. Sturmtiger_304

    a needed smolensk tweek

    Remove the hydro or smoke. Suddenly it's not stupidly overpowered anymore. /Thread close.
  13. Sturmtiger_304

    Divs in normal Ranked battles

    Soloqueue only.
  14. Sturmtiger_304

    So when are no skill no risk carriers getting removed?

    You know WG has to cater to the 0.5% CV playerbase, or they're going to stop playing CV's... We can't have that, can we? INB4 moderators locks this thread for "just discussing about" CV's.
  15. Sturmtiger_304

    So, sprint rank t8 ships.

    Balti and cleveland got dumpstered on with the AA change, and they both got no heal. It's going to be either Edin or Atago to soft-counter this CV ebol-aids mechanic. What's going to happen this time, is that I'm gonna skyrocket to premier league,and then I'm going to be stuck there until most of the CV mains rank out so I get CV free games. Just like the previous ranked seasons with CV's where.