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  1. Iowa, its hull & is it worth it?

    If you play good in the NC, you will do better in the Iowa. Better guns, better armor, better speed and better AA. You can skip the range upgrade and take everything else.
  2. Port UI suggestion

    Fix the laggy UI since beta ---> everything else.
  3. How Clan Wars could have been

    TL;DR: Standardize clan wars from WoT.
  4. Advices for BB gameplay?

    It's very easy to become better in BBs. You go balls deep. Not close enough so DDs can smell your armpits, and not too far away so you can see the next map. Always have 1 friendly DD or CA with you everywhere.
  5. Secondaries - I will just leave this standing

    You need IFHE if you realistically want your secondaries to do any damage.
  6. Adding H.M.S Repulse?

    40% Fire chance. Yeah. No. Let's not do that.
  7. Will get a free musashi within a week

    It's basically a Yamoto with North Carolina gun dispersion and once in a blue moon you will shoot down a t10 aircraft. Other than that, it's decent. But OP in t7-8 MM.
  8. Clan Leader gone AWOL

    Only had 1-2 people active at peak, so I couldn't be bothered creating it.
  9. So how do WG balance ships ?

    WG can balance things?
  10. Premium shells in WOWS

    This gunna be good.
  11. What Were Your Greatest Gaming Achievements Today ?

    Behold, the power of a premium account. And then back to standard account once the 1 day premium was gone. (+Xp flags removed but +credits still on.)
  12. What about a T9 Ranked below rank 10?

    T6 or T8 only please. At least until WG adds silver radar ships to T7, which we all know will never happen. I still don't have T10 ships yet, and I quickly figured out that T10 gameplay belongs in the trash, when I was grinding the Iowa.
  13. Clan Leader gone AWOL

    You're probably better off finding another clan. I'm surpized you stayed in that clan for a year even realizing the clan leader was gone the whole time.
  14. 5400 BASE exp

    Any takers? (If you still don't get it, look for no progress bar.)
  15. The Warspite. The thing is just a magnet to bad players on my team only. No other warship in my history has a worse winning rate than this. Go figure.