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  1. Don't fix stuff that isn't broken. Revert back to live or come up with a better idea.
  2. Instructions unclear, met double T8 CV game.
  3. Bortasqu

    Alaska or Aegir or Friesland? The time has come

    Alaska if you're planning to use it in T9 ranked/clan battles. But Ægir is equally fun. I have both.
  4. It's pretty obvious you don't play ranked often. You get reported for any reason at any time, getting chatbanned is normal, at least in premiuer league. Or if you play CV's. Then I'd report you too.
  5. Bortasqu

    Thinking of returning

    As long as you don't play any of the CV tiers, you're golden.
  6. Bortasqu

    Which upgrade should i get for Gneisenau?

    I ran with a hybrid tank/secondary build until T10, you got the max range, but also FP and BoS instead of AFT and super intendent. The only ship I didn't have a nice time with was the Bismarck with the constant T8 & T10 cv games, coupled with tiny guns and questionable accuracy.
  7. Bortasqu

    Which upgrade should i get for Gneisenau?

    Yea, skip right up to the worst tier at t10, where you will find manfreds, hakus and roosevelts.
  8. Bortasqu

    Which ships to buy for coal before removal

    Looks like you already got an answer, what was the point of this thread again? If you're a DD main, go for the Marceau. If you want the master dd race, go for the Pommern.
  9. Great ship for randoms, you got punchy guns for T10 MM so you don't feel useless. But I'd probably reccommend Georgia becouse of the speedboost memes.
  10. Bortasqu

    Ultimate Grosser Kurfurst build

    Gunther on german bbs is gonna be awesome, I have tried to go 100% secondary build but it's just too squishy and you burn to death too fast. My tank - secondary hybrid build is more improved for survivability, with FP and BOS instead of BFT and SI. I've come to the conclusion that you almost never use the 5th heal, exept like 4-5% of all of your total games. And the BTF is too much of a niche pick for 3 points. https://worldofwarships.com/en/content/captains-skills/?skills=2,9,14,18,21,23,26&ship=Battleship
  11. Bortasqu

    Reported for playing CVs

    WG should give us more reporting attempts, I run out so fast when I do the daily 2x on my ships and I see CV's in the battle.
  12. Bortasqu


    Do not worry, WG will add more sidewheel helpers to CV's, so now the planes has autopilot to the nearest enemy DD upon battle start. In a few patches you don't even have to control the CV, the game plays the CV for you. Easy 200k average damage at tier IV.
  13. Bortasqu

    Perhaps I'm just thick as a brick with eyes.

    Don't compare the master race DD Pommern to this dead on arrival tech tree line. I'm gonna expect buffs to this line in the near future, just like they did to the Colorado.